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Xbox 360 Fanboy is hiring!

Xbox 360 Fanboy is hiring a new blogger. That's right, your years of obsessive video gaming are about to pay off. Your mother said it would never help you in life. Your friends scoffed at your nerdy hobby. But now all that will change, because you will become a blogger. Not just any blogger either. An Xbox 360 blogger. Truly the most highly evolved and sexy form of journalism, 360 blogging is where it's at.

If you think you has what it takes, check out the requirements after the break.

We're looking for:

  • Demonstrated passion for games
  • Solid writing ability
  • Ability to write under deadline
  • Prolificness
We also require that you:
  • Possess a fast computer (a laptop is supergreat) and a fast, reliable Internet connection
  • Have the software and knowledge to create and manipulate photos and screenshots
  • Know (basic) blogger's HTML
  • Are eligible to work, wherever you're writing from
  • Are reachable (cell, multiple IM services, Skype, etc)

Here's how to apply. Send an email including:

  • A subject line including "360 Fanboy App" and your full name 
  • Your city and state
  • Your email address
  • Your daytime and evening phone numbers (Skype or Gizmo Project are fine)
  • Your AOL IM and/or Yahoo IM addresses (and your Gamertag if you want)
  • The consoles you currently own
  • A cover letter telling us why you're the right blogger for the job (include writing experience, etc.)
  • A "sample" review of no more than 700 words on any 360 game
  • Two more writing samples of yours on the topic of games and in the style of a typical 360Fanboy post
  • Three links to posts on 360Fanboy that you feel best exemplify the sort of content we want here
  • Three suggestions for how to improve 360Fanboy ("More posts" is not a suggestion)
  • Your nomination for the best game of 2005 (not necessarily 360), and why you chose that game.
Heavy emphasis will be placed on writing skill. Market knowledge is a big plus. If you already have a blog, by all means point it out to us. Keep in mind this is a paid position -- a real freelance writing job with schedules, deadlines, etc. -- and only serious applications will be considered. Once the search has been narrowed down, we'll contact the "finalists" and explain the job in more detail. While we can't respond to every application, know that we love them all equally and each one is super special.

Get writing and good luck!

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7-08-2006 @ 2:36AM

ZeroCorpse said...

While I'm tempted to attack this opportunity and make you all succumb to my writing, I think I'll leave this to the younger crowd. I do not have the desire to be neck-deep in the industry again, at any level. It's too tiring!

I'll keep contributing from the peanut gallery. Good luck to those who do go out for this!

Here's a hint for whomever tries to get this position: The word is "ridiculous" and not "rediculous" -- Do yourself a favor and learn proper English (rather than Internet lingo) before blogging or writing. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble in your life if you can spell, structure a sentence, and string thoughts together. Math can be done by a computer, but writing takes imagination, skill, and talent.

One more tip: If ANY game journalist ever uses the ridiculous phrase "it's a mixed bag" again, I'll throw stones at them.

It is NOT a "mixed bag"!!! FIND A THESAURUS, DILL-HOLE!

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Thomas Przepiorka22

7-08-2006 @ 6:09AM

Thomas Przepiorka said...

Yay! I sent my application in and I really hope i get picked. Does anyone know when they stop applications and/or when they pick the finalists?
Good Luck to all the rest of you also!

2 stars vote downvote upReport

7-08-2006 @ 7:44AM

GhostDoggy said...

Find someone capable of posting Xbox 360 news and not PS3 news rewrapped in sheep's clothing, please. Thank you!

2 stars vote downvote upReport
Richard Mitchell24

7-08-2006 @ 10:35AM

Richard Mitchell said...

"Is this only for people in US of A?"

Nope. As long as you can legally work, you're cool.

Also, notice all the negative comments? You'll have to deal with that. All the time. From every douchebag with an internet connection. Every day.

Remember that :)

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7-08-2006 @ 11:07AM

boots said...

AOL IM, or Yahoo Messenger? Well, I rarely use those, I use MSN messenger mostly. Wouldn't that make more sense to be asked for on Microsoft's Console fansite?

2 stars vote downvote upReport

7-08-2006 @ 1:09PM

mic said...

id be happy to help out for free to be honest

nice to get a UK view on things;)

2 stars vote downvote upReport

7-08-2006 @ 2:16PM

Stace said...

i would love 2 have this job...but i would loose my UK job seekers allowance(dole money)

2 stars vote downvote upReport

7-08-2006 @ 11:07PM

nojok3 said...

To post #25, they want as many contact services as possible. While you may not use AIM or any other popular IM service, there is someone who only uses AIM and not MSN. Part of the job is for readers to be able to contact you (via online messaging) if they have any tips for you to post about. Its just helpful if you have multiple aliases on different services so you can be contacted by virtually anyone.

BTW, can someone clarify what blogger's HTML is? I know HTML but I assume when you say blogger's HTML you are referring to or other tags? I'm not interested in the job but I figured it would help potential applicants and kind of intrigued me.

2 stars vote downvote upReport
C. Grant29

7-09-2006 @ 10:53AM

C. Grant said...

boots: yeah, except MSN messenger is terrible and has 1/50 the usage of AIM. When you're coordinating large groups of people it's easiest to settle on the most widely used platform.

And iChat doesn't support MSN. :)

2 stars vote downvote upReport
C. Grant30

7-09-2006 @ 10:54AM

C. Grant said...

nojok3: blogger's HTML means simple HTML. You're not going to be hand-coding websites here, but you may have to use a couple tags. Sometimes the CMS insists on adding s here and there, etc.

2 stars vote downvote upReport

7-15-2006 @ 4:09AM

Arjun said...

Is it too late to submit?

2 stars vote downvote upReport

7-16-2006 @ 4:49PM

mr.truth said...

and your not ready to talk to people with all that pompous boasting you were spewing in one post,ignorance is not a crime.

2 stars vote downvote upReport

7-16-2006 @ 6:39PM

mr.truth said...

neither is the occasional misspell

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