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MS committed to 360 as "most reliable" console

Speaking to the BBC, Microsoft's now retired golden boy Bill Gates had some interesting things to say about the Xbox 360. Addressing concerns about the Xbox 360's much publicized reliability problems, Gates admitted that the console has had its share of problems. "We certainly had to apologize to our users about a number of boxes that had to be replaced," said Gates, referring to the costly warranty extension that was enacted in July of 2007. He further notes that Microsoft has received positive feedback about Xbox service in the wake of its problems. He concludes by saying, "we've got incredible reliability on the new work that we've done, and so our commitment is that it will be the most reliable video game box out there." Considering a fellow blogger in the Joystiq network recently got the Red Ring of Death on a replacement 360 only one week after he had received it, we'd say Microsoft has a ways to go before making good on that commitment.

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1-10-2008 @ 5:33PM

E.J. said...

Love my Xbox 360 and have only sent mine in once, but... baaahahahahahaahahahaha!

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1-10-2008 @ 5:42PM

volmarr said...

My usb ports stopped working last week. :(

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1-10-2008 @ 6:31PM

Philip said...

Use a hair dryer and try to get it to red ring so you can get a new one.

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1-10-2008 @ 6:40PM

Philip said...

Use a hair dryer and try and get it to red ring so you can get a new one.

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1-10-2008 @ 6:28PM

rxse7en said...

I'm waiting for my 4th one to arrive. Anyone beat that? Though only three were RROD, the first replacement arrived cracked. The third one, which just started with the RROD had the most horrible grinding noise when the DVD spun down and MS claimed it was "normal". PS3 hasn't had a problem, but it doesn't have the game library. :D

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Mighty Healthy26

1-10-2008 @ 6:42PM

Mighty Healthy said...

What a joke. This pledge of commission, and the fact that people think the 360's problems are just RLOD-related.

They still are improperly charging people for their defects, and their customer service is still detestable.

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CDN Crockett27

1-10-2008 @ 6:47PM

CDN Crockett said...

I've had mine since launch and NO problems!

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1-10-2008 @ 6:49PM

Jayslacks said...

Its going to be a long time before people forgive Microsoft. Good thing the PS3 has a total of 3 games worth playing.

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1-10-2008 @ 7:20PM

Aaron said...

Funny. My PS3 has had zero problems. It's amazing what people will put up with from M$.

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1-10-2008 @ 7:20PM

Anticrawl said...

Most reliable. HAHAHAhahaha..... *starts to cry*

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1-10-2008 @ 7:22PM

Anticrawl said...

Most reliable? Hahahahahaha........ha... *starts to cry*

Seriously I'm on my.... 5th now, not two days after my 4th console got back it got the RROD again. I wonder what they hell they actually do there besides fix things with bubblegum and paperclips.

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1-10-2008 @ 8:39PM

eugene said...

Of course it's the most reliable. You know for certain it will fail. How much more reliable then that can you get?

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1-10-2008 @ 8:48PM

BadMammaJamma said...

Have shipped mine in 3 times in two years:
1) RROD - MS replaced console - MS replaced console with refurb. Purchased extended warranty (pre-MS extension)
2) Scratching discs - MS replaced console with refurb
3) Frozen console "E72 Error" - firmware corrupted after trying to use as a media center extender with Vista PC - MS fixed and returned same console

Now I'm counting the days until my current refurb RROD again. I love it when it works.

I finally filed a complaint with the BBB... hoping for a refund so I can purchase one of the new "reliable" consoles.

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1-10-2008 @ 9:08PM

Cass-D said...

I had a launch box (Lunch box is what you get when you get the RRoD) and didn't have a problem with it until Aug 2006. I got them to repair the console and since then I have had no problems.

I'm not going to knock on wood. Bring on the fate of failure, because if the box fails again. I'm gladly sending it back to have them refurb it with the new heatsinks.

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Jake Biigs35

1-10-2008 @ 9:32PM

Jake Biigs said...

Oh, STFU mister Gates, my 360 went RRoD today after 6 months of service. And I bet it was because of his announcement.

But don't worry fellas, I'm fixing it myself since my warranty got voided.

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1-10-2008 @ 10:51PM

Nick said...

Lord how I hate it when my comments turf.

Anyway, if you think the India service is bad, you haven't tried the French Canadian service.

I called to try and extend my warranty by 2 years. Spending a LOT of money on a console (I think almost $500 without the game?) makes me want to ensure the darn thing will last at LEAST until the production screams to a hault on the games.

So I call. I talk to the most irritating human being on the planet. I don't mine Celine, the accent is annoying, but I get over it. This accent is like nails on a chalk board, it's like Chinese Water Torture. It's hell in my ears. And throughout all of this, I have NO idea if I'm talking to a male, female or some other entity entirely.

It takes me an hour. AN HOUR. to register my console and extend my warranty.

The support rep wanted to register my console over the phone. I FLAT OUT REFUSED. I kept asking "I will do this online" "No, I register it for u", "NO, I will do it myself, where do I do it?", "OH no, I have do it for you".

I finally found it, after hunting it down (because the register link takes you to some horrible, awful place that doesn't work) and I realized that this person had told me to get a serial number from the back of my machine, had me unplug it and fiddle with all sorts of things, when - tada, IT IS IN MY USB PORT.

I don't know how things actually went through, but I can tell you that after working in middle management at the eBay Burnaby office, seeing the fruits of labour of outsourcing, seeing incompetence at its most mind-boggling forms, I simply have NO WORDS for this.

Outsourcing... Lord, I can't find words to describe it that would be suited for her. It is the worst thing to hit customer service, and it DESTROYS companies, and we have no other option. We have to sit back and deal with it. So next time you hate your Xbox and have to call the warranty service, get a REAL pinata or find some sort of bomb that you can set off, because you'll have no choice, or your brain will asplode.

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1-11-2008 @ 11:57AM

elmersglue said...

I can't believe you wrote 2 long ass stories about your experience, both of which were written in completely different manners but maintaining the same premise. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience, bad damn, relax. And to be honest with you, you seem like a pretty difficult person, I mean, why not just have them register the damn console for you? It's almost as though people enjoy confrontation.

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1-10-2008 @ 11:28PM

Nick said...

But... but. LAIR???!? It's good... Like, Uwe Boll, good!

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1-11-2008 @ 12:15AM

Xiru said...

Broken Wii's total= 1 launch day Wii
Broken PS3's total=0 launch day PS3
Broken 360's = 3 1st shipment elite, the same elite broke again so I bought a new elite and it broke about 4 months later. Thanks Microsoft. :) But seriously, the next xbox better be the most reliable machine ever made or MS is in trouble.

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1-11-2008 @ 5:32AM

petersjov said...


I had my 360, since a few month after launch, and had no problem - and i saw the towel-trick at gametrailers the other day, witch made me thinking, is the RROD related til if your xbox is stand up, og laying down - mine has always layed down, looks weird when it vertical ;-)

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