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New Halo 3 content to be unveiled during PAX {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 24th 2008 9:53PM I don't want to start another flame spree, but yeah, a new map really isn't that exciting. I'm not saying it's easy to and required no work, I'm well aware of the long processes (not including the fact that they're working hard on other projects right now) but that's all they've done so far and it hasn't really changed the experience itself. But remember, they said NEW CONTENT, don't all go and assume that it's another multiplayer map (although it probably is :( ).

Rush fails own song on Colbert Report {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 24th 2008 8:38PM Argghh, same here. So stupid, we freaking border the country...

Too secret Too Human achievements {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 23rd 2008 9:43AM "Posted Sat, 19 Jul 2008 04:26:19 +0000"
Heh. Don't think so.

Ask X3F ... Xav is not Richard edition {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 22nd 2008 7:17PM I'm going to see If I can make a program that does it, shouldn't be too hard in VB.

Too secret Too Human achievements {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 22nd 2008 7:14PM This was posted 3 days ago on

Ask X3F ... Xav is not Richard edition {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 22nd 2008 2:01PM Oh noes, my question wasn't answered. Did you read it? It was about using the RSS feed to update the X3FLIVE bio in real-time.

E308: Gears of War 2 on-stage demo {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 16th 2008 8:26PM Lol, Cliff Bleszinski doesn't active reload... >.

E308: More details about Netflix on the Xbox 360 {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 14th 2008 6:35PM Is this going to be for U.S. Live accounts only? I'm hoping they release it for Canada as well :(

WRUP: Brain dead edition {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 11th 2008 10:35PM Probably a noob question, but how exactly do you get onto those leaderboards?

New video for The Maw {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jul 10th 2008 12:03AM
Please watch this, then the Maw one, and you'll see what I mean. Egads.


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