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A Secret Rare Game Revealed

A Secret Rare Game Revealed

Ever since the developer was acquired by Microsoft gamers have wondered what spectacular title would return Rare to its original form. Titles like Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo failed to capture the attention of the masses in the way that Goldeneye had but Rare has been known to play its cards close to the chest. While work is spinning on Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts we wonder what else Rare has up their sleeve -- and we hope it's an Ace.

Is Rare working on another title other than Banjo's return? Yes. Do we know what it is? No. Could it be Killer Instinct 3? Another Perfect Dark? A whole new IP? So many questions that Rare could answer. Showcasing a "hardcore" title could re-enforce support in the publisher that could translate to a better following behind Banjo, a following that titles like Viva Piñata seriously lacked.

Maybe Not
Why pimp the next hotness when the new hotness isn't even out yet? Banjo Kazooie and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise might not be for all gamers but it's an interesting and beautiful title that Microsoft wouldn't want to take focus away from. While saving face with a fantastic reveal would be nice, it might not work in Microsoft's favor in the long run.


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