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August NPD: 360 regains sales lead over PS3

August's NPD video game sales numbers are in and, unlike the 360's depressing July NPD showing, there's actually some good news to report. That good news being that the Xbox 360 was finally able to outsell the Playstation 3 after months of taking the back seat in sales.

For the month of August, again Nintendo reigned supreme in both the handheld and console markets, selling 518,300 DS' and 453,000 Wiis. The battle for second place in the console market was heated, but like we said, Microsoft was able to sell 195,200 Xbox 360 consoles narrowly passing the PS3's 185,400 unites. Also, keep in mind that the 360's recent price cuts and their effect on sales are not part of August's NPD tabulations seeing the the cuts went to effect in September. And, quickly, looking at the software side of things, Madden 09 sold crazy well on all platforms and both Too Human and SoulCalibur IV made the top ten. Complete August NPD hardware and software sales after the break.

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120GB HDD price drop to $149, still too spendy

Looking to increase the size of your hard drive? You know, swap your Xbox 360's measly 20GB or 60GB hard drive for a whopping 120GB of storage goodness all without having to tap into your 401K? Well, you're sorta in luck, because GameDaily was able to probe Microsoft enough to learn that the 360's standalone 120GB HDD has officially dropped its retail price to $149. That's a $30 price drop from its original $179 price tag.

That said, we don't have to tell you that $149 for a 120GB HDD is very spendy and, as GameDaily was keen to point out, you could technically plop down an extra $50 and buy a brand new 360 Arcade. True, you wouldn't get any additional storage capacity with the Arcade, but you'd have a 512MB 256MB memory card and a backup just in case your primary console decides to ring out.

Midway: Xbox 360 is 'lagging behind' in Europe

Midway, being the first to offer constructive criticism (or just plain old criticism), expressed some concerns regarding Microsoft's Xbox 360 performance in Europe, saying that the feel the console is "lagging behind" its competitors.

In an interview during the Leipzig Games Convention, Midway Vice President Martin Spiess talked with about Midway's performance in Europe and attributes some of their slow growth due to Microsoft's sluggish performance. "Sony has become very strong, Nintendo has become very strong, but the Microsoft market in certain territories is concerning" Spiess admitted, saying that "Microsoft is lagging behind." Ouch! Someone better revoke Spiess' Xbox 360 Cool Kids Club membership ASAP. The first rule of Xbox 360 Cool Kids Club is that we don't blame our company's problems on the 360. Shame!

Rumor: Xbox 360's defect rate was as high as 68%

According to VentureBeat's own Dean Takahashi and his numerous insider sources, 68% of all the early manufactured Xbox 360 consoles were defective and Microsoft knew it. Takahashi does mention that it's common industry knowledge that "early yields on electronic goods are almost always lousy", but in the case of the 360, the problem was never fixed and production of the defective consoles went as planned. Because, you know, Microsoft had launch plans to stick to.

Again, this is all rumor seeing that Microsoft would never admit to such knowledge or such high defective rate numbers, but let's say they knew that 68% of all their consoles had a potential for failure. If so, shame on them, but we think they learned their lesson.

[Via Eurogamer]

Deals: Free MS points with 360 purchase, $15 games and more

It's time to page through the weekly retail adds to uncover a few special Xbox 360 deals. And just in case you forgot, all Xbox 360 consoles have seen a price cut where Arcades are $199, 60GB Pros are $299 and 120GB Elites are $399. If you're going to take advantage of the new price cut, we advise heading over to Circuit City where they'll toss in a free 1600 Microsoft point card with any console purchase. They're also selling GRAW2, Saints Row and Dead Rising for $15 and giving away a free tshirt and $10 gift card with the purchase of Force Unleashed. Sadly, neither Best Buy or Target have any 360 deals worth mentioning. Then again, who needs 'em anyway? Happy spending!

Free $60 Amazon gift card with Elite 360 purchase

As if a $259 Xbox 360 20GB console wasn't a good enough deal for you, take a look at what is offering those who want to purchase a newly price reduced $399 Xbox 360 Elite.

For a limited time (exact offer dates aren't given), is giving Xbox 360 Elite purchasers a free $60 gift card that's promised to be emailed before September 30th. And, as always, purchases over $25 on receive free shipping. Enjoy!

[Thanks, shuref00t]

Retailers clearance price 20GB Xbox 360s

With Microsoft's official confirmation of the Xbox 360 price cuts that puts Arcades at $199, 60GB Pros at $299 and 120GB Elites at $399, it looks like retailers are moving quickly to get the old Xbox 360 20GB models off their shelves by resorting to some old fashioned clearance pricing.

The recently discounted to $299 20GB Xbox 360 models are now showing up at retailers across North America at even lower price points due to the fact that the 60GB model also dropped its price to $299. Essentially making the 20GB a bad deal. As a result, Best Buy and are currently selling the 20GB 360 model for $259 while Futureshop in Canada has discounted the 20GB model to $199 and is bundling it with Gears of War and DOA: Xtreme 2. Happy shopping!

[Thanks CHINAdeals and Xandet]

It's official! Microsoft announces North American Xbox 360 price cuts, $199 Arcade

After months and months of rumors, speculation, leaked adscans and insider whispers, Microsoft just announced that the Xbox 360 price cut rumors are, in fact, true. Beginning this Friday, September 5th the retail pricing for Xbox 360 consoles in the US will drop to all time lows. The new console pricing puts the Xbox 360 Arcade at $199 (cheaper than the Wii!), the 60GB Xbox 360 Pro at $299 and the Xbox 360 Elite at $399. Remember though, this is only for the US as any other territories (Europe, Australia, etc.) have yet to announce any console price cuts. We can now also pretty much debunk that motion controlled Arcade bundle rumor. Happy shopping!

PAX 08: Experience the Penny Arcade Expo in pics

With the Penny Arcade Expo being all but a distant (yet fond) memory, we figured we'd post a few expo pictures for those who weren't lucky enough to attend and for those who gave up trying to navigate the chaos that was the show floor. Below you'll find a gallery full of PAX pictures that include the Microsoft booth, the Dead Space dude, Cortana and the Chief, Jonathan Coulton and so much more. Live your PAX dreams vicariously through us by beginning the photo clicking process.

Gallery: PAX 08: It's PAX In Pictures

PAX 08: Wrapping up the X3F Sticker Gallery

It's the day after PAX which doesn't only mean we're trying to catch up on sleep and attempting to figure out where we left our swag bags (please, don't ask), but it also means we have more X3F stickerings to share with you. And even though we didn't successfully ninja-stick anyone, we did slap X3F sticker goodness on the Red vs Blue crew, Mr. Joseph Staton, Major Nelson (and his webby web man Litheon) as well as TriXie, Dirty Diva, Knuckles Dawson and a few others. We now close this successfully executed chapter of X3F stickerings ... mission accomplished.

Gallery: PAX 08: X3F Sticker Gallery

Joseph Staton And The Superintendent ... Mystery?It's Litheon! Major's Webmaster Genius!Major Nelson Advertises X3F Love While Demoing The DashDirty Diva Loves Pointing At Her Sticker

PAX 08: Microsoft Xbox campus tour

A day prior to PAX officially kicking off (which was this past Thursday, if we recall correctly) Mr. Paladino from the Gamerscore Blog and Mr. Major "Larry Hryb" Nelson were kind enough to invite team X3F over to one of Microsoft's Xbox campuses for a some tour fun. We had a chance to inspect the lobby (don't pre-judge, lobbies can be interesting), meet Master Chief, inspect a few awards, touch the Surface and take a looksy at the Xbox Live Online Lab. The one room that all of Xbox Live and its pieces parts are monitored from BUT a room that we couldn't photograph for obvious "super secret" reasons. We did take a picture of the door though, so be happy with that.

Here you go, start your gallery tour of our Microsoft Xbox campus tour by clicking this wee little link or click-attacking the gallery images below. It's visually interesting and mentally stimulating. Oh, and thanks again to the Paladino and the Major Nelson for taking time to hold our hand and walk us through the campus. Our palms were sweaty only because we were excited. Apologies.

Gallery: PAX 08: Microsoft Campus Tour

Welcome!Ninja Zune ... KICK!Promote That

In Seattle? Join Microsoft for a PAX Meet-N-Eat

Live near Seattle? In town for PAX? Like beef? If you answered yes, then you should totally take team Microsoft's PAX Meet-N-Eat invite and head to Seattle's ever so famous Red Mill tomorrow evening. There, you'll not only have a chance to meetup with your fellow gaming peers, but Major Nelson, e, litheon, TriXie and a few folks from the Gamerscore Blog will be attending, chowing on burgers and mingling. We also have good word (from a certain Larry) that there will be stacks of bacon and plenty hot chicks ... need we sell this community event any more? Friday, August 29th from 1-2:00PM at the Seattle Red Mill. Be there.

Kmart adscan gives us more 360 price cut proof

Adding to our mountain of September Xbox 360 price cut proof that we've constructed over the past few weeks, today we bring you yet another piece of adscan evidence. Pictured to the right (sorry, it's a tiny lil' image) is a supposed Kmart retail adscan from the week of September 7th that lists the rumored Xbox 360 console price cuts: $199 for an Arcade, $299 for a Pro and $399 for an Elite. Yes sir, we're now 97.45% sure a hardware price cut is going to happen in a few weeks ... so get excited or something.

[Thanks, AshTR]

Japanese 360 sales return to normalcy

After witnessing the oddness that was record breaking Japanese console sales thanks to Tales of Vesperia's release and the subsequent 360 sellout in all of Japan, we actually had a glimmer of hope that the 360 would finally get a foothold in the Japanese market. But, depressingly enough, the record console sales were just that, an oddity. Console sales this past week sorta flat-lined back to their low numbers from the astonishing 25,000 console sales to a sad 7,258, making the 360 Japan's least purchased console last week. It's entirely possible the weak sales are due to the console shortages, but we aren't getting our hopes up. Japan still and will forever hates the 360 ... it's the truth.

[Via Joystiq]

Rumor: New $199 360 SKU with motion controller

Take it for what it's worth, but we've received a tip from a source close to Microsoft's marketing department who has shed some light on the Xbox 360 price cuts that are rumored to be going down in a few weeks time. More specifically, the $199 Xbox 360 Arcade bundle.

According to the source, Microsoft will be positioning the Arcade bundle to be in direct competition with the Wii, meaning that the marketing push behind it will focus on family friendly entertainment. With family oriented games on the packaging, the Arcade console will come packaged with the traditional Arcade goodies (512MB memory card, etc.), the new Fall update pre-loaded as well as a motion controller and a few motion controlled mini games developed by Rare. That's right, a motion controller! Supposedly, the motion controller will work with all 360 consoles and will even be sold separately, bundled with an even more expansive list of mini motion controlled games. This new $199 Xbox 360 Arcade bundle is said to release Holiday 2008.

File this all under rumors'ville for now, but don't totally discredit the information. $199 Arcade's are sounding very likely and, with Microsoft's push to undercut the Wii, matching the Wii's motion controls sounds like a total possibility. We'll just have to wait and see.

[Thanks, Keyser Söze]

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