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Yie Ar Kung Fu received a makeover

One half of tomorrow's Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade twofer releases will be the classic Yie Ar Kung Fu and it will be featuring a small makeover. Viewable in the gallery below are a few comparison shots of Yie Ar Kung Fu from its classic days and the updated sprites and backgrounds used in the XBLA version. You should be able to tell the noticeable graphical differences (unless you are missing your eyes, but then how would you be reading this? Hmm ...), but it's up to you to decide if you're liking the "new and improved" or the retro look. Though, we think we can all agree that the flying chubby man roxorz. Fly chubby man, fly!

Gallery: Yie Ar Kung Fu (XBLA)

Bomberman Live & Yie Ar Kung Fu XBLA double header

Coming straight from E3 is confirmation of another Xbox Live Arcade double header next week with both Bomberman Live and Yie Ar Kung Fu releasing Wednesday, July 18th. Bomberman Live will feature (literally) tons of bombing excitement and fully customizable bombers for only 800 Microsoft points, while the mysteriously missing from Xbox.com Yie Ar Kung Fu will be available for a more modest 400 Microsoft points. And please fanboys, please pray to God that Hudson didn't muff up our classic Bomberman as we all can agree that Act Zero was a horrible attempt at entertainment.

Texas Hold 'em gets Vision support

We're not sure how we missed this, but today XBLA game Texas Hold 'em received an update enabling the long rumored Vision camera support. The update rolled out this morning and not only added Vision support, but also fixed a few bugs, added custom matches, improved matchmaking, enhanced rich presence, and multi-language support. The update goes on to say that the "Vision Camera also allows players to use a series of game faces using the snapshot mode for all-ins, wins, losses, folds and more". Interesting stuff indeed! Whip out the Vision camera, go play some poker, and try and steer clear of those who like to use their camera to be vulgar. Eww.

DeadPlasmaCell also warned us that finding games was nearly impossible after the update was applied. We'll report back in if we hear of any widespread matchmaking problems.

[Thanks, DeadPlasmaCell]

Sonic and Golden Axe speed to Xbox Live Arcade

This week's Xbox Live Arcade titles are Golden Axe and, finally, Sonic the Hedgehog. Both cost a mere 400 Microsoft Points, with Golden Axe allowing for co-operative play on Live and locally. The Achievements for both titles were made available yesterday, and led us to believe that at the very least, GA was coming today. Fortunately, we were only half right, as Sonic finally made its debut under the Sega Vintage Collection line of titles. With any luck, we'll see Ecco and Sonic 2 follow suit.

Live Free or Die Hard XBLA bound?

Making an appearance on the ESRB ratings website is an entry for Live Free or Die Hard. Nothing overly special here as it'll probably end up being just another sub-par movie based game ... but wait. The ESRB website lists the Live Free or Die Hard developer to be Sensory Sweep Studios who have worked on numerous DS and PSP titles with their only Xbox connection being Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting for the XBLA. So, it'd be logical to expect Live Free or Die Hard to end up being an Arcade title. Interesting. We can't really come up with gameplay ideas to blend a blockbuster action movie with the XBLA other than the obvious game where you see who can scream "Yippee-ki-yay motherfrother" into the headset the loudest. Yeah, that'd be one Arcade game we'd enjoy playing with our family.

[Via Game Stooge]

Possibly coming soonish: Super Contra

We've known for a while now that Konami's Super Contra is to be headed to the XBLA (thanks ESRB) and now it's looking like the game will be releasing sometime soon. Over on the eXophase forums they've mentioned that Super Contra is available and playable via PartnerNet and posted a few screenshots to boot. So, the game is pretty much complete and we should be hearing release dates for this and other XBLA games in a few days during E3. Super Contra ... coming soonish to an XBLA near you.

[Thanks, zshadow]

Switchball, Commanders: Attack! & more XBLA bound

TeamXbox pulled some strings and got the pre-E3 dish on three new XBLA offerings from Sierra Online. Over on their site they posted a dump truck sized load of screenshots, game details and videos for Sierra Online's three Arcade games including Switchball, Commanders: Attack!, and Battlestar Galactica. No word yet on the games' release dates or how much they'll cost, but we're sure more info will trickle in when the games get officially announced at E3. Fanboys: Attack!

Sensible Soccer achievements roll in

Sensible Soccer achievements have just rolled in, detailing what exactly one would need to achieve August 29th to earn their 200 Gamerscore points. The achievements aren't anything uber exciting, although the artwork is pretty nifty in all its 8-bit glory including our favorites "Possession" and "Champs". What can we say, we enjoy zombies and cheerleaders even if they are a tad blocky. Achievements detailed in a Codemaster provided graphic after the jump with actual Gamerscore points still pending.

[Thanks, Shawn]

GOAL! Sensible Soccer gets dated

Yesterday, developer Codemasters confirmed with Pro-G that upcoming XBLA game Sensible Soccer will be releasing on August 29th, which is just a few weeks after the soccer FA Premiership season kicks off. Marketing genius! Not only did Codemasters confirm the release date, but they also mentioned that the Sensible World of Soccer 96-97 remake will cost 800 Microsoft points. Now only if we could learn to cut our grass into those beautiful diamond shapes.

New Boom Boom Rocket DLC is on its way

Bizarre Creations has confirmed that they are currently working on downloadable content for their firecracker of an XBLA game Boom Boom Rocket. The specifics like price and release date are still unknown, but what we do know is that the DLC will include five new songs. Which new songs? Well, that also has yet to be confirmed, but they did hint that the new tracks will be harder and should pose a challenge to even the most experienced Boom Boom Rocketers. We'll be sure to keep our ears open and our eyes peeled for any new info that heads our way concerning the new Boom Boom Rocket DLC. Boom!

Bomberman Live rated, on XBLA soon?

Old school gaming fans rejoice! The official page for Bomberman Live has appeared on Xbox.com. Well, to be more precise, it's not published on the Xbox Live Arcade page yet, but it's available for those who know where to look. It's actually been there for some time, but now we have some new reinforcement that the game is on its way to XBLA soon. Yes, the game has been rated by the ESRB, so things are looking good. We're so excited that we just might explode. Get it? Get it?! Oh, never mind.

Butterfly Garden soft releasing this Fall

Butterfly Garden, the game where you mate, discover, and trade butterflies in a relaxing social atmosphere, will be making a soft release later this Fall. The Xbox Domain caught up with developer Autonomous Productions and learned that a stripped down version of Butterfly Garden will be entered into Microsoft's Dream Build Play XNA contest considered its "soft release". This soft release version will not include everything the game has to offer, but will be a test ground for visual water effects, controls, and to see what the overall reaction to the concept is like. Autonomous Productions also mentioned that Butterfly Garden should be ready to go Spring of 2008 for release on the XBLA. Butterflies never got us so excited.

T. Hawk gets HD Remix'd, plus more remastering info

Just so you fanboys know, that shot of T. Hawk is full resolution, from Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, of course. Capcom Digital posted that image, complete with an analysis of how they remaster frames to incorporate the new artwork. They use Sagat's standing Roundhouse as an example. Rey then demonstrated how the art is broken up into tiles, and they use those as a guide for when they're redrawing the frame. This prevents a scenario causing a foot to go through an opponent's head due to a hit detection issues. A good read, and it also shows the comparison shot of T. Hawk, as well as the line art for Sagat. Go take a look!

Missile Command Launches onto XBLA

Today's Xbox Live Arcade release is Missile Command, the retro crap Atari shooter where you fire at ... oncoming missiles. With updated graphics, a new Throttle Monkey gameplay mode, and multiplayer over Xbox Live or locally, this nostalgic classic costs 400 Microsoft Points. Unfortunately, according to the read out at Major's blog, this game is currently unavailable in Japan or Korea, but everyone else is free to check out the trial and see if this oldschool goodness is up their alley.

Missile Command arrives this week on XBLA

Well kids, we knew it was coming. Yes, it was prophesied long ago that Atari's Missile Command would hit Xbox Live Arcade some day. That day is this Wednesday. This ain't your grandpa's Missile Command either. Nope, this Missile Command comes with fancy new 3D graphics and updated music. Sure, the primary goal is still to destroy incoming missiles, but now it's in kuh-razy 3D and it has achievements! The press release informs us that you destroy said missiles in order to defend planet Zardon (not to be confused with Zordon). The game features 2 person multiplayer locally or over Xbox Live and ... um ... well, that's about it. It's Missile Command. Take it or leave it (for 400 points).

Gallery: Missile Command (XBLA)

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