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X3F Asks: What E3 coverage do you demand?

If you weren't already aware, team X3F (that's Richard and Dustin) will be boarding a plane this weekend, flying through the clouds and safely landing in Los Angeles, California just in time for this year's Entertainment Electronics Expo (E3) that's going down next week. So, that means we'll be bringing you daily coverage of all things E3 including game previews, news, interviews and other random goodness. But before we go, we need your help.

To help us help give you the best E3 coverage possible, we want to know what content you're most interested in reading about. Would you prefer it if we'd focus more on game previews and interviews or is live blogging of all the various events and happenings of more interest to you? Or are you the kind of fanboy who wants to know all about the behind the scenes shenanigans that goes down on the expo floor and over at blogging HQ? To help gather your input, we created a handy poll for you to voice your opinion. Then, later in the week, we'll tally up the votes and use the results to provide the X3F community the bestest E3 coverage we can bring. Go ahead, tell us what you want ... we're your loyal blogging slaves all next week. Just be gentle.

What type of E3 coverage interests you the most?

Happy Fourth of July from X3F

Today is July 4th, which is probably just another uneventful Friday to those living outside the United States. But for those who live within the U.S. borders, today is America's birthday, the day we refer to as Independence Day, the Fourth of July or (what we've come to call it) Firework Bonanza Day! Hopefully, those who are celebrating the country's birthday are among family and friends, are taking it easy (for those who have to work, we feel for you) and consuming all kinds of semi-charred grilled foods. And here's to hoping that the weather cooperates, allowing you to get outdoors, enjoy life outside the Xbox 360 and watch some fireworks. Though, if the weather or annoying family members prevent you from viewing the fireworks spectacle, we fully support your decision to use Boom Boom Rocket as a substitute. From all of us at X3F, have a fantastic July 4th where, tonight, we'll be making a s'more just for you.

Happy Bunny Day from X3F!

Today is Bunny Day (commonly referred to as Easter) and we just wanted to wish you, the entire X3F community, a very happy and enjoyable Bunny Day. Hopefully, you'll spend time with friends and family, eat yourself into a food coma, and maybe hunt for a colorful egg or two. We know we'll be out and about doing our Bunny Day traveling, but will also be sure to get a few solid hours of gaming in. And, really, that just may be the best plan. Hop onto Xbox Live, spread Bunny Day cheer and challenge your enemies to an egg-off (whatever that may be). Have an amazing Sunday and thanks so much for the continuing to support the craziness that is X3F. Hippity-hop!

Recap: X3F Live and Maybe Next Time Buddy

We did it guys! It was a huge success! Last night's Maybe Next Time Buddy X3F Live event (where we went on a mission to earn a certain achievement) was an overwhelming success as achievements were unlocked and I personally obtained 1000 Gamerscore in Halo 3. Woohooza! Click your way towards the break to read a detailed account of the event as well as view some screenshots featuring commentary (thanks to our new gallery system) and a crazy cool panorama shot. What are you waiting for guys? Get your click on ...

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X3F Live: Maybe Next Time Buddy

I've put it off for way too long, I've procrastinated a bit too much, but tonight I'm going for it. With your help of course. Tonight at 9:30PM eastern (6:30PM pacific) I hope you'll join me as I make my way onto Xbox Live, play some Rumble Pit Halo 3 and finally try and earn my final Halo 3 achievement ... Maybe Next Time Buddy.

I'll need a few dedicated fanboys to join me in my adventure as we'll veto our way through Rumble Pit in an effort to get a vehicle equipped multiplayer map to appear (I believe Snowbound is the only option). It'll be rough as one cannot be sure when the correct map will appear, but we'll be diligent in our quest for Maybe Next Time Buddy glory. Shoot me a friend request (SuperDunners) and hop into my Halo 3 party tonight at 9:30PM eastern when this Maybe Next Time Buddy edition of X3F Live goes down.

Also, due to there being only one of me and only seven five other slots in the Rumble Pit party, we could possibly setup other Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement parties. If you're interested in hosting a Rumble Pit match whose goal is to earn this coveted Halo 3 achievement, simply comment below with your Gamertag, what time you'll be hosting and I'll update this post with the information. We'll make this the biggest, baddest and most successful Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement unlocking night EVAR! W00t!

Ask X3F: Dustin hijacked this edition

Shhh, keep quiet guys. As you know, Richard is busy in San Francisco roaming the GDC show floor, making connections, doing his thing and being all busy n' stuff. So, I figured it would be the opportune time to take over one of his weekly features seeing that I'm not at GDC and don't have any responsibilities. And after a quick search, I found my target. Ask X3F has been officially hijacked this week, oh yeah!

Normally, Richard is very helpful and considerate to fanboys who send in questions for the column. He will even sometimes spend hours trying to find answers to random 360 technical questions or shoot emails off to industry folks to get the scoop. But that's not how I roll. No, not today. My Ask X3F hijacking is going to be rude, crude and so very un-helpful (is that even a word?). Prepare for some no holds barred un-Ask X3F that's chock-full of "bleh?" and "wha?" moments. Just don't tell Richard about this. I still require his signature on my paycheck every month.

And for when Richard returns: If you've got a question for Ask X3F, or if you simply have something to share, send it to: ask [at] xbox360fanboy [dawt] com.

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Happy Valentine's Day from X3F

With love in our hearts and thoughts of dancing teddy bears in our heads, we here at X3F want to wish you a very special Valentine's Day. To celebrate, we advise taking a stroll through's Valentine's coverage, spending some quality video game time with a loved one and eating heart shaped sugar cookies until your stomach aches with sugary pain love. We know we'll be celebrating (and spending lots of money) this Valentine's Day with our sweethearts as we promise to be the most caring, thoughtful and supportive bloggers we can be. We also promise, for at least today, to ease up a little on both Xav and Terrence, the new guys. Hopefully they know that both Richard and I constantly nag, ritually yell and make unfair demands only because we care and want them to succeed. Because, deep down, we love our Xav, Terrence and all of you that make the X3F community the best group of 360 supporters on the net. Happy Valentine's Day guys ... now let's gorge on chocolates!

X3F RSS feed complications are now sorted out

It only took us like a week or so, but now we're confident in saying that we've fixed our RSS problems and that the RSS gnomes have been evicted from our site and relocated to's servers (zinga!). Both our main RSS news feed as well as the RSS Fancast feed (including both iTunes and the Zune Marketplace) should be working smoothly now, so be happy and go about your normal RSS activities. But if by chance we overlooked an issue or if you spot an RSS gnome lurking, please tell us about it and we'll work on a fix. Just DO NOT feed them chocolate, because you'll only create more headaches. Thanks for your patience and happy RSS'ing!

GTR Community Awards: X3F is Podcast of the Year

Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo! Can't you just feel the excitement? Our friends over at Gamertag Radio just released their Xbox Community Awards 2007 episode and we actually won! You, your friends and our extended family voted for our Fancast and we took home GTR's coveted Podcast of the Year award beating out some rather high profile podcasts including Cheapy D's CAGcast. What an honor! Thanks a bazillion to every fanboy who voted and support our Fancast with weekly subscriptions and downloads. Without you, nobody would listen to us and that's 100% factual truth. And to those who told us that we'd never amount to anything and that our Fancast would only be listened to by chimps, we laugh at you. You probably didn't know that it's a scientifically proven fact that Chimps are excellent voters and suffer from OCD. Ha! Seriously guys, thanks so much!

Best 360 Games of 2007: Dustin's picks

You've already read Richard's Best 360 Games of 2007 picks, so now it's time for the correct my awards to be given out. And before you read on any further you should know that my choices for Best 360 Games of 2007 were not swayed in the least. No developers, publishers or ad-agencies could pressure me into giving out an award to an undeserving game. The winning games I chose are 100% based on my personal gaming opinion, are wholesome and full of twelve grams of fiber per serving. Read on fanboys for Dustin's complete list of the best, worst, semi-okay and super-awesome games of 2007. Click on ...

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Best 360 Games of 2007: Richard's picks

Just to get this out of the way, we're not doing an official Xbox 360 Fanboy Game of the Year Award or anything like that. There are only two of us on this site -- though we have the combined physical strength of 2.5 men -- and that would make voting a little silly. Thus, we will instead post our own individual takes on the best games of 2007 and why we picked them. Naturally, we'll stick to 360 titles, though we do occasionally play other consoles (I'm particularly enamored with Super Mario Galaxy at the moment, for example). So, read on for my personal picks for the best titles of 2007 (I'll leave the worst title for Dustin to decide).

Continue reading Best 360 Games of 2007: Richard's picks

The best of holiday show, brag and tell

The holidays are all but wrapped up, family members have made their way home and your stomach probably hurts due to a serious case of holiday overeating. So now is time for reflection. Reflection on what sweet gift goodness was scored over the past seven days.

Last week we asked everyone to share what gifts they received and you guys came through. There were a multitude of fanboys who were gifted random DVDs, gift cards, Rock Band bundles and clothes that didn't fit, but we figured we'd highlight some of the most memorable fanboy gifts. Take a look after the break and read what we felt to be some of your most sought after (and not so sought after) holiday gifts of 2007.

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X3F am cry: RSS feed is down, fix on the way

We thought it prudent to let everyone know that the Xbox 360 Fanboy RSS feed is broken. Rest assured that we are aware of the problem and doing everything we can to fix it. Unfortunately, many people in the Joystiq network are still on holiday vacation, so it may be a while before a proper fix is in place. We are aware of it though. In the meantime, we apologize for all the extra work that goes into visiting our (fabulous) website in the traditional manner.

[Image: jurvetson]

It's time for Holiday show, brag and tell

By now you should have already opened all your gifts, the relatives should have left (maybe a few stragglers still linger) and all the leftovers should be packed up into storage containers. So that means it's Holiday show and tell time. W00t!

Here at X3F we want to experience the holidays vicariously through you by hearing about and seeing gifts you received this holiday season. Were you a good all year and get that new HDTV you've always wanted or did you end up on the naughty list only to find a PS3 under your tree? We want to hear about it! Comment away, link us to pictures, videos or write us a long-winded story about your holiday fun. Later on, we just might pick some of our favorite fanboy gifts, pictures and stories to share with the masses. Don't be shy, tell us what goods you got this holiday season. Nintendo 64 anyone?

Happy Holidays from X3F

From everyone here at Xbox 360 Fanboy we just wanted to wish you the best this holiday season and we hope you enjoy spending time with friends and family. Just eat, be merry, relax and maybe play the old Xbox 360 a bit later on. We also hope you get bundles, baskets and crates full of super cool gifts, so much so that you'll need to rent a U-Haul truck to get your gift-stash home. Again, we wish you the best and hope you have a memorable holiday 2007 leading into the new year. Also, if at all possible, eat a sugar cookie or two for us. We love our holiday sugar cookies.

Editor's Extra Special P.S.
On account of the holidays, the good writers of X3F will be spending some much needed time with our families and away from our computers. We'll still be posting here when we get the chance -- the Fancast should be up sometime today -- but don't expect the usual avalanche of breaking news and incredibly insightful commentary this week. Keep those tips coming, we'll be monitoring things as we recline in front of the fireplace in our smoking jackets. Yes, we have smoking jackets. Happy holidays everyone. Be safe.

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