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We won! X3F takes first place in WCA tournament

We did it guys! I helped lead Xbox 360 Fanboy to a first place win in the online Wing Commander Community Tournament! And, as a result, every X3F reader will benefit with not only bought and paid for bragging rights, but with some sweet prizes too. Soon, EA will be sending us the grand prize goodies which, in turn, will be given away here on the site. So, in the near future, we'll be giving away the grand prize goods which include a 50" 1080p TV, Bose surround sound system, Xbox 360 Elite, Microsoft points and more. Guys, we took first place in the WCA tournament!

And for those of you who are interested, we posted a recap of how things went down and how the grand prize was won after the break. Let's just say the A-17 Broadsword Behemoth didn't let us down! Again, thanks for the support X3F readers, you really helped me with my WCA practice sessions and aided in creating my "strategy". Remember, giveaways will be coming soon.

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Wing Commander Arena tourney goes down tonight [update 1]

Tonight, at 11:00PM eastern, a bunch of Xbox community websites (including X3F) will be going head to head in the Wing Commander Tournament that we mentioned last week. If you don't recall, I'll be representing team X3F in a tourney against fifteen other blogs for a chance to win all kinds of prizes for you, our readers. Though, after practicing and doing semi-okay in ranked WCA multiplayer matches, I must say that this game is a tad difficult for me to wrap my FPS skills around. But, I'll do my best and hope you guys don't whip me with licorice when I come in 14th place ... I'm kidding, or so I hope I am. Hopefully I can place in the top five and win you guys some amazing prizes. Again, the tournament kicks off tonight so wish me luck!

Also, Godfree sent word that Gamertag Radio (one of the tournament competitors) will be hosting a live streaming feed of the tournament. So, if you're interested, give the WCA tourney a watch and pray I don't get pwned.

Update 1: WCA Tournament is now over, but the good news is that I won X3F the grand prize! Check out updates after the break.

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Win every Wing Commander game ever created

If you aren't willing to put your faith in me to win you Wing Commander prizes and want to take your destiny in your own hands, then we advise checking out EA's super-duper Wing Commander giveaway. From now through August 8th, head over to the EA Forums to sign up for the EA Arcade Newsletter and you'll be automatically entered into the giveaway. But what makes this such a freaky cool WC contest? Well, not only are they shelling out (almost) every Wing Commander game for every system ever created, but they're throwing in the console hardware to play each game too! So, they're including gaming systems like the 3DO, SNES, GBA and a Genesis. Now that's a hardcore giveaway. Make the jump for details and entry into the giveaway or check out the complete prize list posted after the break. Now run along, win the goods and make us proud fellow X3F'er!

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WCA and Super Contra available on XBLA

Today's the day we cash in on our Wednesday XBLA twofer with two Arcade games available for download; Super Contra for 400 Microsoft points and Wing Commander Arena for 800 Microsoft points. Be sure to check out the games' official websites to get a little more info on each Arcade title and to take a look at what each has to offer. Also, remember that for the Wing Commander Arena community site tournament we can use your help by telling us any strategies you learn or simply by practicing with us. So, if you give WCA a purchase today and turn out to be somewhat of a prodigy, be sure to let us know your secrets. Anyway, it's a XBLA twofer today, so go give Super Contra and WCA some download love.

Let's win it! Wing Commander Arena tourney

We promised you a Wing Commander Arena surprise this week and we're ready to reveal all. Next Monday Xbox 360 Fanboy will be going head to head with fifteen other Xbox community websites in an EA sponsored Wing Commander Arena Tournament to not only find out which blog has the best WCA skills, but to also win prizes galore. That's right, EA will be rewarding the top four community websites with prizes to share with their readers. What prizes you ask? Well, the blog that places first in the tournament will receive a 50" 1080p television, a Bose 3-2-1 surround sound system, an Xbox 360 Elite and a boatload of Microsoft points. And like we said, any prizes we win we'll be giving away to you guys right here on X3F. Sweet deal isn't it?

I, Dustin, will be representing X3F in the tourney in hopes of doing us proud, winning some prizes for you guys, and pwning the other community sites. Tomorrow, when WCA releases, I'll be downloading the game and getting as much practice in before next Monday's tournament rolls around. So, if you're purchasing WCA and are willing to help me train or have some strategies to share then be sure to hit me up on Xbox Live. Any nuggets of knowledge will help. We're in this together guys, because my success will only benefit you with the possibility of winning some rockin' prizes.

A list of all sixteen Xbox community websites (evil competitors) that'll be participating in the tournament is listed after the break as well as what prizes can be won. Monday, July 30th is when the tournament goes down ... let's win this X3F!

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Another XBLA twofer: Super Contra and WCA

This Wednesday we'll be treated to another Xbox Live Arcade twofer offering which includes Super Contra and Wing Commander Arena. And just as we predicted a few days ago, Wing Commander Arena will be available for 800 Microsoft points and include 16 player multiplayer craziness as well as a plethora of space combat weapons. The other half of our twofer bundle is the previously ESRB announced Super Contra which will be available for 400 Microsoft points and include old-school or updated graphics as well as online co-op. You know, these twofer Wednesdays are really growing on us and are so much better than those dark days where we were dying to get at least one a week. My, how far we have come.

Wing Commander Arena flies in next week

Even though we have yet to receive one of those fancy press releases, we've confirmed with publisher EA that this coming Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade game is going to be none other than Wing Commander Arena. This 3D arena style remake of Wing Commander will be available July 25th at the 800 Microsoft point price point, so we advise brushing up on your reading materials over the weekend to get a jump on the competition. Screenshot gallery is viewable below and did we mention that we have a little WCA surprise to announce next week that could benefit our X3F readers? Well, we do, so keep your Wing Commander ears perked for incoming news.

Gallery: Wing Commander Arena (XBLA)

Flip through Wing Commander Arena manual

Video game manuals are cool and full color manuals are even cooler. But the coolest of all manuals are the ones that read like magazines and are over 60 pages of informative bliss. And you should know that upcoming XBLA game Wing Commander Arena is one of those games that features a "coolest of all" manual. Don't believe us? Well, we have proof, because publisher EA decided to post the game's manual for everyone to download (PDF) and enjoy. And after reading through this huge game manual (which not only features your standard control layout and typical game information, but also backstory, advertisements based on the game and other interesting tidbits) you'll agree that it's a bit much ... but in a good way. Go ahead and give it a flip through.

Also, we want to dangle a metaphorical carrot in front of your face by saying that we have some exciting news surround Wing Commander Arena in the weeks to come. It's a small surprise, but a surprise that is exciting nonetheless. Anyway, that's all we are saying, so stay tuned.

Wing Commander Achievements step into the Arena

Wing Commander Arena's Achievements have been uncovered for all fanboys to gaze their eyes upon. It has the Xbox Live Arcade standard of 200 Gamerscore awarded across 12 Achievements. This also is the second Arcade title to be published by Electronic Arts, the first of course being Boom Boom Rocket. The Achievements themselves seem to have a heavier focus on multiplayer than that found in other titles and hopefully will be a lot of fun to unlock should the game be a blast as well. We'd like to remind you that the rumor from back in January, and its source, was right. Stay tuned at X3F as we've got some pretty cool Wing Commander news coming down the pipeline.

Electronic Arts opens Live Arcade website

With Boom Boom Rocket available now and Wing Commander Arena on the way, EA has thrown its proverbial hat into the Xbox Live Arcade ring. It looks like EA is planning to be in for the long haul, as the company has launched an official site dedicated to Xbox Live Arcade projects. Right now, the only games spotlighted are Boom Boom Rocket and Wing Commander Arena, though there are two vacant spots left. So, expect at least two more titles from EA to land on the Arcade. The site also hosts forums and allows users to sign up for email spam updates. Each game also has its own mini-site with requisite videos and (surprisingly low res) screenshots. Hit the "read" link to check it out.

Is anyone out there enjoying Boom Boom Rocket so far?

Video and screens of Wing Commander Arena

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Wing Commander Arena for Xbox Live Arcade, GameVideos has posted the first video footage of the game in action. The video showcases some free-for-all action and a game mode that is literally a glorified version of Asteroids. The ships are positively tiny, too. We're a little disappointed that the game is completely 2D in nature, although it is vaguely reminiscent of Subspace which isn't a bad thing. Check out the video after the break.

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Wing Commander Arena confirmed for XBLA

Only one day after its discovery in the ESRB database, Electronic Arts has confirmed that Wing Commander Arena is headed to Xbox Live Arcade. Rather than focusing on story, Wing Commander Arena is purely about space combat. The game promises customized ships and up to 16 player battles (in teams or free-for-all). Wing Commander Arena is expected to release this summer. Considering the Arcade releases lately, we'll take that prediction with a sizable chunk of salt.

Given the game's combat centered nature, are the Wing Commander fans out there upset? Would you rather see a full-fledged sequel?

[Via Joystiq]

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