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Video roundup: Halo 3 and TF2 goodness

Friday always seems like a good day to post some funny videos. It's the end of the week. People are happy to be getting off work for the weekend. And so, we're less likely to get all the outraged "THIS ISN'T NEWS" comments. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy these videos we have gathered for your enjoyment. First up is the Halo 3 video you see above. Oftentimes in the game, the only time we appreciate the physics engine is when you see your limp, dead body crumple to the ground. However, most objects have physics attached to them, including rockets and grenades. In fact, with proper timing (or incredible luck), a grenade can deflect a rocket. Watch it happen in the video above, and stick around for the surprise ending. We've got another Halo 3 video and a Team Fortress 2 video after the break.

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Project Offset trailer doles out goosebumps

Ah, sweet Project Offset. There are few games that have us as intrigued as Project Offset. Initially touted as something of a squad-based, fantasy first person shooter, it had us hooked from the word go. And then almost all traces of the game vanished. Sure, we had snippets of info here and there: a teaser or two, a viral campaign of sorts (that has since disappeared). But then, nothing. Until now, it seems, as a trailer of the game has been leaked onto the internet. On the official website, the Project Offset team pleads that news sites not show the video. Considering said plea is actually the first time the Project Offset site's news section has been updated since October of 2006, we can hardly deny our news hungry readers such a tender morsel. Watch the video above -- which sports first and third person viewpoints and touts 5 distinct classes -- and dream.

[Via Joystiq]

Video: Army of Two, Rally Revo and more

Again, we've picked out some of the newest and most interesting E3 trailers and gameplay videos in hopes of feeding your insatiable E3 appetite. Above, we've got your The Simpsons Game trailer and after the break we've embedded the SEGA Rally Revo trailer along with gameplay footage from Medal of Honor: Airborne, Hellboy: The Science of Evil and Army of Two. But be forewarned, Army of Two features lots of man screaming and a very tender "healing" moment. We'll let you view that on your own. More videos embedded after the break.

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Video: CoD 4, Too Human, Rock Band and more

Things are chugging along here at E3 with new trailers and game videos hitting the web at a rapid fire pace. So again we rounded up the latest and greatest in visual media for your viewing pleasure. To kicks things off we recommend giving Microsoft's Xbox 360 video compilation a watch as it features a bunch of 360 games you'll be playing this year. It's a great primer video. Also, after the break you can view trailers from games featured at last night's conference including a lengthy Too Human trailer, Call of Duty 4 demo, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed demo, Rock Band and Project Gotham Racing 4. Get to watching soldier, it's your fanboy duty!

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It's a beat down, new Def Jam: Icon gameplay videos

In a few hours the Def Jam: Icon demo will be available on the XBLM and for those of you who just can't wait Gamertag Radio posted a few new gameplay videos. Yes, we know we already posted a Def Jam: Icon video before, but these are fresh sucka! There is a total of four new gameplay videos and they aren't done by amateurs like the previous one. And after watching the videos we must say that the game is quite pretty and the music themed fighting is a unique idea that will be interesting to see how it'll pan out. Anyway, hurry up, watch these videos, then in a few hours download the demo ... that's what we in the know call instant street cred.

Smashing new video of Virtua Tennis 3

Our buddies at Gamertag Radio got their eager mitts on this new gameplay video from Virtua Tennis 3. Having watched the video, we can safely say that it's definitely tennis. Given the series' history, VT3 will likely be a pretty good tennis game, too. We're glad the 360 allows for custom soundtracks though, because the music sounds like it was ripped directly from the Sonic Adventure series. Of course, the big question is whether or not Virtua Tennis 3 can compete with the likes of Top Spin. We'll find out soon enough when the game releases in March. In the meantime, watch the video and tell us what you think.

Tons of CES videos: XBLA, GHII, IPTV, more has published several videos shot by Major Nelson at CES. Major takes time to check out Guitar Hero II, IPTV, XBLA, the HD-DVD player, and even takes a moment to chat with Peter Moore. We recommend the Guitar Hero II, IPTV, XBLA, and Peter Moore vids especially. The Guitar Hero II video will get you a glimpse at another 360 exclusive song from Pearl Jam (as well as a chance to watch Major Nelson try to play GHII and hold a mic at the same time). The XBLA video gives a quick look at Worms, Castlevania: SOTN, and Heavy Weapon. Players should be happy to know that Castlevania features an enhanced graphics mode (we're not sure which mode is used in the video though). Pause the XBLA video during the Worms interview to see the (rather anemic) selection of weapons. There are lots of videos. Hit the "read" link to check 'em out.

Oh, and our condolences to the employees working at the Zune lounge.

[Via Major Nelson]

Horrible Halo site of the day

When the best thing about your Halo machinima site is a picture Chuck Norris as Master Chief, you're in trouble. You're also probably trapped in the throes of puberty. Reader Bill says his Mom won't let him play Saints Row. He also says his site "so horrible it's funny" and needs some traffic. I'd say the emphasis is on horrible, but here's a little link love to take the sting out of Mom's censurous attitude towards simulated gangland violence.

DoA4 gameplay videos

If the impending release of Dead or Alive 4 hasn't got you frothing at the mouth, then how about some videos to go with the news snippets trickling on to the web?

As usual, Xboxyde has come up trumps with these videos, covering the game's intro and (naturally) some fighting. It's looking good, although eagle-eyed DoA fans are already marking the similarities between previous versions and the next-gen iteration.

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