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Video: Uncle Gary teaches Saints Row 2 lessons

After hearing about Saints Row 2 getting an August release and at the same time only receiving a not teaserific teaser trailer, we went searching for some actual Saints Row 2 gameplay videos. You know, to see how things are progressing over at THQ. And after our lil' search concluded, we came across three Saints Row 2 video gems. Videos that give us a glimpse at the game's gameplay and showcase some of the game's features all through street lessons taught by that "interesting" dude Gary Busey. No joke, it's the one and only Gary Busey. We'll let the videos speak for themselves (one embedded above, two after the break), but be prepared. The Saints Row 2 gameplay is promising, but Uncle Gary is (how do we put this nicely) ... moderately crazy?

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Gruesomely enjoyable Dark Sector glitches

Posted over on their developer blog, the Dark Sector team decided to give everyone an insider's peek into some of the final bugs and glitches they discovered while nearing the end of the game's development cycle. But before you start to yawn and thoughts of missing textures or broken geometry glitches enter your mind, know that we aren't talking about those kind of bugs. We're talking about bugs and glitches where the AI goes crazy, the physics create spectacular sights and flaming bodies get launched through the air. Yes sir, over the top, hilariously gruesome glitches. Thankfully, the Dark Sector team captured video of a few of these glitches before they were removed and, well ... we'll let you watch the awesome for yourself. Personally, we would have kept the vending machine "bug" in the final build ... that is so many types of awesome.

Video: Some more Ninja Gaiden 2 decapitation

There's a fourth new "Day of the Ninja" Ninja Gaiden 2 trailer available today and as expected, it's bloody. The new trailer can be viewed above and after watching nearly one minute of solid Ninja Gaiden 2 gameplay we questioned something. We question what Ryu's real mission is in this trailer. Is he climbing these stairs to get somewhere or is he simply on a mission to kill, dismember and decapitate the most bodies? You know, for fun's sake. No matter the reason for his bloody stair climb, we enjoy it and we think you will too. Lots of blood is always good.

Another Rainbow Six Vegas 2 trailer, another yawn

The last Rainbow Six Vegas 2 teaser trailer we had the "honor" of viewing didn't give us much of a feel for the game at all. To be perfectly honest, it seemed to be more of a Vegas tourist trailer aimed at getting you to visit Sin City more than anything. So, with today's release of a second Rainbow Six Vegas 2 trailer, we had high hopes that demanded some sort of gameplay or concrete details about the sequel. But again we get disappointment. The latest trailer (embedded above) is nothing more than nothing chalk full of pre-rendered nothing with a hint at nothing and lots of showing off of nothing. Come on Ubi, give us the goods already! We're getting annoyed and impatient ... grrr.

[Thanks, zizzy]

It's a Devil May Cry 4 video blowout

With the announcement of a Devil May Cry 4 demo coming to the XBLM sometime early next year, Capcom decided to release a handful of new videos to show off the extreme awesomeness of DMC4. All the new video newness can be viewed after the break where we've carefully embedded them, and we think you'll agree DMC4 is one of the ultimate hack-n-slash games. Take the video embedded above for instance. First, you'll notice that Dante is one badass dude who is strong, witty and has a hint of cockiness. Second, you'll see that the gameplay is over the top slashing craziness that is sort of growing on us. Finally, after watching the video you'll see why we don't garden. We have a horrible fear of abusive, talking, female snake weeds. So much so, we sleep with a bottle of Roudup every night.

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UK and Ireland get purchasable Foo vids

Our friends in the UK and Ireland received some new non-video game related XBLM content today, with four Foo Fighter music videos available for download. These four musical gems include Foo songs "All My Life", "My Hero", "The Pretender" and "Times Like These". But before you get too excited fellow Foo lovers, know that this content is far from being free and will set you back 200 Microsoft points each. We don't know about you, but we like our music to be either free or include some kind of Rock Band or GHIII functionality, especially for 200 points. Meh to it all.

Video roundup: Halo 3 and TF2 goodness

Friday always seems like a good day to post some funny videos. It's the end of the week. People are happy to be getting off work for the weekend. And so, we're less likely to get all the outraged "THIS ISN'T NEWS" comments. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy these videos we have gathered for your enjoyment. First up is the Halo 3 video you see above. Oftentimes in the game, the only time we appreciate the physics engine is when you see your limp, dead body crumple to the ground. However, most objects have physics attached to them, including rockets and grenades. In fact, with proper timing (or incredible luck), a grenade can deflect a rocket. Watch it happen in the video above, and stick around for the surprise ending. We've got another Halo 3 video and a Team Fortress 2 video after the break.

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Video: 13 minutes of H3 Guardian multiplayer

Earlier this morning we reported that the super secret surprise game that concluded the PAX 07 Omegathon was some Halo 3 multiplayer. Now fellow fanboys, you get to watch over thirteen minutes of said multiplayer fun. Embedded above is part one (part two embedded after the break) of some off-screen recorded video of the Halo 3 Omegathon battle featuring the multiplayer map Guardian and new weapons galore. Hear the crowd cheer as the rocket launcher levels the competition, the energy sword is wielded, firebombs are used, plasma turrets are detached and a gravity hammer is equipped ... the excitement is oh-so contagious. Watch the video above and part two embedded after the break and we think you'll agree that every minute of this Halo 3 Guardian multiplayer extravaganza is good times ... even though the competitors' Halo skills are somewhat lacking.

[Via Joystiq]

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Video: Halo 3 cut scene, hammer and a Hornet

Ahem, SPOILER ALERT! If you're sensitive to having your Halo 3 surprises spoiled before September 25th then stay far, far away from The Final Fight's latest "exclusive" leaked Halo 3 Epsilon video. To be honest, we couldn't bring ourselves to watch the video, because it includes (according to the description) not only a first look at the UNSC Hornet and the gravity hammer in multiplayer, but it also shows campaign footage as well as a cut scene from the game. And that friends is where we draw the line and not wanting our Halo 3 spoiled. Make the jump and watch the video if you're curious or simply ignore this post and walk away as if nothing happened ... make your decision soldier.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Video: Army of Two, Rally Revo and more

Again, we've picked out some of the newest and most interesting E3 trailers and gameplay videos in hopes of feeding your insatiable E3 appetite. Above, we've got your The Simpsons Game trailer and after the break we've embedded the SEGA Rally Revo trailer along with gameplay footage from Medal of Honor: Airborne, Hellboy: The Science of Evil and Army of Two. But be forewarned, Army of Two features lots of man screaming and a very tender "healing" moment. We'll let you view that on your own. More videos embedded after the break.

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Video: Turok deals out dinosaur death

We ran across this gameplay video and just had to share it with you guys to get your opinion. The video above is an in-game Turok demo with dinosaurs, knives, and intriguing kill animations. Speaking of those killing animations, we totally love how visceral they feel and the sheer brutality of them, but we are a little on the fence about how they could potentially interrupt gameplay. Who knows, maybe those third person killing scenes are timed as such they won't interfere all that much seeing that the game has a stealth feel to it. Give the Turok gameplay a good watch and share your opinion.

Video: Resident Evil 5 goes to Africa

Last night, Capcom announced that the Resident Evil franchise would be headed to the Xbox 360 and showed off their latest trailer for Resident Evil 5. The trailer (embedded above) is not the complete version as the extended version hasn't been shown yet, but will be released for download off the XBLM on July 26th. What more is there to say other than this is Resident Evil 5, in daylight, in Africa, and is a game that gets us very excited.

Video: Pre-E3 trailers recap

It's time for the first (of possibly many) E3 updates in the form of a visually pleasing trailer/video recap. Yes, developers are an impatient bunch and sometimes release trailers and videos prior to the official start of E3. So, we figured what better way to show off some of the Xbox 360 related pre-E3 trailers than by recapping them in one tightly wrapped post. Embedded after the break are pre-E3 trailers from games like Skate, Stranglehold, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, All-Pro Football 2K8, Legendary: The Box, Need for Speed: ProStreet and NHL 08. We're sure more trailers will trickle in by the hour, but for now we advise popping some popcorn, sitting back and pressing play.

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First Rock Band demo video surfaces [update 1]

Our friends over at Gamespot posted a video demonstrating Rock Band in all its four player band mate glory and then they quickly pulled it. But thanks to some quick saving and YouTube, we have the video embedded above. The video showcases four enthusiastic band mates jamming to Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" using two Guitar Hero II X-plorer controllers, the drum kit and a microphone. The screen layout is simplistic enough with vocals on top, guitars on the left and middle right, with drums placed in the right middle. Very slick indeed. Take a looksy at the Rock Band gameplay footage and get a feel for what you'll be experiencing this Fall. And please, don't make eye contact with the lead singer ... she'll turn you to stone.

Update 1: Sean, Harmonix man, posted on the official Rock Band forums that this video is a very early build used for internal purposes and isn't representative of the final game. Also, "Welcome to the Jungle" was used as a demo song and is NOT locked down to be in the game just yet. So, it's far from official, but a boat load of media will be headed our way during E3. Stay tuned.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Video: pie in the face = Xbox sold in Japan?

Okay, we've seen some weird foreign Xbox ads (no, really), but this one takes the cake ... er ... pie. Apparently, a (notably attractive) woman dodging pies was meant to pique Japan's interest in the original Xbox. While we have to admit that evading the attacks of a pie-tossing machine would make for thrilling digital entertainment, we have to question the logic of using the same scenario to sell Xboxen. We can just imagine the illustrations on the whiteboard in the Microsoft marketing dungeon:

1. Hot girl
2. Pie-tossing machine
3. Slogan
4. ???
5. Profit!

So, for the record, we have Do!Do!Do!, "There's a Locust under my bed," and a pie machine. And they wonder why they can't move consoles in Japan.

[Via The Xbox Domain]

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