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Epic dedicated to user mods for 360 UTIII

In a response concerning his earlier comments about Blu-Ray capacity, Epic's Mark Rein has once again commented on bringing user created content to Unreal Tournament III for Xbox 360. First, he noted that praising Blu-Ray's capacity was in no way meant as a slight to the 360's DVD format, adding that any extra content could easily be made available for download. Speaking about user created mods, Rein noted, "When it comes to user created mods on the 360 - we will work with Microsoft to find a way to support them." He added that Epic doesn't know what the solution is at this time, and that it will have to wait until after the PS3 and PC versions ships (as well as Gears of War for PC). After that (and some much deserved R&R), Rein promises that Epic will tackle the user created content problem and "figure it out."

[Via 1UP]

MS softens stance on user created content for 360 [update 1]

Coming from Gamefest 2007, it looks like Microsoft might be changing its tone on user created content. Longtime followers of the Xbox 360 will know that user created content has long been sought after by Microsoft, though it is somewhat hindered by the fact that all downloadable content has to be cleared by Microsoft before it can be distributed via Xbox Live Marketplace. At Gamefest, it was revealed that developers can circumvent this restriction by using what is called Xbox Live Server Platform (XLSP). Using XLSP, publishers can provide content directly from their own servers instead of Marketplace. Of course, such publishers would be solely responsible for all content delivered by these means. Also, use of XLSP by any publisher must be approved by Microsoft. During a panel at Gamefest, someone even asked if it would be possible to create a PC level editor that built levels playable on an Xbox 360. In response, Microsoft Software Design Engineer Zsolt Mathe said, "Even though nobody has done that, I would highly recommend that."

Given Epic's recent lamentations concerning user generated content for Unreal Tournament III on the Xbox 360, perhaps XLSP is the answer.

[Via BeyondUnreal. Thanks, Dave]

Update: 1UP incorrectly states that XLSP stands for Xbox Live Silver Platform. DXL540 informs us that it is in fact Xbox Live Server Platform, which makes a bit more sense. Furthermore, DXL540 sends us an SEC filing from Activision detailing what's possible with XLSP.

Mark Rein on Halo 3, 360 UTIII mods

Remember the CVG interview in which Epic VP Mark Rein stated that Microsoft's E3 showing hurt Halo 3? Now the first part of the interview has been published in its entirety, giving a further look at Rein's opinions. One of the more interesting tidbits, after his spiel about the Halo 3 showing, he goes on to admit that Halo 3 will break all of the sales records set by Gears of War. According to Rein, "We've had a nice nine, ten months of being the record holder, and now we're going to get our ass kicked. In a good way." Good form, old man, good form. Rein goes on to discuss the various versions of Unreal Tournament III and Gears of War PC and the fate of its exclusive content (hint).

Also worth nothing, in the second part of the interview, which has yet to be published, Rein admits that the reason for the delay of the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III is that Epic has yet to sort out how user created mods will work on 360. Rein notes that in the "worst case scenario" Epic will submit user created mods to Microsoft for certification and offer them as downloadable content. Rein adds that, "hopefully between now and whenever it is we ship on Xbox 360, we figure out a user-managed way to do it." Our fingers are crossed.

Read -- Mark Rein interview, part 1
Read -- Epic struggles with UTIII mods on 360

Unreal Tournament 3 to be timed PS3 exclusive

See the awesomeness that is the game trailer above? It's Unreal Tournament 3 and fellow Xbox 360 fanboys we'll have to wait a little longer than our PS3 brothers to play. Sony and Epic Games just announced that UT3 will be a timed exclusive for the PS3 platform which will launch this November. But the wait will be short lived, because the game will be available on the Xbox 360 platform early 2008. Epic is obviously feeling love from everyone this generation and it looks like Sony played the right hand this time. Sorry fanboys, this is one game the PS3 will get before us ... consider it a fluke.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Unreal Tournament 3 to ship with dozens of maps

Over on Beyond Unreal, Death Booger mentions that August's OXM demo disc features a look at a few of the multiplayer maps that'll ship with Unreal Tournament 3. Among the pretty in-game videos are a few details about UT3 including confirmation that the game will ship with three to four dozen multiplayer maps. And, if our math is correct, that works out to be around 36 to 48 multiplayer maps on launch day and on the disc! The maps will of course vary in size, player count, etc., but the shear amount of variety should satisfy any Unreal enthusiast. Here's to hoping the "dozens" remarks holds true when the game ships as that would seriously put Shadowrun's nine maps to shame.

UT3 shall be the prettiest of them all

In the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine Epic discusses everything Unreal Tournament 3 and says that the game will look graphically better than Gears of War. Epic says that the Unreal Engine 3 has been tweaked and improved for use on the 360 since Gears launched and they're taking full advantage of its capabilities. Lead designer Steven Polge's even goes as far as to say that UT3, "it's Gears on crack. Cover is for wimps!". OXM also confirmed the game's vehicle count, talks about the control scheme, and confirmed that UT3 will include four player campaign co-op over Xbox Live. But we're just excited to see how much prettier UT3 can actually get, because Gears already set the bar quite high.

[Thanks, DjDatz]

Behold, a lone Unreal Tournament 3 screenshot

Today, we present to you one lonely screenshot from Epic's upcoming game Unreal Tournament 2007 3. And before we go any further, let it be known that we don't want any complaining about the fact that Epic only released one screenshot. It's one screenshot you didn't have yesterday, so this should suffice ... right? Moving on. This game further proves what a graphical powerhouse the Unreal 3 engine really is, because this game looks stunning. Make the jump for the full size screenshot and you'll see what we mean. Everyone at X3F is curious to see if UT3's visuals will equal or surpass what Gears has to offer, though we're on the fence on the issue. What do you think, will UT3 be the cream of the crop when it comes to the best visual spectical on the 360?

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

New Unreal Tournament 3 details emerge

Over at the Beyond Unreal forums, Doc Shock translated a German gaming magazine's interview with Jeff Morris about Unreal Tournament 3. From the translation and follow up by TeamXbox we learn that Unreal Tournament 3 will include a co-op option for the campaign, similar to how Gears of War works. They are also implementing voice commands where you'll be able to give a bot simple instructions to carry out, like navigating a vehicle or protecting a base. Morris also confirms that there will be 12 weapons, 15 vehicles, and 30 plus maps to enjoy. And as always, we'll be playing Unreal Tournament 3 on our Xbox 360s "when it's done" ... because that's how Epic rolls.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Fragtacular UT3 Weapons Video

GameVideos has a nice video showcasing the weapons from Unreal Tournament 3. All of the guns in the game are being completely revamped from there previous incarnations. Featured arsenal in the video includes the flak cannon, rocket launcher, shock rifle, and link gun/plasma rifle. So have a look at some fragtastic firefights, complete with a couple Multikills and a killing spree. Graphics are looking tight and the pace is as fast as one would expect from an Unreal title. Are you up for some oldschool arcade shooter deathmatch?


Unreal Tournament III Trailer on Marketplace

Major Nelson has let us know that there is an Unreal Tournament III trailer available on Marketplace. Although it is not available in Mexico or Asia. Perhaps it's a bit of payback for releasing Crackdown early. Still, the game features the Unreal 3 Engine, and is going to easily be on par with Gears of War in terms of visual fidelity. The trailer comes in two flavors, 720p or 480p and weigh in at 66 MB and 33 MB, respectively. So hop on Live, download the trailer and tell us what you think.

New GOW content in months, PC version "inevitable"

Speaking with TeamXbox, Mark Rein revealed that new content will be arriving for Gears of War within "the next couple months," citing the Dreaded Xbox Live Certification Process® as a primary reason it has taken so long. Rein notes that the content is "not months's maybe a month? When it's done." It is unclear, however, whether he is speaking of the actual creation of the content or the certification process. The upshot, obviously, is that new Gears content is coming, and that it will have "a fun little surprise."

Also mentioned in the interview is the inevitability of a PC version of Gears of War. Rein notes that Epic's biggest challenge will be to recreate a game that was designed exclusively for the Xbox 360 so that it will run on a wide range of PCs. Finally, Rein speaks about the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3, discussing his excitement about bringing user created mods to the console space. Hit the "read" link for the whole interview.

Now, any wild speculations about what the "fun little surprise" might be in the new GOW content? We'll have none of that reasonable speculation either. We're only interested in wild speculation, thank you very much.

New UT3 screens are eye popping

Our friends at Xboxygen scored some new shots of Unreal Tournament 3, the fourth game in the Unreal Tournament series. The shots mostly showcase the game's gloriously rendered vehicles. Most notable of the new vehicles is the vicious tripod pictured above. The giant mechanical beasts appear to be terrorizing the Japanese countryside (something that almost never happens). Another interesting shot shows two players on hoverboards hooked onto a third vehicle, Back to the Future style. Put simply, the game looks great. Click the "read" link for more pretty pictures (perfect for wallpaper).

Mark Rein: User created mods in 360 UTIII

Speaking to Game Informer, Epic's Mark Rein believes that user created content will be featured in the 360 version of Unreal Tournament III. In fact, Rein admits that user created content is the reason the 360 version of UTIII took so long to confirm. According to Rein, Epic was unsure that Microsoft would allow such content to pass through the dreaded certification process (Whatever happened to VelocityGirl?). Whatever the issue was, Rein is now confident that mods should be coming our way.

As noted by Joystiq, we're not really sure how such mods would be created. It's possible that mods could be made through a 360 specific level editor, though we have to question how detailed such a thing could be. Another solution would be for Epic to distribute the most popular PC content over Xbox Live. Could Live Anywhere have anything to do with this?

[Via Joystiq]

Watch UTIII, new vehicle info

It was revealed last week that Unreal Tournament 2007, under the new moniker, Unreal Tournament III, is indeed headed to the Xbox 360. Most of us were expecting it, but it's still nice to hear. Many of you probably saw the trailer, but we thought it would be best to post it here now that it is available on GameTrailers. We know how our readers just hate to click links that direct them away from us, so we're proud to offer the trailer embedded neatly into this post. If, however, you are feeling adventurous, you can click this link to download the trailer in high definition. If you stream it to your Xbox 360, you can pretend like you're actually playing it! Not that we ever do that. Because we're much to cool to play pretend anymore, even with our Halo action figures.

If UTIII in high def goodness isn't enough for you, some new vehicle info has been revealed as well. IGN had a chance to play the game and try out some of the new Necrid vehicles. The Viper is a speed vehicle that has the ability to jump and self-destruct. The Nemesis is a tank with three different modes of operation, each offering different speeds and firing capabilities. Finally, the Dark Walker is a huge walking tripod that rains death and destruction upon enemy vehicles.

is expected in the second half of 2007.

Unreal Tournament 2007 for 360, new name

Speculated but never officially confirmed, Midway has finally announced that Unreal Tournament 2007 is bound for the Xbox 360, albeit with a new name. Entitled Unreal Tournament III, the game is expected to hit the 360 in the second half of 2007. UT3 (obviously) runs on the Unreal Engine 3 and should delight deathmatch junkies world wide. The game will feature the traditional deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag. A third mode, entitled Warfare, will be available as well (perhaps it will function something like Warzone on GOW?). The game looks to feature an expansive campaign mode, too. IGN has the scoop, as well as the first official trailer.

Seriously, we like other consoles. We do. We just can't afford anything else with so many outstanding titles hitting the 360 this year.

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