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X3F LIVE: Online now! [Update]

Update: The event has now ended. Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for another X3F LIVE event in the near future!

Drop your keyboard. Throw your monitor out the window. Pop in your dusty old copy of Gears of War. X3F LIVE is online now. Join us online in Uno from 9:30PM EST until 10:30PM for some hot card-on-card action and then stick around for a chainsaw fest in Gears of War from 10:30PM EST until 11:30PM.

Most of the gang is here and we're eager to play with the community. Add X3FLIVE to your friends list and track down Richard (SenseiRam), Dusin (SuperDunners), Alexander (Sli Xander) and Xav (Snypz)-- join the social gaming night as the night progresses and have a blast!

Game on people!

X3F LIVE hits Uno and Gears tonight!

The votes are in and a recount isn't necessary. Gears of War swept up the competition claiming the top spot for tonight's gaming session; with Uno leading the charge for Xbox Live Arcade. Originally we were going to have a dedicated Gears of War marathon tonight but the rest of the team has fond memories of Uno and decided to throw it in hour numero one (you thought I was going to day Uno didn't you?).

Tonight look out for the following gamertags and join the gaming sessions in progress, the games will be open and we hope you can jump in to play around!

Add X3FLIVE to your friend list and use the Friends of Friends feature to spot the rest of the crew online! If you'd like to join us online spot the rest of the crew (Gamertags below) and join our gaming sessions!

Uno -- 9:30-10:30 PM EST
SenseiRam (Richard)*
Sli Xander (Alexander)*
Snypz (Xav)
SuperDunners (Dustin)
(each gamertag will host their own game)

*Richard and Alexander are going to try to make it for the Uno portion of the event

Gears of War -- 10:30-11:30 PM EST
Snypz -- In one hosted room
Scheduled to play: Richard, Dustin, Xav

Check back here at X3F at 9 PM EST for a reminder of the event and any last minute detail changes! We look forward to chainsawing you later tonight!

Pinball FX goes Halloween, UNO gets big button

There's new XBLA updates and content for both Pinball FX and UNO that just came out (or are about to release) and we figured we'd pass on the news. Since, you know, we're in the business of informing.

XBLA game UNO just received a title update today allowing for Scene It?'s big button pad support, Vision camera game search and easier access to privacy settings. The other piece of DLC goodness is for Pinball FX and is a new "Buccaneer Table" releasing next Wednesday, October 31st. And if you can't see the link, the release is on Halloween. The new table will cost 200 Microsoft points (though, some are reporting it's free) with more tables releasing in the next few months. You've now been XBLA DLC informed. Lucky you.

Read - Pinball FX gets new content
Read - UNO update

Xbox Live 12 month Vision pack for $66

Are you in need of a Xbox Live gold subscription renewal pretty soon? You know, that will set you back roughly $50 for 12 months. But for only $16 more you can get the Xbox 360 Live Camera Bundle instead. TeamXbox stumbled upon this great deal over the weekend and we must say, it's a good option for those who need to renew their subscription. The bundle includes 12 months of Xbox Live gold access, Vision camera, headset, 200 Microsoft Points, UNO, Robotron and free shipping for $65.95. You just can't beat a $15 savings!

[Via TeamXbox]

Most played games of 2006 [update 1]

Major Nelson painstakingly compiled all the data from 2006 and came up with one gigantic list of the top games of 2006. Be sure to note that his list takes into account only unique users that played the game on Live. Gears of War is awarded the top spot for most played Xbox 360 game, Halo 2 takes original Xbox game honors, and the dark horse for XBLA games is UNO. Interesting note that Hexic HD came in second under Xbox 360 games, when were under the impression that it was an arcade game. Hmm. If you're jonesing for some Xbox Live data in chart form, jump on over to Major's site ... he's the stat master.

Update 1: We overlooked the note that the top list contains all 360 content including Arcade games. So, Hexic HD you're not so shady after all and we simply can't label you as an XBLA game either.

It's Wednesday, time for ... an UNO deck? [update]

Microsoft sent out a press release yesterday trumpeting the latest UNO deck for Xbox Live Arcade. We didn't get around to posting it. So, we start typing up this post when we notice something:

"This week's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday release brings the award-winning Kameo franchise to everyone's favorite card game, UNO." [Emphasis ours.]

Now, we like UNO. It's one of our favorite games to use for editorial "meetings." But an UNO deck is not, we repeat not, an Arcade Wednesday release. It's new content for a game that we already have. Yeah, yeah, a new deck introduces new rules, so you could argue that it's like a new game, but why would you?

Ah, we're just pissed it wasn't Small Arms. If you're interested, the Kameo deck contains a card that lets you swap hands with another player. Seems kind of mean really. Should you desire this deck, it will only set you back 100 MS points. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going back to the Rainbow Six demo.

Update: This deck has been pulled from Marketplace. Apparently there's a bug in it. Sorry to get your UNO hopes up.

Vision library expands beyond Uno

As expected, Microsoft has updated following Arcade titles for use with the Vision Camera:
  • Bankshot Billiards 2
  • Hardwood Hearts
  • Hardwood Spades
  • Hardwood Backgammon
The press release also reminds parents to check their family settings. Good idea.

Speaking of adult-oriented action, Activision's World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions, the first game to take advantage of the Digimask facial mapping stuff, hits store shelves today.

So Microsoft has camera support covered as far as pool sharking and problem gambling are concerned. Now where are the gesture-based games, starting with Totem Ball? I have read that the Vision is supposed to come with a download code for that flailing effort, but the $40 SKU I picked up at Toys R Us included only Uno and one month of XBL Gold (There are no titles mentioned on the packaging).

I'll try out the facial mapping feature in WSoP tonight and let you know if it does my handsome mug justice.

Vision Camera: Uno uncensored

I picked up a Vision Camera a few days early thanks to the stock first, ask questions later policy at the local Toys R Us. After a weekend spent playing Uno under the watchful gaze of complete strangers (at the expense of this blog I'm afraid), I can report that the camera is a worthy purchase based on that cool watery dashboard effect alone. Webcams have been around forever, but it still feels strange to have to check your boxers for complete scrotal coverage while playing a console. Just pray the guy on the other side does the same. I talked to a couple girl gamers who had already witnessed Uno hands that devolved into a sordid game-within-a-game of "show me yours, I'll show you mine" to the shrieking glee of the zit-faced participants (and presumably, the horror of the ESRB). Wild Cards never had so much economic clout. Expect this type of seedy peep show bartering to take off as the Vision makes its way into more sweaty palms this week. It will probably take a couple months before the novelty of pimping out your girlfriend for color changes wears off, or at least settles to a tolerable level. In the mean time, YouTube should prepare for a flood of poorly lit softcore with the same soundtrack.

Scramble delayed, have some UNO instead

Scramble, Konami's arcade shooter that was slated to hit Xbox Live Arcade today, has been delayed. According to the press release that arrived in our inbox, the game hit some bumps during the certification process. As such, the boys in Redmond are giving it an extra week to iron out the kinks. So, whatever will we do with our empty Wednesday? Grab the new PGR3 theme deck for UNO, of course! Depending on who you ask, it might actually be more exciting than Scramble.

Anybody grab the deck yet? Any spiffy cards?

There's no FU in UNO

UNO for XBLA may be a relaxed take on a classic family game, but more than one innocent tyke has discovered that kids on Live say the darndest things, especially if your gradeschool opponents are losing, or worse, winning. Mike from K1lla's Xbox Domain reports being called a "momma licker," "goat sh-t," "dog humper" and several other salty pejoratives that rhyme with woodchuck. Has Uno become as bad as Halo 2 when it comes to juvenile playground obscenities? What's the darndest thing you've ever yelled at an 11-year-old? Seen any obscene sign language on the Vision cam?

[Warning: Link not safe for tender ears or corporate filters]

[Thanks Joey]

Vision camera? Don't forget your free game

Maybe Uno isn't your thing. Texas Hold 'em just doesn't do it for you. Would you rather control a weird totem pole thing by waving your arms and looking like a jackass? Really? Then TotemBall is for you! TotemBall (see video above) lets players guide their character through levels using gestures in conjunction with the Live Vision camera. It should be noted that our own Ken Weeks had some trouble controlling the game in the bad lighting conditions of E3. Hopefully the final version will provide us with a tighter experience -- and another reason to be excited about the Vision camera. The game should be available for download on September 19th, Vision's official launch date. Also, if you haven't picked one up already, the camera will be available in two packages:

Standard Kit ($39.99):
- Xbox Live Vision Camera
- Xbox Live Headset
- Xbox Live Gold 1 Month Trial
- UNO (code for download) and TotemBall (on Sept. 19)

Gold Kit ($79.99):
- Xbox Live Vision Camera
- Xbox Live Headset
- Xbox Live Gold One Year Subscription
- UNO (code for download) and TotemBall (on Sept. 19) and third game (TBD)
- 200 MS Points

[Thanks, Rivithed]

Uno patch makes a match

I was so busy reveling in Microsoft's XBLA announcements last week, I forgot to mention that Uno's broken ranked matchmaking system has finally been patched. That gives you a couple weeks to improve your ranking until the the Arcade world's attention turns from cards to combos.

XBLA goes brick n' mortar

XboxAddict is reporting that Microsoft is planning to start releasing Xbox Live Arcade titles at retail stores.  Microsoft's hope is that simple games like Marble Blast, Smash TV, and Uno will appeal to the elusive "non-gamer" demographic. As an added bonus, these games will also avail the joys of Xbox Live to the less savvy 360 owners out there -- if you read this site, chances are this does not apply to you.

Pricing and packaging have not been discussed yet. Though many suspect these games will be released in some type of compilation, I wouldn't be surprised if we see lots of single games at super budget prices. Maybe even in jewel cases like budget PC games. There are other uncertainties, too. Will these games install on the hard drive or run off of the DVD? If they install on the hard drive, what's to keep people from installing them on multiple 360s?

Of course, the big question is whether or not we still have to buy two copies of Lumines.

Uno matchmaking fix on the way

for Xbox Live Arcade (currently the game of choice for Xbox360Fanboy editorial meetings) is generally percieved as a successful take on the classic card game -- with one major flaw: gamers attempting to play a ranked match are thrown into their own lobby instead of being matched up, resulting in an annoying wait for competition. Fortunately Carbonated Games tells us a fix is near. UNO Program Manager Richard Thames Rowan posted the following response to complaints on K1lla's Xbox Domain:

The UNO development team is aware of the problem that some people are having with matchmaking and has a fix going through certification right now. Hopefully, you'll see this roll out soon, so no need to email anyone.

Finally, ranked matches without a 20 minute wait. There can be only one.

Dos XBLA Uno screens

Uno (see the "no power brick required" edition in the pic above) inspires fond childhood memories for most of us, and summer camp night terrors for a psychologically scarred few. We already knew the card game classic was headed to Xbox Live Arcade. Now Xboxic has dos (that's "two" in Espanol) Uno screens grabbed from the debug version of Live. Couldn't they have included Kool-Aid stains on the cards for maximum accuracy?

The screens come from gameplay footage posted at Xboxyde, but somebody got worried about their NDA and yanked the video.

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