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Halo 3 Championship online tourney starts today

Last month, we mentioned that registration for the Xbox Live Halo 3 Championship Tournament was open and now tonight, the tournament will kick off.

Sketch posted a quick note over on announcing that the tournament's matchmaking playlist will go live tonight at 9:00PM pacific (midnight eastern). And, per the tournament's rules, the playlist will be available until March 17th when all the semi-finalists will be determined. So, if you live in the U.S. and you haven't already, register your gamertag over on, fire up Halo 3 and dish out the pwnage, because there's a $50,000 check with your name on it. Good luck!

[Thanks, jmurzzy911] fight for life

Quite a few mainstream media outlets look at the Gaming Industry with disdain and confusion for the products that are released. "Murder simulators" like GTAIV and "Pornographie de Voyeur" like Mass Effect are just some of the misconceptions mainstream press have with the gaming world.

At times it seems like major media is trying to pin a "crazy" button on every gamers lapel, and sometimes how can we argue (NSFW), but the enthusiast press (like us at X3F) know the truth. Sure, we can be passionate about our favorite pastime but we understand what it means to be human and humble.

With that in mind is giving gamers the chance to set their differences aside and fight for a real cause, following in Penny Arcade's footsteps with the widely successful Child's Play charity drive.

G4O and the Femmes Fatales clan, of Halo 3 fame, are joining forces to hold a Halo 3 charity tournament to help, Fatales own, RagingJellyBean pay for a life-saving kidney transplant and aftercare. Tournament entry is $10 per player in the Free For All or 4v4 team tourney. Scheduling, tournament details and prize information can be found on the G4O website.

Sometimes we complain that an XBLA game isn't worth 800MS Points but, at the same price to join this competition, we can safely say a human life is worth so much more.

Halo 3 Championship Tournament on Xbox Live

Today, Microsoft, Bungie and the US Army announced their plans to recruit the best Halo 3 gamers with the launch of the first ever Halo 3 Championship Tournament this April, exclusively on Xbox Live. This is the same tournament that slipped out of the PR team's lips a bit early last month, but now it's official and ready to go.

Registration for the online tournament will open up sometime in March with the actual competition going down in April with winners walking away with prizes and instant gaming fame. And to prepare for April's Halo 3 Championship Tournament they'll be holding monthly Combat Training Exercises to build excitement. The first event being Sniper School which is now open for registration, followed by Heavy Weapons on February 9th and Vehicles on March 1st. You'll have to register for each Combat Training Exercise when the time comes, so watch for those.

Finally, the US Army will be sponsoring a Destination Experience site on Xbox Live that will serve up videos, tips and expert Halo 3 advice. Get in on the action by registering for Sniper School right now, join all the other events through March, learn to pwn like a pro and come April you'll have a chance to prove yourself in the online tournament. We expect that you'll do just fine.

Army sponsored Xbox Live Halo 3 tournament [update]

Update: Microsoft kindly asked us to remove the information originally outlined in this blog post, because the press release was sent out in error. So, we took down the info. Keep your eyes peeled though, we have a hunch there there will be an Xbox Live Halo 3 tournament going down sometime in the near future (wink, wink).

Win big with MoH: Airborne Operation Live Jump

Next Friday, Xbox Live and Medal of Honor: Airborne are teaming up for a weekend full of giveaways, tournaments and Xbox Live gaming. Starting September 7th through the 9th Operation Live Jump will be in full effect kicking off on Friday with Xbox Live playtime with the Airborne development team and a weekend long Play & Win giveaway. Speaking of which, you should sign up for the Airborne Play & Win here, because they're giving away a prize package every hour for the entire weekend. So, do yourself a favor and sign up for that. Anyway, Saturday continues the festivities when the PMS clan hops online to play some Airborne later in the evening. Then, Operation Live Jump ends on Sunday with a day long leaderboard tournament where the winner will pick up a Xbox 360 gaming rig and some MoH: Airborne goodies. Key in your watches and prepare for battle kids, Operation Live Jump is go next Friday even if the game ends up being an icky mess.

[Via Major Nelson]

Win big in Forza 2 Nissan Sentra challenge

Officially kicking off this Saturday, August 25th is a new Forza Motorsport 2 tournament challenge where the grand prize racing winner will be rewarded with a brand new Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V. To participate, you'll have to complete a few steps first registering by either heading to the XBLM to download the free tournament theme or signing up online. Once registered, you'll need to download the free Forza 2 Nissan car pack and race in the qualifying rounds (which start this Saturday) through September 8th. From there they'll be wittling down the racing participants and crown the Nissan Sentra SE-R Forza Motorsport 2 Online Tournament winner at the LA Auto Show in November. If interested, check out the complete tournament details, rules, prizes and more after the jump.

We won! X3F takes first place in WCA tournament

We did it guys! I helped lead Xbox 360 Fanboy to a first place win in the online Wing Commander Community Tournament! And, as a result, every X3F reader will benefit with not only bought and paid for bragging rights, but with some sweet prizes too. Soon, EA will be sending us the grand prize goodies which, in turn, will be given away here on the site. So, in the near future, we'll be giving away the grand prize goods which include a 50" 1080p TV, Bose surround sound system, Xbox 360 Elite, Microsoft points and more. Guys, we took first place in the WCA tournament!

And for those of you who are interested, we posted a recap of how things went down and how the grand prize was won after the break. Let's just say the A-17 Broadsword Behemoth didn't let us down! Again, thanks for the support X3F readers, you really helped me with my WCA practice sessions and aided in creating my "strategy". Remember, giveaways will be coming soon.

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Wing Commander Arena tourney goes down tonight [update 1]

Tonight, at 11:00PM eastern, a bunch of Xbox community websites (including X3F) will be going head to head in the Wing Commander Tournament that we mentioned last week. If you don't recall, I'll be representing team X3F in a tourney against fifteen other blogs for a chance to win all kinds of prizes for you, our readers. Though, after practicing and doing semi-okay in ranked WCA multiplayer matches, I must say that this game is a tad difficult for me to wrap my FPS skills around. But, I'll do my best and hope you guys don't whip me with licorice when I come in 14th place ... I'm kidding, or so I hope I am. Hopefully I can place in the top five and win you guys some amazing prizes. Again, the tournament kicks off tonight so wish me luck!

Also, Godfree sent word that Gamertag Radio (one of the tournament competitors) will be hosting a live streaming feed of the tournament. So, if you're interested, give the WCA tourney a watch and pray I don't get pwned.

Update 1: WCA Tournament is now over, but the good news is that I won X3F the grand prize! Check out updates after the break.

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Let's win it! Wing Commander Arena tourney

We promised you a Wing Commander Arena surprise this week and we're ready to reveal all. Next Monday Xbox 360 Fanboy will be going head to head with fifteen other Xbox community websites in an EA sponsored Wing Commander Arena Tournament to not only find out which blog has the best WCA skills, but to also win prizes galore. That's right, EA will be rewarding the top four community websites with prizes to share with their readers. What prizes you ask? Well, the blog that places first in the tournament will receive a 50" 1080p television, a Bose 3-2-1 surround sound system, an Xbox 360 Elite and a boatload of Microsoft points. And like we said, any prizes we win we'll be giving away to you guys right here on X3F. Sweet deal isn't it?

I, Dustin, will be representing X3F in the tourney in hopes of doing us proud, winning some prizes for you guys, and pwning the other community sites. Tomorrow, when WCA releases, I'll be downloading the game and getting as much practice in before next Monday's tournament rolls around. So, if you're purchasing WCA and are willing to help me train or have some strategies to share then be sure to hit me up on Xbox Live. Any nuggets of knowledge will help. We're in this together guys, because my success will only benefit you with the possibility of winning some rockin' prizes.

A list of all sixteen Xbox community websites (evil competitors) that'll be participating in the tournament is listed after the break as well as what prizes can be won. Monday, July 30th is when the tournament goes down ... let's win this X3F!

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GHII tourney at the Mall of America

You're a Guitar Hero II rockstar god, aren't you? Well, if you think you're good enough and are willing to travel, the Mall of America in the lovely state of Minnesota is holding a Guitar Hero II tournament this Saturday, June 9th. The guitar gaming fun will take place in the mall's rotunda from 10:00AM-4:00PM with prizes including a Guitar Hero II game pack, Fender Squier Strat Pack, and a pair of airline tickets. And if your dress up skills are better then your guitar playing, dress up like your favorite rocker and win prizes for your creativity. Practice a few expert songs, make a trip to the MOA and win a few prizes. Living the life of a rockstar is good.

GoW tournaments you say? Sign us up

MisurA sent word that all his hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and coding skills went into his latest online tournament website, Gears of War Tournaments. On the site, you'll be able to partake in various Gears tournaments from 1v1 to 4v4 and be able to manage your team through the super sleek (yet simple) interface. Right now there are a couple hundred players signed up, so the competition should be pretty good. But there aren't any prizes for the tourneys just yet, so it's all about the bragging rights and the community fun. Competition and a legion of Gears players await you at Gears of War Tournaments ... go ahead and give it a whirl.

GoW tourney delayed, chainsawing starts tomorrow

The ever so delayed WCG Gears of War global online tournament will be kicking off tomorrow April 20th with an old fashioned leaderboards reset. The Gears online tourney was supposed to start on April 9th, but due to leaderboard reset difficulties they had to push it back a few days. And since the competition is just getting started tomorrow, they are also extending the registration through May 12th with the tournament ending on May 13th. Grease your chainsaw and practice your roadie run, because there are points to be earned and global leaderboards to conquer.

Win an Elite 360 playing Halo 2 or by chance

Over on Trixie's blog she posted a little tease about an upcoming Halo 2 tournament and a chance to win an Xbox 360 Elite. From her post we learn that Microsoft will be giving away five Elite consoles in some sort of Halo 2 online tournament and in a Play & Win contest later this month. Two ways to win, one interesting online tournament for the US and Canada. We're thinking that we'll be seeing the tourney starting after the new Halo 2 maps roll out and the rankings get a reset later this month. So, if you have no cash to buy an Elite and if winning one is your cup of tea, then keep your eyes glued to later this month for an official announcement.

[Via Gaming Bits]

GoW tournament shut down by diaper gamer

First, a word of caution. If you are at all uneasy about diapers and their contents then this blog post may not be for you. In Fort Collins a group of gamers organized an underground Gears of War tournament at a nearby warehouse for over 60 gamers. Among the tournament's participants was a 16 year old kid who was wearing a ... diaper. The diaper clad teenager wore his protection in case of an emergency and didn't really think he'd have to soil himself, that is until he downed five energy drinks. You see, the 16 year old (being the hardcore gamer he is) decided to use his emergency diaper and soon after other participants complained about a "septic tank like smell" coming from the kid. The event's security promptly removed him due to his foul odor. The story doesn't end there as our diaper wearing gamer then called the police to complain about his ejection from the tournament and how he was unfairly treated. The police showed up knowing full well the event was an illegal paid tournament, shut down the event, and fined the event coordinators.

Whether this story is true or not, we still can't get the image of a 16 year old diaper wearing gamer out of our head. Who'd knowingly mess their pants in the name of gaming? Something tells us neither this kid or his diaper will be invited to the next Gears tournament.

[Via Digg]

Guitar Hero II tourney in Florida April 7th

With Guitar Hero II mere weeks away from release, competitions were bound to start to get planned. GameHQ is holding a tournament on April 7th, sponsored by Red Octane. The catch, of course, is that it takes place in Deland, Florida at the Sunshine Bowling Center. Festivities start at 7:00 pm and there are unspecified prizes to be given to true rockers. We do like the name of the group, though: G.H.O.U.L., the Guitar Hero Organized Underground League. So, if you live in that region of America's wang, are you going to see what all the fuss is about? If so, will you start practicing now on the PS2's version, or wait until you pick it up for 360?

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