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New bullet riddled footage from The Club

GameTrailers has posted some new footage from the upcoming Bizarre Creations arcade shooter The Club. A fast paced action game in the vein of Geometry Wars (with a few more polygons added), the game rewards players for dispatching enemies and dispatching them quickly. Featured prominently on the game's HUD is a score multiplier that increases with each successive kill. Wait too long and the multiplier drains fast. It's an interesting way to treat a third person shooter, and frankly it's a welcome change. Sometimes you don't want to bother with all that thinky-stinky stuff required by the likes of Rainbow Six and GRAW, you know? Also, given that the game's stages are really more like courses, leaderboard hogs should definitely be keeping an eye on The Club. Now where's that US demo?

Find the footage after the break.

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The Club videos shoot up the place

Sega has released a trailer for the upcoming shooter The Club, which is being developed by Bizarre Creations (their last game before working solely under Activision). The trailer is very slick, showing off the cast of the arcade shooter. The characters run the gamut of generic badasses: there's the square-jawed Russian, the tough cop (gone bad?), the obstinate Irishman, and ... well, a crazy guy in a rain slicker. There's even a guy named -- we kid you not -- Killen. But what's a cool trailer without little gameplay? Nothing, that's what. So, we've included a gameplay trailer after the break. The Club is a little different from most 3rd person shooters, as its main focus is constant action. The faster you make your kills, the more your score multiplier increases. Essentially, it's 3rd person Geometry Wars on steroids. Watch and enjoy.

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SEGA: Rally Revo this Fall, Condemned 2 in Feb

Today, SEGA must have felt a little left out of the E3 hubub and as a result decided to share its video game release schedule through 2008. SEGA isn't giving out concrete dates, but has announced that Xbox 360 games Virtua Fighter 5 and SEGA Rally Revo will be available this Fall, The Golden Compass this December, Condemned 2: Bloodshot is penciled in for February, Iron Man next Spring, Universe at War: Earth Assault Q1 of 2008, and The Club will make its way to retailers Winter 2008. So, later this year SEGA will grace us with some online Virtua Fighter 5, SEGA Rally Revo and The Golden Compass and anything releasing in 2008 we won't comment on, because 2008 is way too far in the future for our A.D.D. minds to care about. Bring on the 2007 games!

The Club: 3rd person Geo Wars on steroids

Next Gen recently took a long look at Bizarre Creations' The Club. Touched on briefly before, The Club is a 3rd person action shooter being published by SEGA. We imagine many fanboys are already thinking that the Xbox 360 has enough 3rd person shooters as is, but The Club looks to offer something different. Yeah, we've heard that before, but Bizarre looks like they're set to deliver.

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BBR and The Club updates from Bizarre

Aside from mind blowing videos of EA producers with too much time (or skills) on the hands, Bizarre had a nice studio update this week. On The Club side of things, they revealed that several levels are now reaching the standard they set forth graphically to meet, as well as rapidly approaching having all the content present in the game, in one form or another. They also teased about having something special to show us regarding The Club in the near future.

Back with Boom Boom Rocket, Ben gave us word that the game has hit Partnernet this week, and is close to launching, though they haven't decided on a date yet. He also showed off the Bonus Run's graphical style with a slew of screenshots, complete with Geometry War style shockwaves, rising water levels and reflecting windows on skyscrapers. Check out the other screenshots by clicking the "Read" link.

More screenshots of The Club

Xboxygen posted up some more pictures of The Club, Bizarre Creations' upcoming action-shooter. Our first shot of the game looked very pretty and the four new ones are no different. The character models look realistic, and very promising considering where the game is in terms of development. Lighting from muzzle flash and other sources also look like they're coming along nicely. Click the "Read" link to give them the once over. What do you think? Can Bizarre Creations make a quality shooter this side of Fur Fighters?

First screen of the Club

German site Xbox Front got their hands on the first screenshot of Bizarre's upcoming action-shooter, The Club. The cool thing about this is it will retain a "Kudos"-ish system wherein you get points and multipliers for kills done in quick succession. For those of you nay-sayers that Bizarre is incapable of pulling off a shooting game, look no further than their Dreamcast release of Fur Fighters. While that cutesy third person shooter had a couple bugs here and there, it was a fluffing good time. Do you think Bizarre can pull it off? The full resolution screenshot is also available to what the engine can do.

[Via Xboxic]

The Club mini-update

This week's Studio Update from Bizarre Creations touches on their upcoming third person action title, The Club. Unfortunately, their update is more about the tech behind the game, but teases that next week will touch on gameplay and all that fun stuff. It gives good insight on how their teams works together and what a studio tour is like from their perspective. Their bits on particle and water effects are rather interesting, and it even has a really cool wireframe screenshot of a explosion of cubes with fire and smoke effects. They also go into the character creation process from concept to modeling. A good read, and it leaves us wanting more, which we'll get next week, thankfully. Are you a Bizarre fan, and been looking forward to another action game from them since Fur Fighters?

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