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Tetris makes a Splash on XBLA

It's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday folks, and that could mean only one thing: a brand new Xbox Live Arcade game. This week's title is Tetris Splash, one of a seemingly infinite series of games trying to improve on Tetris. Thankfully, Splash doesn't attempt to change the classic formula, but merely presents the action in an aquatic theme. The game also has cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to six players. So, if underwater, online enabled Tetris sounds like your cup of tea, go give it a try. If you like what you see, the whole kit and kaboodle can be yours for 800 MS Points.

Tetris Splash splashes onto the XBLA this Wed.

Old-school Tetris fans will have a splashy-wet good time this Wednesday, because the Gamerscore Blog crew announced that Tetris Splash will be diving into the Xbox Live Arcade this week. For the uninformed, Tetris Splash is a six-player Xbox Live enabled version of Tetris that is all about going back to the basics and is simply solid, clean and untainted Tetris fun. And don't be worried about the "Splash" in Tetris Splash, because it is nothing more than decoration as the game is focused towards an aquatic theme with marine life and watery wetness all around. So, nothing crazy that'll change up what Tetris is all about. With three different game modes, solo or multiplayer play local or over Xbox Live and even an aquatic screensaver mode Tetris Splash sounds like a solid purchase for Tetris enthusiasts at 800 Microsoft points.

Leaky ratings board confirms Tetris Splash

Another game has lost its big announcement thunder as the USK (the German video game ratings board) posted confirmation that an XBLA game called Tetris Splash exists. What is Tetris Splash and why is it so splashy? We aren't sure, but we know that the game is coming to the XBLA and should be a relatively simple form of Tetris. Cheap Tetris rocks. And while we're at it, we should totally keep track of how many times the ESRB and USK have tipped us off to Arcade games before they officially get announced. The total has to be in the hundreds ... or at least it feels that way.

[Thanks Game Stooge, Via Xbox-Archiv]

Tetris Evolution gets skinned

Today, new Tetris Evolution content went up on the Marketplace with new backgrounds and skins for you to enjoy. Four new background sets are available for 100 Microsoft points each including a soothing waterfall and some explosive fireworks. Also released were four new Tetris skins each costing 80 Microsoft points and include bugs, flowers and some sort of blue Tahiti skin which sounds like an alcoholic drink. If Tetris Evolution is becoming a dull eye sore maybe a visual update will do the job to get you back in the game. But it'll cost you.

Tetris Evolution video review featuring a giraffe

Gamertag Radio's Godfree put together a video review of the newly released 360 title Tetris Evolution. Their review (embedded above) features achievement talk and gameplay footage showcasing a four player showdown, beautiful clouds, and one hungry giraffe. Black tongues rock! From what we see, Tetris Evolution looks to be simple, colorful, customizable, and takes advantage of full Xbox Live integration. Is it worth $30? That's for you to decide, but this is definitely one of the prettiest Tetris games to date.

Tetris Evolution dev drops Tetris XBLA hint

During an interview with Gaming Target, the developers of the upcoming Tetris Evolution outlined some of the game's key features that differentiate it from other Tetris titles. Included in the game are two new modes, "Eraser" and "Go Low." "Eraser" is fairly simple, just erase a few predetermined lines. See, easy. "Go Low" asks players to make the highest block drop as far as possible when clearing away lines. Of course, most gamers know that the extra modes don't matter too much in Tetris, so long as the game plays properly.

The game promises high definition still and video backgrounds, customizable skins and player icons for your board, and 4 player Live multiplayer. 40 achievements are lined up for the game, with most of them awarded for achieving high scores in various modes. Hardcore players will be glad to hear that multiplayer matches do not allow "infinite spin," where players can constantly spin a piece, forcing it to stay in play. Single player games, however, allow you to toggle between infinite, extended, and classic spin settings. Another happy note, the game has been priced at $29.99.

Finally, when questioned about the reasoning behind making Tetris Evolution a retail title instead of an XBLA title, a developer responded, "I can't really speak for the Xbox Live Arcade version. We've known for some time it was being developed, but we don't really have any visibility as to its feature set." So there you have it, a Tetris developer says an XBLA Tetris is in the works. The developers do elaborate, however, that the amount of features in Tetris Evolution -- in particular the full motion backgrounds -- would exceed the XBLA size limit.

Would you bother with a retail Tetris if you knew a version was coming to Xbox Live Arcade?

[Thanks, John]

Update: Gave credit to our tipster.

Tetris Evolution is very Tetris-like

Godfree from Gamertag Radio just sent us ten new screenshots of recently announced title Tetris Evolution. And everyone will be glad to know that the game looks just like Tetris with high definition background graphics. It kind of reminds us of Lumines Live with the various themes to each level, but without the moving backgrounds (or so we think they don't move). With up to four players duking it out at once here's hoping that Tetris Evolution turns out to be a prettier version of the game we love and doesn't cost the full retail price of a Xbox 360 game. Because as we see it now, charging $60 for the game would be outrageous.

Tetris Evolution coming to Xbox 360

THQ has confirmed that it will be releasing Tetris Evolution on Xbox 360. In the announcement THQ also said that the title will be released next month, and will be built upon their previous title, Tetris Worlds. This is in fact the second Tetris game to be released on the Xbox 360, the first being Tetris: The Grandmaster Ace which was an Xbox 360 launch title in Japan. Tetris: The Grandmaster Ace was accused of not having enough substance to justify being a full retail game, when it should have been an Arcade title. We'll have to see if Tetris Evolution falls into the same trap in March. What do you think, can there be reason to pay fifty bucks for a Tetris game?

[Via GameStooge]

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