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X3F TV -- XBLA in Brief: Golf: Tee It Up! and Schizoid

This is a very special XBLA in Brief ladies and gentlemen. Why? Because this week we take a look at Schizoid, which has a very special achievement in it. The Sploderific achievement, you see, is named after a word coined by our own Dustin Burg! Does that make us biased towards the game? Maybe, but it doesn't hurt that it's actually pretty good. Oh, we also take a look at Golf: Tee It Up!, which is a pretty decent game as well. Watch the latest episode and learn how you too can earn the badge of honor that is the Sploderific achievement.

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XBLA expands with Schizoid and Golf: Tee It Up!

The Xbox Live Arcade just got two games bigger this morning with the addition of "the most co-op game ever" Schizoid and "the most golfy golf game ever" Golf: Tee It Up! And wouldn't you know that both games are available right this very instant for purchase off the XBLA for a middle-range 800 Microsoft points apiece. How perfect! Also, we don't think we have to remind you that, if you purchase Schizoid and go on the prowl for achievements, you'll inevitably unlock the Sploderific achievement. An achievement whose name was birthed from these sacred X3F blogging grounds. Have fun golfing, have fun being cooperative and (in general) have oodles of fun this XBLA Wednesday.

Gallery: Schizoid (XBLA)

Gallery: Golf: Tee It Up! (XBLA)

Video: Schizoid, the most co-op game ever!

With the announcement that Schizoid will be releasing to the XBLA this Wednesday, Torpex just released a set of three new Schizoid gameplay trailers to give future Schizoid enthusiasts a feel for what co-op fun awaits. And with a slogan proclaiming it's the "most co-op game ever", you can expect to rely heavily on your partner's skills or lack there of. You can watch the other two videos after the break including one featuring Razorwire gameplay. Trust, Razorwire is teh hawtness. Some would even go as far as to say it's sploderific.

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Another XBLA twofer: Schizoid and Golf: Tee It Up!

Hey fanboys, we have some sploderific news to share! This week Microsoft is treating us to an Xbox Live Arcade twofer as Golf: Tee It Up! and the long awaited, highly anticipated and co-op friendly Schizoid make their release to the Arcade this Wednesday, July 9th. Huzzah!

For 800 Microsoft points, you can grab Torpex Games' Schizoid, a cooperative, explosive, color coded adventure featuring 120 levels of craziness, online co-op and an Uberschizoid mode where one player takes command of both ships. Yikes! We don't have to tell you that we're a tad bit excited to play Schizoid, so you can all but guarantee we'll be giving it a test drive this Wednesday and earning the coveted Sploderific achievement. Also releasing for 800 point this week is the cartoonified golfing game Golf: Tee It Up! where eighteen holes of online golfing competition with up to four players awaits. Unfashionable golf shorts not included. Check the screenshots below and drool over the Schizoid greatness.

Gallery: Schizoid (XBLA)

Gallery: Golf: Tee It Up! (XBLA)

Torpex confirms Schizoid will release this July

Hot on the heels of a fresh batch of screenshots being released, we just got absolute confirmed word straight Torpex Games that the highly anticipated co-op Xbox Live Arcade shooter Schizoid will be releasing to the XBLA sometime this July. W00t! W00t! W00t! That means that Schizoid now has a thirty-one day release window for when we can experience co-operative madness. We can't contain ourselves, so we're saying it again ... W00t! W00t! W00t! Thanks for the confirmation Torpex, we know commitment is hard for you.

Oh, and sploderific! (thanks for reminding us Azshros)

New Schizoid screens and still no release date

Coming from our French pals over at are six new Schizoid screenshots that'll make your inner co-op gaming enthusiast sploderific with happiness! And yes, it is an X3F requirement to bring up the sploderific story every time we post Schizoid news. That's just the way it is. You can view all six gorgeous new screenshots in the gallery below (is it just us, or has the game's graphics and overall look been greatly improved?) and begin placing your Vegas bets for when we'll see Schizoid release to the XBLA. Because, as you already know, we still have no official release date ... bad Torpex Games ... bad, bad, bad.

Gallery: Schizoid (XBLA)

Schizoid's achievements are sploderific!

Waiting patiently for Torpex Games to announce a release date for upcoming XBLA game Schizoid has been no easy task. The game's release date is fast becoming the joke among the inner XBLA circle as we still have no clue when it'll release even though it was promised for 2007. But good news! Thanks to Achieve360Points, we have a complete list and artwork of Schizoid's achievements including the X3F named Sploderific achievement which we exclusively revealed the artwork for this past March. And, we must say, we're loving what Torpex did with the achievement art. It's visually delicious! But ... uhh, now that we have the achievements and all, uhh ... can we have Schizoid?

[Thanks, iHomer]

Exclusive: Schizoid's Sploderific artwork unveiled

As the story goes, one day while writing up some impressions of upcoming XBLA game Schizoid, I ended up coining the term "sploderific" to describe the game's crazy amazing explosions. Don't ask me why, but I figured "sploderific" best represented my feelings towards those wormy explosions. Long story short, Schizoid's developers Torpex Games came across my blog, agreed it was the perfect adjective and they ended up naming one of Schizoid's achievements after my made up word. Crazy, huh?

After we were informed about the use of sploderific as an achievement, we were promised an exclusive first look at the achievement's artwork since, you know, we helped name it. And today, making good on their word and with their approval, Torpex sent us the finalized and 100% Dustin authorized Sploderific achievement artwork that will appear in final the build of Schizoid when the achievement is unlocked. What are you waiting for? Click towards the break to take in the greatness that is Sploderific's super cool artwork ...

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GDC08: Penny Arcade, Braid, Schizoid and GGBS screenshot blowout

As part of the whirlwind GDC announcement fest that went on yesterday, we sort of lacked the time and energy to organize all the screenshots we obtained from Microsoft's Summer release Arcade press kits. But we've had our beauty sleep, drank our morning cup of coffee and diligently put together new XBLA galleries and added screenshots to old ones. So, if you take a looksy after the break, you'll see new screenshots galore for XBLA games including Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Braid, Schizoid and Go! Go! Break Steady. Enjoy the media as we take a quick break to refill our coffee.

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Schizoid "Sploderific" achievement named by X3F

It all began in late 2007 when our own Dustin Burg was so awed by the explosions in Torpex Games' Schizoid that he was forced to invent a new word to describe them. Upon seeing the positively terrific explosions, Dustin combined the terms "explode" and "terrific" to create the perfect word to describe the harmonious combination of explosions and joy. That word is "sploderific." Not long after, we were contacted by Torpex's Bill Dugan, asking us if the company could use our word for an achievement in Schizoid. After a brief and fruitless attempt to work out a royalty system in which Dustin would receive a check every time the achievement was unlocked, we agreed to allow the word's use free of charge.

We caught up with Bill Dugan at GDC today, and we can confirm that "Sploderific" will definitely be appearing in Schizoid. Thus, step one in X3F's plan for world domination is complete. Good work, Dustin. You've made us proud! Stay tuned for our full interview with Bill Dugan coming soon.

Schizoid isn't dead, we have pics to prove it

Sitting here today, we found ourselves contemplating the existence of the forever delayed and "upcoming" Xbox Live Arcade Schizoid from the crew over at Torpex Games. For whatever reason, we wondered if Schizoid would ever make a release, if 2008 will roll into 2009 without Schizoid just as 2007 went into 2008 Schizoid'less. Then, we came across some recent screenshots that proves Schizoid is alive and well. Alive and well, just not released. So, we threw the new screenshots in their own gallery (after realizing we didn't create one previous, oops) and hope that Torpex will take note. Take note that we care about their co-op XBLA experiment and take note that we're an impatient group who wants a product. Anyway, Schizoid isn't dead ... just so you know.

Gallery: Schizoid (XBLA)

Video: Schizoid splodes really good

There's a new Schizoid trailer out today (and a gameplay video posted after the break) that shows off more co-op fun, sexy lasso gameplay and an ever improving HUD. But the new trailer also shows how the game's visuals are progressing along, more specifically, the explosions. Seriously, Schizoid's explosions are so enjoyable that we felt the need to make up a word and call them "sploderific". They're all worm-like, big and well ... sploderific. Actually, that sounds really good. We'll shoot an email off to Torpex Games and tell them to use our word as the game's marketing tagline. Something like ... Schizoid: Dude, It's Sploder'ific!

Continue reading Video: Schizoid splodes really good

New Schizoid video is Pac-Man-esque

A new video of the upcoming Schizoid from Torpex Games has surfaced on GameTrailers. The video showcases the game's unique teamwork dynamic, in which players must attack enemies of the same color in order to clear a level. The twist is that running into an enemy of a different color results in death. Hence the teamwork, you see. It's a very interesting idea and looks like it will require some quick thinking. In the video, we see a new enemy that drops dots behind it as it moves, which player can gobble up Pac-Man style. The dots, as it turns out, are the opposite color of the enemy. You see how this could get confusing really quickly? Confusing in a good way though.

Video: Schizoid is color coded teamwork

Yesterday, Microsoft released a short video showing off a little bit of Schizoid gameplay and, from the looks of things, we can sum it up by calling it color coded teamwork. From day one, Schizoid promised true teamwork where players have to rely on a friend to survive and advance through the game. The clip is short, but we get to see how the game actually works and why it's so "teamworky". In a nutshell, Schizoid is based on red and blue crabs that need killing, but there is no shooting in the game. Instead, you kill these evil crabs by running into them with the blue player ramming blue crabs while the red player rams the red crabs. But the catch is that the blue player can't touch the red crabs or they die and vice versa making the co-op element oh so apparent. If you don't understand our explanation then give the embedded video a watch. If you still don't understand how Schizoid works then go ask 20Q how to play. He knows everything.

[Via Joystiq]

Schizoid has the bestest co-op evers!

Our good friends at The Xbox Domain got a chance to chat with Bill Dugan, president of Torpex Games, creators of Schizoid. Readers may recall that Schizoid will be the first Xbox Live Arcade title built with Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express. Dugan doesn't reveal much about the actual gameplay, though he does boldly claim that Schizoid "is the best co-op multiplayer game on the platform. Or probably anywhere." Could we have another Molyneux in the making? Other subjects covered in the interview include the use of Game Studio Express and Microsoft's initial reception of Schizoid. According to Dugan, two Microsoft reps played co-op for 20 seconds before one claimed, "I've seen enough – I want it."

Will Schizoid really be the best co-op evar? We don't know, but Dugan promises that more info will be made available in the coming weeks. Hit the "read" link for the whole interview.

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