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X3F Achievements 101: Bots, Bosses and Babalities

X3F Achievements 101 is back, and on its regularly scheduled time slot of Sundays. Initial response to our first edition was rather positive, so we're glad you like the concept and hope you enjoy reading, and even participating in the column. Emails with Achievement tips also came in at a good pace, and I look forward to playing and trading with you. One particular email stood out, which came from Casey over at, and the steps he took to get Achievements in one of the most time consuming Arcade games, Bejeweled 2.

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Saints Row 2 will be alive in 2008

During THQ's earnings report, the big whigs on hand announced that they'll be releasing a Saints Row sequel sometime next year. They went on to say that they've canceled plans for porting the original Saints Row to the PS3 and will be using all that team's resources for Saints Row 2. So, Saints Row will remain an Xbox 360 exclusive for the foreseeable future, if not forever.

We also can't help but draw a connection between the cancellation of the PS3 port and the release of Grand Theft Auto IV later this year. The competition would not be good for a ported PS3 version of Saints Row, so they probably figured why waste the cash. Speaking of GTA IV, is anyone interested enough in the Saints Row franchise to buy it on top of GTA IV (or ignore a GTA purchase all together) or were all those Saints Row sales filling a GTA void at the time?

[Thanks, xBlaCkPlaGuEx]

Saints Row and Lego Star Wars II are platinum

Both Saints Row and Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy are officially turning into Xbox 360 Platinum Hits. As part of's May newsletter, Microsoft announced both titles were going to be retailing for the standard $29.99 Platinum Hits price. We know Saints Row will appeal to some gangster fans, but we can nearly guarantee that most fanboys will find Lego Star Wars II worth the $30 price tag. Congratulations Saints Row and Lego Star Wars II, you're part of the somewhat special Platinum Hits club and now it's time to cash out on that retirement fund.

Live top ten: Agency Ascension

Last week, we had 4 demos on the Xbox Live Activity top ten. This week, we only have one on the list. Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas continue to hold their respective top two spots. Crackdown comes in strong taking third place, pushing Call of Duty 3 down a notch. The Crackdown demo holds its middle of the pack position, even after its retail counterpart has been released. Madden and Lost Planet continue to follow behind, while Oblivion moves up a spot. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 comes in ninth and Saints Row makes a return to the list at tenth. We've got a list ready for you after the break with the title's standings last week in brackets for those statistic hungry types.

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THQ cooking up sequels

THQ CFO Ed Zinser talked about the future of their intellectual properties and announced sequels for new gen consoles. Saints Row, Destroy All Humans!, Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, Stuntman and MX all saw enough success to warrant continuing their respective series. Ed also informed us that they would be released on an every-other-year type schedule. On top of all the aforementioned franchises, Zinser also stated that THQ has fresh intellectual properties that they plan on introducing this generation. Are you looking forward to seeing any of these sequels come to your 360?


Saints Row goes off-Broadway

Sure, Saints Row is full of thugged out gangsta' pimps, but it's full of something else, too: bugs. Cabel, a man known for his DS review videos, has put together something very special to commemorate these bugs. Along with a friend, he's put together a musical, Buggy Saints Row. Well, it's really more like three vignettes, but it's still funny. With songs like "Where's my F*cking Car," you really can't miss. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the softer side of Saints Row.

Follow the "read" link for Cabel's thoughts and a higher quality video.

[Via Joystiq]

Santa's Row: reindeer up, ho ho hos down

Just to put everyone in the holiday spirit, Volition has rolled out some new content for Saints Row. Download the "Ho Ho Ho Pack" from Marketplace for access to a brand new Santa suit. We suggest you reenact the movie Bad Santa to your heart's content. Have your character drink himself silly, mistreat a few prostitutes, and go on a shooting spree. Is there any better way to spread holiday cheer? We submit that there is not. Merry Christmas, everyone!*

[Thanks, Jay sheffield. Image via]

*Except Live Silver members, who will be able to download the content after December 25th.

Saints Row Updated

People have been complaining about Saints Row multiplayer for a long time. Good news, it may be time to fire up Saints Row again, as Volition has finally released a patch. The patch fixes and updates a number of both single player and multiplayer issues. It does enough things that we won't bother to list them all here. Besides, we're pretty sure that most of you just want to know if the lag has been fixed. Supposedly, the patch will help out in the lag department, though we are unable to confirm this. Anybody out there gotten the patch yet? Are things running more smoothly? Leave some comments and let fellow thugz know what's up.

[Thanks, MeatPlowz]

What are you playing: Rosh Hashanah Edition

It's Friday, that oh so special day when we ask our readers what they're playing. So, what are you playing, readers? If you haven't guessed from the picture, yes, I'm still playing Dead Rising. I've made a lot of progress though. That might change, as my online rental of Enchanted Arms has finally shipped. How 'bout the rest of you? Have you all grown sick of Dead Rising? Bustin' things up in Saints Row? Let us know.

Coincidentally, today is also the beginning of Rosh Hashanah so, happy Jewish New Year to all of our Jewish readers.

360 rocking in the UK

This week's sales numbers are in for the UK, and the 360 is still topping the charts. The 360 currently has games in four of the top five spots. In order, they are: Lego Star Wars II (#1), Dead Rising (#2), Saints Row (#3), and Test Drive Unlimited (#5). Granted, LSWII is a multiplatform title, but you can bet Microsoft is nothing but pleased with these numbers. Any of our UK readers rocking one of these great 360 games?

UK prefers zombies to gangstas

It seems that zombies -- not math or music -- are in fact the universal language. Transcending all cultural barriers, Dead Rising, in its first week of release in the UK, has topped the Euro charts, knocking Saints Row off of the coveted top spot. And Britain loves gangstas, too -- though we must admit that the pimped out thugs of Saints Row aren't the suave Layer Cake gangstas that the UK is used to. Still, tiny text and red lights be damned, Dead Rising cannot be ignored. Any UK readers care to comment on their experience with the game thus far?

Heads up: Saints Row luke-warm coffee

This proudly immature Saints Row footage should be enough to get Monica Lewinsky excited, if not Hillary Clinton. Warning: Not safe for work, clueless government regulators, or uptight post nannies.

[Blame Drew]

Saints Row multiplayer troubles?

Ran across this comment on Major Nelson's blog:

Major, please say something about the broken multiplayer experience in Saint's Row. Nothing is working properly. The invites, gangs, and party lobbies are all not working. THQ says the game uses no servers for the lobby functionality, so that just leaves the XBOX Live servers to blame.

Anybody else having trouble? So far there aren't any complaints on various Saints Row fansites apart from the usual bitching about lag.

Grab the Just Cause demo on August 24th

These days, it seems like announcing a demo is almost as important as announcing the launch date of a game. Not one to be late to the party, Avalanche Studios has come through with a date for the demo of Just Cause. In case the headline didn't tip you off, the demo should hit Marketplace (and PC) on August 24th. Starring a skydiving, carjacking, black wearing operative, Just Cause looks to give 360 owners their first non-urban sandbox game.

Anybody expecting this to top Saints Row?

[Via OXM]

Saints Row soundtrack lays the beat down

I heard you got the fever for the flavor ... of THQ's licensed music. Here's the full list of the songs you'll do drive-bys to Saints Row, including such classics as Wagner's Twilight of the Gods and Seventeen by Winger. There's alot of obscure stuff here -- maybe too obscure -- and it lacks a cohesive theme like Vice City and San Andreas. However, I can tell you that the Black Sheep track that opens up the demo brought back some cherished white suburban wannabe rapper memories.

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