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A sad and scarce Sunday deals roundup

ZOMG! There's deals to be dealt with, money to be saved, so why waste precious time, let's just get to it!

This week, over at Best Buy, they're offering RSV2 for $40, UT3, Quake Wars, Deadliest Catch (w00t!) and CoD4 GOTY for $50. And that's about it. Sadly, Circuit City doesn't have a darn thing to offer Xbox 360 fanboys either which is, uhh ... sad? Now that we look at it, Target stores don't even have any 360 deals, not a single copy of a game on sale. Another major bummer. You know, this has to be one of the worst Sunday deal roundups, like, EVAR! Who would have thought that getting RSV2 for $40 would be a deal highlight? Stupid retail conglomerates, don't you know that all we want is money savings on 360 games and don't care that you have popcorn makers on sale?

Fresh and free RSV2 and GHIII DLC downloads

It's a free Xbox Live Marketplace download day, as we get not one but TWO free chuncks of downloadable content goodness. One being free Rainbow Six Vegas 2 DLC, the other being free Guitar Hero III DLC. All free, free, free!

The RSV2 "Gift Pack DLC" (no longer called the "Fan Pack") includes a set of three re-releases of the multiplayer maps Calypso Casino, Murdertown and CQB Training but now re-lit for a "darker" gaming experience. Today's free GHIII DLC is the July Fourth inspired "Top Gun Anthem" track of which we don't believe Tom Cruise will make an appearance in or would even support. Meh. Go grab your free XBLM downloads, kids, because ... you know ... they're free!

Source - Free RSV2 'Gift Pack' DLC
Source - Free GHIII 'Top Gun' DLC

Ubi gives fans Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Fan Pack DLC

To award loyal Rainbow Six Vegas fanboys and to give the game's online multiplayer a nice little tuneup, Ubisoft recently announced they'll be releasing a FREE set of RSV2 'Fan Pack' downloadable content this July.

The Fan Pack will feature the three new maps Calypso Casino, Murdertown and CQB Training and add new XP ranks beyond Elite as well as additional A.C.E.S. Along with the Fan Pack, Ubi will release an update for the title that'll make RSV2 even more enjoyable including the addition of a grenade indicator, a new High Stakes setting, a few balancing tweaks and various gameplay updates. There's also a rumor floating around that with the Fan Pack DLC download gamers will receive a free buy one buffet get one free printable coupon. That rumor has yet to be confirmed. Make the jump to read the complete list of RSV2 changes that'll go live next month.

Deals: Cheap MS points and get Mass Effect free

This week we're all business, because we have an overly long list of retail deals to ramble off. So, we'll forgo the fluffy intro and just get to it.

Starting with Best Buy, all this week they're giving away a copy of Call of Duty 3 with the purchase of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and a free $10 gift card with purchase of The Incredible Hulk. Best Buy also discounted a few accessories, offering the Messenger Kit for $20, Wireless Headset for $50 and Vision Camera for $30. Heading over to Circuit City, you can snag a free $10 gift card with the purchase of either NASCAR 09 or Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, get the Rock Band bundle for $155 and BioShock or Mass Effect for $32. They're also offering Burnout Paradise for $40, Frontlines: FoW or MX vs. ATV for $48, Need for Speed Carbon for $24 and our favorite CC deal of the week, 1600 Microsoft points for $15. Next up is Target, where they're giving away a FREE copy of Mass Effect with the purchase two of the listed Xbox 360 titles including Ninja Gaiden II ($60), RSV2 ($40), Scene It? ($50), Gears of War ($40), NASCAR 09 ($60) or Assassin's Creed ($40). And finally, because we love our Canadian readers so much, we hopped on over to Best Buy Canada and discovered they're offering two free games with any Xbox 360 console purchase (selection based on one of four game bundles) and a 12 Month Xbox Live subscription card for $50. Now run along and have a spectacular time shopping.

Amazon offers day long Xbox 360 lightning deals [update]

Update: According to NeoGAF, the Lightning Deals were leaked, but prices will only be known when the offers go life. Lightning Deals will be: 10AM Scene It?, 2PM Monster Jam and 6PM Frontlines: FoW.

Heads up fellow Xbox 360 shoppers. Today, is holding Gold Box and Lightning Round deals that are all Xbox 360 game related. That means that today at 6AM, 10AM, 2PM and 6PM pacific they'll be announcing new (and limited) 360 gaming deals. Currently, they have Call of Duty 4: GOTY Edition for $40 as part of their day long Gold Box and are selling Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Limited Edition for $30 as their 6AM Lightning Round offer. Again, these deals are limited and will spring up throughout the day, so keep this page bookmarked and watch for a few good 360 deals.

Also, please try to exercise some self restraint and not spend all of this month's paycheck on video games. Be sure to at least save enough to pay for the electric bill, because as you're well aware, you can't game without electricity.

[Thanks, Doug Bennett]

Ubisoft fixes RSV2 achievement issues

Good news Rainbow Six Vegas 2 gamers who've been bothered by the handful of bugs (including the achievement unlock problem) that have been making your RSV2 experience less than superb. Ubisoft sends word that they just released a RSV2 title update via Xbox Live that aims at fixing a bunch of the gameplay issues. So many fixes, we had to post the list after the break to prevent eye strain. Highlights include the fixing of the rank reset glitch, numerous achievement fixes and an improved observer mode. High five to Ubisoft for actually caring enough to get a patch out the door, even though these problems should have been caught during QA testing. Tisk, tisk.

[Via xenocidic]

Continue reading Ubisoft fixes RSV2 achievement issues

RSV2's worldwide sales climb to 2 million

Today, Ubisoft wanted to make it known that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a success, selling 2 million copies worldwide since its release a few weeks back. And Ubisoft also wanted to make it known that those 2 million sales were a big surprise, even to them. So, with RSV2's success and Assassin's Creed doing better than expected, the number crunching Ubi crew decided to increase their fiscal guidance for 2008. And that's a good thing. We love seeing everyone over at Ubi doing their happy-happy dance which they do exceptionally well when $1.5 billion in sales rains down from the gaming heavens.

High Stakes Rainbow Six Vegas 2 weekend

Going down this weekend on Xbox Live is a Rainbow Six Vegas 2 High Stakes Weekend featuring a sweepstakes, Play & Win prizes, a PEC contest and some super entertaining Game with Developers funnery. And if the embedded "training video" that you see above hints at anything to come, then we're in for some interesting yet enjoyable good times. The weekend-o-RSV2 fun kicks of tomorrow, March 28th and runs through Sunday, March 30th, so we advise preparing by entering the RSV2 sweepstakes and getting your Play & Win registration completed. Oh, you may also want to play some RSV2 before Saturday, because that's when the Game with Developers kicks off. Good luck and be sure to show those Ubisoft Montreal "gamers" how it's done. Huzzah!

Get free gun and map in Rainbow Six Vegas 2

With the recent release of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, many gamers are discovering the wonders of the game's multiplayer. Far fewer gamers were able to score the Best Buy Gun Code that was on the sticker of the game's box at Best Buy stores. The sticker has a code on it (a button code, not a marketplace one) that unlocks a free gun in the game. The instructions for that code are as follows: Enter the follow button commands at the Main Menu of Rainbow Six Vegas 2: (Hold RB) Down, Down, Up, Up, X, B, X, B, Y, Up, Up, Y.

The second RSV2 freebie we got wind of was a map brought to us by Comcast. This is again unlockable from within the game and visiting the marketplace is not required. To access the Comcast Bonus Maps, select Extras from the game's main menu. then select "Comcast Gift" and enter the code "Comcast Faster" when prompted to do so, and you should have access a map called "Comcast Event"

[Via Joystiq & HushedCasket]

RSV2's Private First Class achievement problem

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 players who played the original Rainbow Six Vegas have run into an achievement unlocking wall of annoyance. Simply put, the Private First Class achievement is broken.

You see, many gamers who fire up RSV2 and have previously played RSV are experiencing a problem where they cannot unlock the Private First Class achievement. The reason being that their initial rank is bumped up higher than private first class, because of RSV2 using RSV game saves to set the player's rank. So, upon entering multiplayer, the players' rank is greater than private first class and the achievement refuses to unlock. Teh lame! Some have found a way to work around this unlocking annoyance, but it's time consuming, a hassle and is, well ... also annoying. Ubisoft better release a title update quick and get RSV2 players their 10GS achievement. You do not want to mess with Vegas players Ubi ... you just don't.


Rainbow Six Vegas 2 deals galore!

Tomorrow, Mr. Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will be available at shipping to retailers in the United States and those same retailers are trying their darnedest to lure you into their stores with special offers. So, we thought to ourselves. Self, we should highlight some of this week's best RSV2 deals. So, here we go.

Kicking off our RSV2 deal searching fun, we have Best Buy who is offering the game for the standard $59 price tag, but is including a special unlock code for an assault rifle. Yeah, we agree ... a lukewarm deal at best. But we trudge along and see that Circuit City is offering RSV2 for $59 as well, but is throwing in a pair of red fuzzy dice and a gamer's energy kit. A kit that comes complete with beef jerky, an energy drink, some energy gum and a few other goodies. A little quirky, but we approve. Next up is Target who is also selling the game for $59, but is including a $10 gift card as well. And finally, if you have a Fry's electronics store nearby, you can grab RSV2 for the loss-leader price of $39. Analyze all the RSV2 offers, make your purchase this Tuesday week and fully embrace retailer competition.

[Thanks L1B3RATION and SeNiLe911]

Video: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 thermal scanning

We admit it. Our Rainbow Six Vegas 2 coverage has been lacking a bit, so when we came across a brand new Thermal Scanning video today we felt obligated to share. So, embedded above is the latest video, showcasing some hot RSV2 thermal scanning, shooting, covering, dodging and dancing (all minus the dancing). In all honesty though, team Ubisoft looks to have polished and built upon Rainbow Six Vegas adding a few new bells and whistles that makes Vegas 2 shine. But if a few additions and tweaks doesn't constitute a full fledged sequel in your mind, well then good sir, RSV2 may not be your bag. To us, it's a solid enough looking shooter and we may just have to jump in next Friday to pew, pew, pew some baddies.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 set for a March 21st release

This morning, Ubisoft went all-in and made the announcement that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is set to release on March 21st. Oh joy! We also learn, via that ever so famous GoW2 issue of GamePro, that RSV2 will feature a bunch of new and exciting additions including the ability to sprint, destructible cover, faster firing rate for all weapons, online co-op and an upgraded reward system that we learned about last month. RSV2 has the potential to be great, dare we say rival other similar war games in the FPS arena and is definitely something we're going to be watching for come March. It just seems solid.

Video: RSV2 to feature a re-worked reward system

Ubisoft just released a new Rainbow Six Vegas 2 development diary video today with lead designer Philippe Therien talking about the changes RSV2 will see, some of the environments and the new upgraded reward system. Which, we must admit, is pretty cool.

In general, Ubisoft completely overhauled RSV2's reward and upgrade system that rewards players for every action or objective completed in the game. The rewards are broken into three categories, Experience Points, Ranks and A.C.E.S. Experience Points are earned through killing enemies, reaching checkpoints and completing objectives and can be tracked on the new XP meter at the bottom of the HUD. Once the XP meter is full, the player will unlock a new Rank which in turn unlocks new clothing and visual enhancements for your soldier. The final reward is A.C.E.S. and are earned through Close Quarters, Assault and Marksmanship feats you complete which eventually unlock weapon upgrades. It may sound a bit confusing, but watch the video, listen to Mr. Therien and everything should make sense. And did we mention that ALL character upgrades will not only save to your multiplayer and campaign profiles, but can also be earned through multiplayer, single player campaign and single player co-op gaming? Suh-weet!

[Thanks, Darkstar211]

Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Multiplayer, co-op and slots

The lads over at IGN had a chance to sit down with Ubisoft Montreal to discuss all things Rainbow Six Vegas 2, unveiling specific details about the game's co-op and multiplayer.

First up, Ubisoft decided early on to gear campaign towards co-op, making sure to have the idea of co-op gameplay in mind as they developed each level. Speaking of which, your friend will be able to join in a campaign game at any time to help out and earn the same achievements as you (a la Gears of War). On the multiplayer front, Ubisoft is focusing on more intimate maps, smaller in scale for the most part, which will force players into close combat. That isn't to say that there won't be larger maps to play in, it's just that they're aiming for tight quarters gameplay. Finally, for the RSV alums, Ubi confirmed that you will NOT be able to import your soldier from the original in the RSV2, but they'll still be rewarding those players with upgrades, an XP boost and some unlockables instantly. You know, because RSV gamers are vets and should be rewarded ... or something like that. Read the full interview after the jump.

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