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Calling 1-800-Magic episode 4

The fourth installment of 1-800-Magic is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Strangely, the episode isn't available at Rooster Teeth yet, so, for the moment, you're stuck watching from your Xbox 360. In this episode we continue the story of Bitterman in his quest to understand his newfound magical abilities. Now that the series has been established in the first three episodes, the fourth gives it a little twist to keep things interesting. We won't spoil it for you, but suffice it to say it is both funny and intriguing. We're looking forward to future episodes. This is the last episode, so we hope you weren't too attached to the series.

Update: Looks like this is the last episode of the series, so there won't be any more. So sad.

The end is here: Red Vs. Blue #100

Well folks, today is the day: the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Rooster Teeth promises that there will be a few one-off Red Vs. Blue episodes, but for now, the series as we know it is no more. Episode 100 is available now in all its 15 minute glory. The episode hasn't been released in embeddable format, so you might as well head over to Rooster Teeth, watch the episode, and join the already lengthy discussion. Yes, it is the end of an era. We wish the crew at Rooster Teeth the best of luck in their new endeavors.

[Thanks, NitroFrost]

1-800-Magic #3 BAMFs onto XBLM

And the cycle of machinima continues. Even as Red Vs. Blue readies for the final curtain, another series is just beginning. The third episode of 1-800-Magic has now landed on Xbox Live Marketplace. Of course, you could always check it out on the intarwebz right now, but we find the HD widescreen view from the couch much more appealing. In case you've missed the series so far, here's a quick nonsensical recap: arguing trolls, talking trees named Frank, bacon, BAMF!, tech support, and magic. That pretty much sums it up.

Red Vs. Blue draws to a close today

This is it folks, the end is nigh for Red Vs. Blue, the series that brought machinima into the limelight. Later today, Rooster Teeth will be releasing the 100th and final episode of the long running series (it began in April of 2003). The final episode will be a 15 minute affair, the longest episode Rooster Teeth has ever made. Rooster Teeth notes that there will be occasional episodes of the series in the future (some of them no doubt commissioned by Microsoft), but the story itself will end today. Chris Kohler of Wired has written an article briefly chronicling the genesis and success of the series, giving us a "big picture" view of the series in anticipation of today's final episode. If, like us, your viewing of the series has been lax of late, you can check out the latest season at the RvB archive.

Of all the things we've lost, we think we'll miss Caboose the most.

[Via Joystiq]

1-800-Magic continues, argues with tree

The latest episode of 1-800-Magic, from the demented minds that brought you Red Vs. Blue, has hit the airwaves ... er ... internetwaves? The story continues to evolve as the characters learn to deal with magic (and tech support). Oh, and there is a rather protracted argument with a tree (whose name is Frank). And we can't forget the trolls continuing to look for the perfect attack phrase ("smoke 'em" is the new hotness this week). Rather than spoil anything else, why not have a look for yourself and tell us what you think? Be warned though, the video is NSFW on account of some salty language. Check it out after the break.

Continue reading 1-800-Magic continues, argues with tree

RvB episode 24 on Marketplace

Episode 24 - Sweet Ride of Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, is available glorious HD on Xbox Live Marketplace. It weighs in at 158 MB and costs you the standard 80 Microsoft Points. Just out of curiosity, how many of you are downloading the series off of Marketplace? We usually just pick up the DVD ourselves, but then again, this is available in HD, whereas we'd need to play our Season 2 DVD in an HD DVD drive through VGA to upscale to HD resolutions. So, we ask again, do you get your RvB fix off of Marketplace?

1-800-Magic Episode 1 calls XBLM

The first episode of the Shadowrun machinima by Rooster Teeth Productions that we showed you yesterday, 1-800-Magic, is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. As you may have saw, the production values are rather high, but that's to be expected from the RvB crew. The video weighs in at 227.59 MB, which shouldn't take too long, and getting a higher resolution version to appreciate the finer details of their work is never a bad thing. If the series was regularly added to Marketplace, and continue to be free, would you follow it on XBLM?

Rooster Teeth Shadowrun machinima, Fan Site kit surface

In celebration of the demo for Shadowrun hitting Xbox Live Marketplace today, a Fan Site kit is available at, which webmasters can submit at the forums for link love on the main site. On top of that, Roosterteeth Productions has launched a machinima based off the game, 1-800-Magic. We uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it above for your viewing pleasure, be warned though, the RvB guys are known for their colorful language, so it's recommended that you're of age if you plan on viewing it. It will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace "Soon"™. Overall, the production values look very high, with a hudless camera, and even lip synched (!) voiceovers. Then again, if you think that watching it is a waste of time, we have something especially for you.

Wacky Red Vs. Blue gamer pics stick XBLM

Red Vs. Blue may be drawing to a close, but these guys sure are keeping busy. A new pack of RvB gamer pics is now available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace. Dubbed the "Wacky 1 Picture Pack" the pictures have a certain ... well, wackiness to them. Our favorite though, has to be "Is it a spider?" The line is a classic. So classic in fact, that it was worked into the achievements for Gears of War. Should you desire these images of utter silliness, they will set you back 80 Microsoft points (a mere $1 in US currency).

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The Red Vs. Blue gang is ready for download

Going all Grindhouse with your controller

After posting about the new Red vs Blue content on the Marketplace, we checked out Rooster Teeth's website and stumbled upon their latest comic. We must preface the ensuing discussion by saying that we do not support cutting off your arms or legs for the sake of gaming. But, if you so choose, we will not hold it against you. Okay, carrying on. After giving the comic a look over we surprisingly enough came away with new found knowledge. We learned that going all Grindhouse on your extremities just for the sake of having controllers for hands may seem genius at first, but in reality it's a horrible idea. That is unless you want to be a human gamepad and have people line up to play with your hands. Then you'd be golden! She's an entertaining comic, so just go take a look at her already.

The Red vs Blue gang is ready for download

Rooster Teeth's little Halo machinima that could Red vs Blue is making its season one debut on the XBLM. Up for download are episodes one through five of Red vs Blue with each episode setting you back a very reasonable 80 Microsoft points. It seems like only yesterday when we downloaded our very first episode off the internet, listening to Caboose's childish banter, tolerating Sarge's brash remarks, and that oh so pink Donut acting so ... Donut-like. Ahh the memories we have had with you Red vs Blue and at only $1 US per episode, how can we not re-ignite the flame we once shared?

Red Vs. Blue: 100th episode will be the last

After four years of Halo-driven machinema fun, Red Vs. Blue is calling it quits. Burnie, of RvB's production company, Rooster Teeth, spilled the news in a recent forum post. Red Vs. Blue was originally launched on April 1st of 2002, and the series is fast approaching its 100th episode, which seemed like the perfect place to "call it a show."

Before all the RvB fans cry in agony, know that Rooster Teeth has announced only the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, and this doesn't signal the death of the series as a whole. Burnie assures us that questions about the series' future as well as other plans will be discussed in the in the "weeks and months to come". In the meantime, seven episodes remain in The Blood Gulch Chronicles, one of which was released yesterday, and plenty of loose ends need tying. If you haven't been keeping tabs on the series, now may be the perfect time to catch up.

Red vs. Blue vs. XBLM again

The second part of the "Out of Mind" miniseries from Red vs. Blue is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Response to the first episode was somewhat mixed. Will this one fare better? Give it a watch and tell us what you think.

Red Vs. Blue Vs. XBLM

There's a new piece of Red Vs. Blue content available on Marketplace. The video is entitled "Out of Mind Part One" and is available for free. Does this mean the beginning of regular RvB content? I hope so, but I still hate Grif oh so very, very much.

Has anyone already downloaded it?

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