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GRID demo goes platinum; game to follow?

When the demo of Codemaster's newest racer was released at the beginning of the month, it was mostly to praise and positive feedback. Now as the month ends and GRID is almost on store shelves, Atari has announced that the game's demo has now been downloaded over a million times. If other demos that "went platinum" are any kind of indication, GRID is set for success.

Codemaster's previous racer, DiRT, sold well initially, but never broke one million (at least in the US), so with a shift to an arcade style of racing and a customer base downloading the demo in large numbers, GRID could be the next online racer to see million-plus sales. Considering the recent debate surrounding the game, the community seems to be well aware of the game, so what of it readers? Will you be buying GRID come next Tuesday, or will Ninja Gaiden 2 be the major purchase of the week?

Colin McRae to kick up DIRT in June

Developer and Publisher Codemasters announced today that their new gen Rally racing game, Colin McRae: DIRT is on schedule for release towards the end of June. Filled to the brim with off-road, point-to-point, and Rally Cross events, with your standard set of 2WD, RWD, 4WD and Classic vehicles, you'll be well equipped to sling mud in the eyes of your opponents online. Complete with European, International and Global online championships, and a fancy new damage engine, this looks to be a promising summer for gearheads. Are you looking forward to powersliding through the mud to victory this June?

KontrolFreek boosts driving game performance

Earlier this month, IGN was sent a prototype controller adapter designed to improve sensitivity in driving games. Those who play racing games know that nothing beats a good wheel and pedal set up, but there are many who don't want to spend extra money on such a peripheral. Control pads, however, are far from optimal. Analogue controllers have ushered in the era of analogue steering, but making small adjustments with an analogue stick can be a pain. This typically results in oversteering and requires constant correction -- something that can really pull you out of the experience.

Enter the new adapter from KontrolFreek. The small adapter attaches directly to the left analogue stick easily. The adapter sports little wings on each side to give players extra leverage, making small adjustments easier. The adapter may look silly, but IGN claims that it actually does improve control. Head over to the KontrolFreek website for more info. You can also register to be notified when the product becomes available. So, would you stick some horns onto your controller if it gave you the edge?

NASCAR + Burger King + 360 = sweetness!

NASCAR fans who enjoy their Xbox 360 are in for a treat this weekend as Bill Elliott is going to racing the #00 Xbox 360 / Burger King racecar of death. This puppy is decked out in 360 signature green, sleek 360 curving rings and The King driving a bumper car. I may have to turn on the TV to watch cars go in circles for hours on end just to see this bad boy in action. Also, I'm compelled to ask; do you think this racecar makes more noise than an Xbox 360 running at full throttle?

[Via, MajorNelson]

Test Drive gets another...test drive

Test Drive: Unlimited lives up to it's name with a second demo now available on Marketplace. This one includes four new rides -- the Ferrari F430, the Ford Mustang GT, the AC Cobra, and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R motorcycle -- plus new challenges and improved graphics. All told you should have this game thoroughly tested by the September 5 release date.

[Thanks DapperDan]

Forza Motorsports 2 faceplate

This Forza Motorsports 2 faceplate popped up at EBGames, on sale September 12. Now we just need a game and a racing wheel to go with it.

[Thanks Crimson Angelus]

Mad Tracks Hands-on

Xboxic goes hands-on with the Xbox Live Arcade version of Mad Tracks and finds it speeding along nicely, though sadly without Live multiplayer.

New PGR3 content peels out on XBLM

Time to make room in the garage. Bizarre Creations just put the pedal to the metal with 12 new cars available on Marketpace as part of the PGR3 Style Pack. Here's the vehicle list:
  • MW M6 (2006)
  • BMW Z8 (2001)
  • BMW M3 CSL (2003)
  • BMW MINI COOPER S (2005)
  • Gumpert Apollo Coupe 4.2 V8 (2005)
  • 2005 Chrysler® Firepower Concept
  • Ferrari 365 GTB4 "Daytona" (1968)
  • Ferrari F430 Challenge (2006)
  • Mercedes CLK DTM AMG (C209)
  • Pagani Zonda F (2005)
  • RUF R.K. Spyder 3.8 (2006)
  • Vanwall GPR V12 (2006)
The new wheels will set you back 400 MS Points, or 60 points per car if you you go the a la carte route. The pack also includes Photo Mode Integration and three mini-games so it's probably worth parting with the full Abe Lincoln if you're PGR freak. Race fans weigh in with your value assessment. Do you appreciate the option to download individual cars?

[Thanks Sinz]

Vote on fan-submitted Test Drive designs

Tired of test driving the same old Ferrari's and Lamborghinis? Cruise over to and vote for your favorite fan fabrication in the Test Drive: Unlimited Design Contest before the final flag drops July 10. The winner gets their ride included in the game as a driveable car, plus $2500.

[Thanks X Budd]

NFS Carbon race modes revealed

EternalGaming scored some details on Need For Speed Carbon from the same source who leaked early deets on NFS Most Wanted:

Race modes include the now classic Drift, Sprint, Speedtrap, and Circuit modes as well as the brand new Canyon series of events that include the Canyon Duel, Canyon Race, and Canyon Drift. These Canyon series of events will have you hanging around tight turns that force you to dent the guard rail as you speed by at breakneck speeds.

They also report that the police will be several times stronger than in Most Wanted, and that you'll have the ability to customize your crew's rides.

[Thanks Aaron]

Need For Speed Carbon dated

Well, sort of. Due this fall from EA Black Box in Vancouver, the press release says Carbon, the next game in the prehistoric NFS series "will challenge players to face the ultimate test of driving skill on treacherous canyon roads." Why don't they call Need For Speed Canyon then? Here's the trailer.

[Thanks X Budd]

PGR3 Speed Pack & auto-update hit gas

The previously discussed PGR3 "Speed Pack"  update is now available  for speedy download on Xbox Live Marketplace at 32.67MB for 400 MS Points. If you don't want to purchase the speed pack for all 400 points, each car is available individually for 60 points with the exception of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage which is available as a free download. The Speed Pack includes the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Audi RS 4, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Lamborghini Gallardo SE, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII FQ-400, Nissan NISMO R34GT-R Z-Tune, Pontiac GTO, Radical SR8, RUF RT12, and the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo.

Even better, there's also an sweet auto-update with some major (Nelson) additions:

– Be one of 64 players to qualify with the best lap time using a car and route that’s predetermined. If successful, move on into the Elimination rounds to compete with 7 other drivers. The top 4 in each race move on until the final race where only the first place driver earns the victory.

Tournament Channel (Gotham TV)– Watch other players race in tournament Elimination rounds.

“Quit to Lobby” (Abandon option in PlayTime race) Host can now take all participants back to the lobby in a play time session, rather than booting them all back to the Play Time menu.

“Lock to Host Car” and “Lock to Host Car Class” (PlayTime | Xbox Live | Create Race | Race Mode | City | Route) are two new toggles that the lobby creator can turn on or off to limit what type of cars his/her competition can use in a play time race over Xbox Live.

Previously Played Routes List (PlayTime | Route Creator | Previous Live Routes) – Play other gamers routes that they created in the Route Creator over Xbox Live and store up to 10 in your “Previously Played Routes List”. You have the option to save or discard them and use them in your own sessions.

All Cars Position Toggle (More | Options | HUD | Position toggle) – In races modes with multiple cars where target is not displayed, this shows the current place every car in the race is in throughout the event.

Hide HUD Toggle (More | Options | HUD | HUD toggle) – This gives the player the option to turn off ALL in race HUD displays in all camera views.

Voice Communicator Identifier – In a multiplayer race the name of the gamertag will now flash in the upper left hand corner when speaking into a voice communicator, making it possible to identify the speaker.

Online Career rotating car class hoppers – All 8 hoppers in the Online Career (Breakneck Racing, Nurburgring F1 Challenge, Speedway Skirmish, Knockout World Tour, Nordschleife Drivers Club, Urban Rally, Gotham Duelling, and Dusk Til Dawn Racing) now change the required entry car class daily.

Wheel Support – Control set for steering wheels and dynamic updates have been added for the Hori, Mad Catz, and Joytech Nitro wheels (all via the More | Options | Controller | Wheel A configuration).

Online Qualifier Achievement – 50 gamerscore is now awarded for qualifying, then attempting the first elimination round of a tournament.

The HUD no longer remains invisible after looking back, hitting the Guide button, and then re-entering the game and it’s now possible to view if you have already purchased a car while shopping in the showroom via the “Cars Owned” tally under the Car Stats section.

Now how about support for a wheel with true force feedback?

Finally, an  important reminder for PGR pros and Gotham TV viewers: The PGR3 Global Tournament punches the pedal on Monday, April 17.

[Thanks to Sinz for pretty much writing this post]

Mad Tracks racing to XBLA

K1lla's Xbox Domain has an interview with Dennis Bourdain of Paris-based developer Load Inc. (made up of Ubisoft alums) concerning Mad Tracks, the first racing title for Xbox Live Arcade.

This Nintendo-style game has been available for PC in Europe since February. We should see Mad Track's multiple modes and online play on the 360 in June for around 1000 MS points.

[via Xboxic]

360 driving peripherals: feedback wanted

Hardcore fans of the 360's numerous racing titles are no doubt grinding their gears over the knowledge that the first driving game peripheral available for the new console, the Joytech Nitro Racing Wheel, does not support true force feedback (recalling one of the original Xbox's most annoying faults). Even more frustrating, Pelican's Xbox 360 Force Feedback Racing Wheel, which nominally does have the missing feature, exists only in the phantom product zone. Anyone else sensing a lack of drive in this area?

Leave your own forceful feedback and tell MS that we expect more from our coffee table steering wheels.

Atari suffering auto envy?

Atari had the misfortune of releasing a new batch of Test Drive Unlimited screenshots on the same day the first Project Gotham Racing 4 info hit the web. Unfortunately, there's only so much driving game buzz to go around the track these days. Do you think TDU will have the polish to knock PGR3 out of the pole position,  at least until PGR4 comes out complete with burnt rubber smell-o-vision?

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