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Summer promo brings The Dark Knight themed 360s

The marketing peeps over at Brandweek are reporting that this Summer's sure to be a hit blockbuster movie, The Dark Knight, will see a massive marketing campaign with companies signing on to do cross-promotional tie-ins including our own Xbox 360. Sometime this Summer, Microsoft will be holding a giveaway where they'll be handing out The Dark Knight themed Xbox 360s in both Batman and Joker flavors. Just think how twisted-crazy a Joker themed 360 would be. Details regarding the promotion are slim, but come July we'll be informed and on a Dark Knight 360 mission. We guess our limited edition Mass Effect Xbox 360 will have to tide us over for now.

[Thanks, L1B3RATION]

Family Fun Fest: Baseball and gaming collide

For gaming enthusiasts who enjoy a good minor league baseball game every now and then, we'd like to turn your attention to the Xbox 360 sponsored Family Fun Fest that is traveling the great U.S. of A. this Spring. The Principal Financial Group Family Fun Fest is an event that is currently touring the country, where minor league baseball attendees can partake in family fun. Family fun playing Xbox 360 games including Rock Band, GHIII, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Burnout Paradise and, of course, MLB 2K8. Again, the Family Fun Fest will be traveling to stadiums on the minor league baseball circuit through August, so be sure to check out the schedule to see if you'll be able to experience 360 gaming while attending a baseball event. We're also hearing rumors that the Xbox 360 crew is giving out free hotdogs and Cracker Jacks to all the top Rock Band performers ... but that's just a rumor.

Halo 3 marketing invades BK, 7-11, Pontiac and more

Starting in August we'll all be witness to one of the most amazing events a fanboy can see when the Halo 3 marketing machine starts its engines and goes full steam ahead. We've already seen a few Halo 3 promotions from Halo 3 branded Zunes to Halo 3 branded Xbox 360s, but soon we'll be seeing Master Chief in a more mainstream light.

Over at Xbox Family are details that they've discovered telling of a few of Microsoft planned promotions and partnerships that'll be beginning in the months to come. So, let's run through them. The Halo 3 "Game Fuel" Mountain Dew is expected to be available sometime in August and will be purchasable in cans, bottles, and special aluminum bottles at 7-11 stores. Speaking of which, 7-11 stores will be featuring three Halo 3 Slurpee cups as well as bags of Doritos chips which will offer a chance to win a voice cameo in Halo Wars. Pontiac is also jumping in on the Halo 3 marketing fun by co-branding the game with their Pontiac G6 in commercials, events and in a sweepstakes where they'll be giving away a Halo 3 themed Pontiac G6. Halo 3 will also be a sponsor of the Projekt Revolution tour featuring Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance. Finally, Burger King will be offering Halo 3 themed meals starting in September and selling what they call "survival kits".

As you can see, the Halo 3 marketing machine is a force to be reckoned ad you know there are more promotions and events that Xbox Family hasn't listed. You can of course expect Xbox Live activities as well as some sort of huge Halo 3 launch party. Ahh yes, Halo 3 and your marketing power ... you're so dreamy.

Speling error mars Diamond Card launch

No, reading the Obivion manual by the dull glow of an HDTV hasn't given you late onset dyslexia. The spell check monkeys at Microsoft somehow missed a typo on many of the Xbox Live Diamond Cards hitting mailboxes this week. This is why they shouldn't let  upper management do the proof reading. The saving grace here is that THRU isn't a real word to begin with.

By the way, I've never had this problem with my American Express Black Card.

[Thanks Tim]

Xbox 360 Water Balloon Challenge

Australian gamers may be pissed that they have to wait longer and pay more for just about everything, but at least they get to take out their aggression in a massive Microsoft-sponsored water balloon fight that recreates the famous Xbox 360 commercial. The event is schedule for April 22 on Coogee Beach in Sydney. It costs $20 Australian to register, but you get  an "Xbox 360 Challenge Pack" (worth over $150!) including a 360 game (Kameo, PGR3 or PDZ), a commemorative T-shirt, trucker cap, swimming goggles, sweatband and canvas bag to haul your loot. The goal is to break the world record set by 2,677 Spaniards who tossed 50,855 water balloons in 2005. $5 of each entry fee goes to the Coogee Beach Surf Club, who hopefully aren't tasked with picking up the busted water balloons.

You knew that if MS put enough marketing types in a room together, eventually they would come up with an appropriate Aussie promotion (however environmentally questionable) that might take the edge off that frustrating four month delay. For the first time, Down Under 360 fanboys are getting soaked literally instead of figuratively.

Note to our Southern Hemisphere readers who may get to attend this thing: Remember to send us your pics and try not to get hit in the face.

Xbox Ambassadors share the love

"Xbox Ambassadors" have received their welcome emails from Microsoft in preparation for the first "Free Xbox Live Gold" promotion this weekend. As the Madeline Albrights of the Xbox 360 community, Ambassadors are expected hold hands and speak slowly as they guide confused Newbs through those first intimidating steps into the scary world that is Xbox Live:

What we'd like from you is that you spend some time on Xbox Live during the Gold Weekend. Please clear some space on your friends list for new friends. Take some time to chat and play games with the new gamers, answer questions that you feel comfortable answering; otherwise refer questions to

PR person for a day! Who could pass that up? And no, telling a pupal player that shaking his console will improve graphic performance is not part of the program.

This reminds me of the well-meaning dorks who used to give campus tours at my university. Would you have benefited from an Xbox Ambassador, or is the concept just a little too Mr. Rogers for your elitist geek taste?

[Thanks Jaemz]

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