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PGR4's motorcycles expanded upon

At the Media Briefing, Bizarre Creations' Craig Howard and Brian Woodhouse showed off Project Gotham Racing 4. The game will include manufacturers Honda, Ducati, and Suzuki for motorcycles, which can race alongside cars, of which there are over 120. When riding the motorcycle, you can pull some fancy tricks, wheelies, endos and taunting maneuvers. On the Live side of things, for the first time, gamers will be able to share photos and videos with what's called "PGR On Demand". We can't wait to get some hands on time in the coming days.

Bizarre talks up PGR4 motorcycles

Rumored last week thanks to the released box art -- and confirmed in recent playtests -- Bizarre Creations has posted an article detailing the motorcycles gameplay featured in Project Gotham Racing 4. Along with this revelation comes a load of new screenshots. The shots show off some particularly nice motorcycle and rider models. Bizarre has also revealed that motorcycles will be capable of lots of kudos earning tricks that cars naturally can't do. These will be accomplished with a new "Stunt button" that initiates tricks. Never fear though, if you hate the idea of motorbikes, they are not mandatory. If cars are your thing, PGR4 still has you covered. Check out a gallery of the new PGR 4 motorcycles below.

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: PGR4 Motorcycles

PGR 4 box art hints at motorcycle madness

Today, Bizarre Creations released the official box art for Project Gotham Racing 4 (viewable after the break) featuring a closeup of a red vehicle sporting a PGR 4 emblem. It's quite the interesting choice for box art as we're on the fence about the design. But if you look closer you'll see something that's very interesting. Behind the PGR 4 logo is the reflection of a motorcycle blazing past the car. Does this mean that motorcycles will be drivable in the fourth edition of the PGR franchise and is this Bizarre's big exciting announcement? We aren't sure, but we'd be liars if we didn't say that we're a little uneasy about including motorcycles in our PGR franchise. Here's to hoping Bizarre Creations knows what they're doing.

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Video: It's time for some PGR 4 snow

The last time we saw Project Gotham Racing 4 in action it was raining in St. Petersburg, but today we are treated to a new video; a little snow in Nurburgring. Bizarre Creations released the second weather video today making it quite obvious that the team really cares about dynamic weather and is doing a fine job with the whole concept. They also announced two more locations (Nurburgring, as seen in the video, and Quebec) which is four (Shanghai and St. Petersburg were previously announced) of the ten locations we'll be seeing in the game. The press release also confirmed six vehicles as well as stating that PGR 4 will be "speeding its way onto store shelves this fall" ... yes, this fall. Full press release after the break and be sure to race on over to IGN where they talk with Bizarre's community lead about the weather in PGR 4. Race along now ...

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Video: PGR4 new features, dynamic weather, and vehicles

New details regarding Bizarre Creations' upcoming Kudos-centric racer Project Gotham Racing 4, have hit the internets. That being said, they are very similar to previous reports from some European magazines. We've seen these bullet points before, and they're all good, from fist pumping to dynamic weather AI, loyal fanbases through your career, and refined Kudos system. Still, the video looks hot, and the game is excessively pretty. So with all the racing news today, are you tempted to get the wheel so you can tailspin in the snow of Shanghai for massive damage Kudos?

[Video via Xboxygen. Thanks, gaetge]

New PGR4 features and info revealed

Xboxic got their hands on a Polish magazine with new Project Gotham Racing 4 pics and details. Some of the new features that the busy bees over at Bizarre Creations are implementing include vehicle models using 70 to 100 thousand polygons, improved spectators on the track, 200+ courses, and better physics in online matches to avoid turning the game into Burnout. Other cool tidbits include that the AI you race against have character, with their own styles and personality, a revamped career mode, as well as you create your driver, specifying nationality etc. For the complete list, click the "Read" link. So, is PGR4 shaping up alright in light of the new info?

First look at PGR 4

Over at Xboxygen they've wrangled up a few foreign magazine scans for upcoming racer Project Gotham Racing 4. The magazine scans don't show too much and we really can't tell if they are in game or just rendered goodness, but we're in love with that rainy car shot. With the graphics bar being raised by other racers like Forza 2, we are seriously looking forward to what Bizarre can pull off with the fourth in the series. Our fingers are crossed in hopes that these scans turn out to be what PGR 4 has to offer and the game ends up being one beautiful looking game.

PGR4 The Win

While you patiently await for some other media to be come readily available on the internet, we can tide you over with something completely different. The May issue of Official Xbox Magazine has a cover story on Project Gotham Racing 4 and how it builds on the 360 launch title. The key points to look out for is the wider selection of weather conditions from rain, snow and sleet, with the in-car view taking full advantage of the first person view with added realism.

Speaking of in-car view, they plan on sprucing that up with more "involved" animations from the driver, from a shaky cam when going at break neck speeds to pumping their fist after a victory. The game also promises a more robust selection of cars and tracks to ride them on with over 200 courses across 10 locations. The best part is that it's only scratching the surface. Are you looking forward to accumulating Kudos this fall?

[Thanks, teknomusik]

Rumor: Halo 3 in September?

Halo 3
is slated for Fall 2007, as the poster would suggest. So, based on past experiences in 2001 and 2004, we can safely narrow that down from "Fall" to "November, duh", right? Well, in our GDC edition of the Fancast, we mentioned how Shane Kim said that Halo 3 will ship when it's finished and isn't bound to console launches or tattooed biceps. He threw out September as an example, then followed that with how it would ship next week if it was done as a means to cover his tracks. Well, we've got some more food for thought in regards to Microsoft's Fall '07 line up.

We're finishing off the year with the world-wide release of Lost Odyssey in December, so that month is covered. Grand Theft Auto IV is hitting shelves for both the 360 and PS3 smack dab in the middle of October, and Microsoft has no intention of releasing anything against that behemoth. So, that leaves Project Gotham Racing 4 and Halo 3 with either September or November. Using the aforementioned logic, you'd assume that PGR4 will hit in September and Halo 3 in November. Well, Shane brought up another interesting point in that releasing a game in September doesn't necessarily hurt sales. Fable came out in September, got good initial sales, and then an additional boost in November. He went on to say that Halo 3 could do the same thing, while coming out before GTA IV and "beating it" like the 360 did the PS3.

So, place your bets now, which of the two is the most likely month for Halo 3: September or November?

PGR 4 car revealed, Peugeot announces the winner

Peugeot announced the finalists earlier this month and today they revealed the winner of their 2007 Design Contest. For the contest Peugeot challenged designers to create a concept car that is both innovative in the use of technology and expresses the future of car design. And it looks like the Flux edged out the competition with its hydrogen fueled engine, decked out sleek plastic panels, and free flowing frame. The grand prize winning Flux will be built (full scale) at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and will also be included in upcoming Xbox 360 game Project Gotham Racing 4. So there you have it, one of the first confirmed cars in PGR 4 ... the Flux.

[Via TeamXbox]

Peugeot's PGR4 finalists for concept contest revealed

Back in September we briefly reported on Peugeot's contest to design a concept car for them to use in the upcoming Bizarre Creations title, Project Gotham Racing 4. Well, the contest is now closed, and they are currently displaying the top ten finalists, complete with multiple angle shots and words from the designer on their inspiration. Not only will the winner's car be used in the upcoming racer, but Peugeot will be making a scale-to-life version to put on display for the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Click the "Read" link to be taken to a translated (you're welcome) page showing off the selected designs. Which one do you want to rack Kudos up with the most?

[Via Gaming Bits]

Tons of new X06 Marketplace content

Following today's press briefing, there is now a boatload of new trailers on Marketplace. They are, in no particular order:

Assassin's Creed
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Halo Wars
Viva Piñata
Call of Duty 3
Marvel Universe
Splinter Cell: Double Agent

All this and a bag of DOOM. We have to wonder, though: what the hell will we get next? They've got two more days to fill after all. Any predictions?

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