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More European price drop news

We reported previously on a European retailer advertising the 360 price drop and here we are reporting on another article about the very same thing, and this time it appears to carry a bit more weight. The Financial Times Deutschland has an exclusive on this, claiming that the official prices of the units will drop from 280 and 349 Euro, to 199 and 299 Euro. Now assuming that a fairly well known financial reporting body such as the Financial Times Deutschland isn't lying, this could be a huge for the European 360 market. It would allow the Arcade unit to undercut the cost of the Wii by a good 50 Euro, which is a bullet point that was almost undoubtedly taken into account, and it would leave the 360 well ahead of the PS3's current European MSRP. It seems the only thing we're waiting on with this one is the final confirmation from Microsoft.

$299 Premium 360s at Office Depot

After digging through our inbox today we stumbled across a tip from shenlong77 who sent us an Office Depot leaked adscan (or one that is readily available to everyone, but advertises deals that start September 9th) and it features a pretty sweet Xbox 360 console deal. According to the ad, this Sunday online at they will be offering Premium Xbox 360s for only $299 after a $50 rebate. And for the sake of us being a little curious we hopped on over to their online store and looked up an Xbox 360 Premium to see if the deal was in effect right now and we're sad to say that not only are the Premiums not $299, but they are actually trying to sell them for $369! Ouchers. But hopefully our ad is right and this Sunday brings $299 Xbox 360s, money savings and world peace.

[Thanks, shenlong77]

Europe gets Xbox 360 price cuts this Friday

Early this morning, Microsoft announced that all of Europe will be jumping in on the Xbox 360 price cut fun this Friday. Europe, being one of the last territories to receive an Xbox 360 price cut, will see price cuts for both 360 versions dropping the Core from 299 EUR / 199 GBP to 279 EUR / 179 GBP and the Premium falling from 399 EUR / 279 GBP to 349 EUR / 249 GBP. Also announced was that the Xbox 360 Elite will be launching this Friday in Europe and retail for 449 EUR / 299 GBP with the 120GB HDD available separately for 179 EUR / 129 GBP.

It looks like the Xbox 360 price cut fun has come to an end and is complete friends with North America covered, Australia getting theirs and now Europe taking the plunge. Get ready to empty those wallets ... empty 'em hard!

360 holiday bundles to include MUA and Forza 2?

Holiday console bundles are nearly a guarantee every year and by the looks of the images above, we think we know what Microsoft's plans are for Christmas '07. French website was browsing a Microsoft marketing website when they stumbled across the two console packaging images above (which have since been pulled) labeled as "Holiday Value Bundles" which state that both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza Motorsport 2 are included in the box. Oh joy!

So, it looks like some territory will be receiving two free games with the purchase of an Elite or Premium (now Pro?) Xbox 360 this holiday, but the big question is who? Remember, a French website found these images, so which territory will be receiving this exact bundle is still a mystery. And is it just us or you loving the whole "Go Big" and "Go Pro" marketing thing too?

[Via Joystiq]

No Falcon technology in HDMI Premiums

Over on the NeoGAF forums, forum member wonderkins posted pictures of his freshly cracked open HDMI featured Xbox 360 Premium console to see if it had the new heatsink or the new 65nm chips. His findings were that the latest 360s rolling off the assembly lines do feature an extra heatsink, but they do not include any new 65nm "Falcon" technology just yet. We know that some of our fellow fanboys are huge tech buffs and will be sad to hear that news, because all they've wanted for their mid-August Christmas has been Xbox 360 65nm tech. But keep your chin up eager 65nm hopefuls, because the technology is guaranteed to be rolling out within' a few months, so you'll just have to wait a little bit longer.

[Thanks, Ryan Hartman]

Look on the box, confirm HDMI, make purchase

We know everyone who's in the market for a new Xbox 360 wants a fancy schmancy HDMI port in their Premium, but may not know how to identify these new consoles. Well, good news for you, because it's quite easy to identify them in the wild. Xbox-Scene found an Xbox 360 Premium box that featured the HDMI connection and confirmed that under the contents section of the box it lists "HDMI port" as a console specification. No, it isn't as obvious as a huge reflective sticker plastered on the front of the box as we expected, but at least you don't have to play the guessing game when it comes to identifying a HDMI Premium. discounts Xbox 360 Premiums to $329

Wowzaz! Xbox 360 price cuts are doing deeper than we ever expected, $20 deeper to be exact. Today, dropped the price of the Xbox 360 Premium console from its recently price dropped $349 price tag to an even lower $329! We expect the price cut to be related to yesterday's confirmation that HDMI will be making its way into Premium consoles and so just might be liquidating the older, HDMI'less Premiums to make room for the new models. But we can't confirm that theory, so it might be possible that these $329 Premiums will include HDMI. It's really a shake of the dice.

That said, we can't help but recommend that you take advantage of this deal ASAP, because you just can't beat a $329 price tag, free shipping and possibly no sales tax charges. Heck, while your at it, cash in on today's Deal of the Day where the featured item is a black Xbox 360 wireless controller / black play and charge pack bundle for only $49.99! ... we love you.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Happy Xbox 360 price drop day!

For those who have been living under a rock or have been "busy" the past few days, you should know that today is the day when the Xbox 360 price drop officially goes into effect! So far, Microsoft has announced that United States, Canada and (now) Mexico Xbox 360 prices will be effected by the price drop love. Most major retailers have already made the price drop adjustment with, Best Buy and Gamestop all offering the consoles at their new lower price. But we noticed some retailers (ahem, are a little out of the loop, so be patient and be sure to avoid paying the older, more expensive console prices.

Go ahead fanboys, buy your first, buy your second or be a nice guy and buy a 360 for a friend, because price drops are where it's at today.

Confirmed: Xbox 360 gets price cut this Wednesday

All the fanboy speculation about leaked ads and rumors of an Xbox 360 price cut can finally be put to rest, because Microsoft has officially come clean. Today, Microsoft announced that this Wednesday (August 8th) all Xbox 360 console versions will be getting a little cheaper in the United States. Tomorrow, the Core system will retail for $279 (a $20 price cut), the Premium will retail for $349 (a $50 price cut), and the Elite system will be available for $449 (a $30 price cut). Again, the new prices will go into effect this Wednesday and are only planned for the US, but we expect price cuts to spread worldwide soonish. And we know there are a few fanboys out there who've been waiting (nearly two years) for this to happen, so go fanboys go and get your cheaper Xbox 360 this Wednesday. You have our blessing.

Analysts expecting a Xbox 360 price cut

If you didn't already know, today Sony announced that they've trimmed the fat on their Playsation 3 by dropping the price by $100. Surprising isn't it? Now the obvious question is whether Microsoft will retaliate with a price cut of their own or keep things the way they are. Industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks a price cut will happen and has gone on record to say that Microsoft will announce a Xbox 360 price drop sometime during E3. How Mr. Pachter sees it is that they'll knock of $50 from the Core and Premium and take $80 off the Elite making the price points $249, $349 and $399. This is of course entirely possible seeing that Sony is stepping on Microsoft's price point territory. Also, we're thinking a price cut is overdue seeing that the console has been out for nearly two years at the same price. We'll just have to wait until tomorrow night to see what surprises Microsoft has up their sleeves and if our 360 will get a fat trimming too.

Confirmed: 360 trade-in value increased [update 2]

Over the past few days there has been a few rumors hitting the web about potential Xbox 360 trade-in prices increasing over at EB Games and Gamestop for the launch of the Elite. Well, we got in touch with a few Gamestop managers and it's true. The promotion started today and dramatically increases the trade-in value for original Xboxes, Xbox 360 Cores, and Xbox 360 Premiums.

If you trade in a Premium 360 they'll give you $250 in-store credit, $200 in-store credit for a 360 Core, and $50 for an original Xbox. These trade-in price have increased pretty dramatically, because last week Gamestop was only paying $190 for an Xbox 360 Premium, now upped by $60. Both Gamestop managers also said that the new trade-in credit does not have to go towards an Xbox 360 Elite, but what other reason would you have for selling your 360? There you have it all wrapped up and confirmed. More trade-in cash for your old Xbox 360 to buy yourself a black Elite if you so choose.

Update 1: We're thinking there may be a little confusion in Gamestop's head. We just got word from Kevin (who works at Gamestop) that the trade-in program uses coupons that are not valid until April 29th. Kevin says that the only way to increase the trade-in value is to use these coupons and the only way to get these coupons is to buy an Elite. So, according to him, you need to buy an Elite to get the increased trade in value. But, we double checked with our local Gamestop managers and they still are saying we could come in today and they'll pay us $250 for a Premium 360. Maybe all the stores just aren't on the same page ... silly Gamestop.

Update 2: Even more details have emerged.

New 360 bundle w/ PGR3, points & Live?

Rumors of new, value-added 360 bundles continue to swirl in lieu of an actual price drop. This supposed $399 package doesn't have any fancy HDMI ports or internal HD-DVD drives, but it does have about $85 worth of throw-ins, including PGR3, 1250 MS Points and 3 months of XBL Gold. Is this the recipe for attracting holiday hold-outs?

[Thanks Alex]

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