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Microsoft denies 360 Blu-ray attachment

They may have to support it for some of their products, but Microsoft is being vocal about their non-support of Blu-ray technology when it comes to the Xbox 360.

Microsoft's own Aaron Greenberg flat out told Reuters that Sony's Blu-ray technology would not be integrated into the 360 saying that "Xbox is not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-ray Association to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience". So, can we now officially put to rest any rumors or talk of Microsoft releasing an Xbox 360 Blu-ray attachment? Please?

Stootsi offering 360 Messenger Kit for $15 [update]

Update: Going once, going twice ... sold out!

If you're in the market for a super nifty chatpad text input device for your 360 (one piece of the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit), then look no further than Stootsi. Available right this very moment until they're gone are open boxed Messenger Kits for the rock bottom price of $14.99, which works out to be 1/2 off retail. Though, one has to account for the rather high $6 shipping charge they tack on. Stootsi. Xbox 360 Messenger Kit. Under retail. Buy if you want. Okay? Awesome.

[Thanks, PreacherMan23]

Purchase a Universal Media Remote for $12

Today,'s gaming Deal of the Day is the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote and they're offering it for 40% off of retail. For only $11.99 you too can own a fancy new Xbox 360 remote to navigate those DVDs, change channels, turn the volume up (or down) and complete standard remote control functions all from the comfort of your couch. True, it is the same remote that is included in the 360 HD DVD player bundle and it doesn't have a button designated for shutting off your TV (how'd they forget that?), but it's still a nice peripheral to add to your ever growing remote control collection. Purchase away.

Wireless racing wheel is hot, really hot [update 1]

Wireless racing wheel owners beware, your racing fun could go up in smoke. Today, Microsoft revealed that their official racing wheel can overheat causing plumes of smoke to rise from its chassis if the A/C power adapter is used. And even though nobody has been hurt by this hot racing wheel, Microsoft advises wheel owners to not use the A/C adapter and instead use battery power which hasn't been linked to overheating problems. US wireless racing wheel owners can contact Microsoft to have their wheel retrofitted, so the overheating problem can be fixed.

First we had overheating Xbox 360 consoles and now we have been graced with overheating wireless racing wheels. This hot, hot, hot problem better not continue, because we'll be quite the angry (and astonished) fanboys if Microsoft announces overheating Halo 3 discs this September.

Update 1: If you need a retrofit, be sure to fill out this form (pdf), send it in and wait for Microsoft to respond.

Halo 2 wireless battlefield communication

The clever and very observative fanboy SRU Phil spotted a little mistake over on's accessory page pertaining to the Halo 2 Halo 3 wireless headset. It's not called a Halo 2 headset guys and mistakes like that could so get a guy's hand chopped off or tongue ripped out. Unless of course the ad isn't a mistake and is really a leaked announcement. Maybe something along the idea that the Halo 3 wireless headset will come with a free copy of Halo 2 Vista. That's it! It's confirmed, buy the Halo 3 wireless headset and get Halo 2 Vista for free. Man, we're too good.

[Thanks, SRU Phil]

Pink and blue controllers shot in the wild

Yesterday, we mentioned that two new Xbox 360 controllers would be available in pink and blue this October. We were all fine and content with the new dark and intense colors, but new photos have us second guessing ourselves. The guys over at MaxConsole posted a shot of the new controllers in their natural habitat and honestly, the pictures supplied on don't match. Well, they are close, because the controllers are pink and blue, but in reality the controllers are more Easter egg pastel than dark intense colors. We're officially renaming the color descriptions to "puffy cloud sky blue" and "soft and gentle I need love pink". They're perfect for baby showers too!

Chatpad Messenger Kit will cost $30 [update 1]

Eagle-eyed fanboy reader lee\ sent in a tip telling us that our long awaited Chatpad (which was announced back in May) has been priced and now has its own page up on The Chatpad will be part of what is called the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit which will also include a separate headset and retail for $29.99. No other new Chatpad news or surprises that we haven't already known are detailed as we'd still like to have a look at the separate headset. Though, we're banking on seeing all the goods later tonight. So fanboys, is $30 worth paying for this text input kit or will you pass and put the money towards a new game?

Update 1: We just found out (via some searching on that the Messenger Kit's release date will be September 4th.

[Thanks, lee\]

It could work: HDMI cable for non Elite 360s

Feeling the need to connect your white Xbox 360 to your television with HDMI? In other words, do you have Elite HDMI envy? Well we just might (and we emphasize might) have stumbled across a solution that'll be available in the next few months. XCM announced that they will be coming out with an adapter that'll allow your core or premium 360 to connect to a display via HDMI and in full 1080p. But be warned and don't get your hopes up too much, because XCM is the same company that created the XFPS that our very own Richard reviewed back in the day. And let's just say it was a huge disappointment. No matter, XCM will be releasing the HDMI adapter and we'll get an official opinion on this little device when judgment day arrives. But we're staying pessimistic and you aren't going to change our minds.

[Via MaxConsole]

Ace Combat 6 stick cheaper than a real jet

Namco Bandai has announced that it will release a special bundle for its upcoming aeronautical adventure, Ace Combat 6. The bundle will include the game, a limited edition Xbox 360 faceplate and the sweet flight stick combo seen above. The stick is manufactured by HORI, makers of the ultra-hard-to-find Dead or Alive 4 arcade stick. But how much does it cost, you say? Not $89.95! No, not $79.95. Not even $69.95! That's right, the Ace Combat 6 bundle will retail for ... $150! The bundle is expected to arrive this holiday season.

Any flight sim junkies out there willing to take the plunge?

[Via Joystiq]

Tiltboard gets priced and it's spendy

Talismoon's little Tiltboard project is finally blooming as they just announced that the Tiltboard will available for purchase next week. But be warned, it's expensive ... very expensive. This board, which allows tilt control on your 360, will retail for $39.99 (ouch!) not including a controller or soldering iron. Though, we have to admit it does have more features than we initially expected including adjustments for sensitivity, zero degree setting and an option to invert the Y axis. If tilting is important to you and your bank account/mod skills can handle it, then we must say that the Tiltboard looks to be your only best choice.

A look at GHIII's wireless Les Paul guitar

The crew over at IGN received an exclusive look at Guitar Hero III's new guitar the Les Paul and walked away very impressed. One of the biggest improvements added to the Les Paul guitar controller is that it will feature wireless technology, which will be the first time Microsoft has allowed a third party peripheral maker to do so. They've also added removable faceplates, made the neck detachable, kept the same color fret buttons, and even added a third strap knob for even more customizability. It looks like GHIII's Les Paul guitar is shaping up to be one solid controller to rock out with. But fear not GHII owners, because your X-plorer guitar will work with GHIII and vice versa. How very convenient.

Even cheaper racing wheel deals pop up

With today's announcement that the Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel received a price drop, we're seeing even lower prices hit the internet. Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada are both offering the racing wheel for a rock bottom price of $99 and website PC Nation dropped their price to roughly $104 including free shipping. We're sure there are a bunch of other deals making their way online with the news that broke today and if you find such deals please let us know. We're always up for saving a few bucks or in this case $30.

[Thanks, Chris G and Tom D]

HD DVD player add-on gets an update

Over on the AVS forums, Microsoft's own HD DVD insider Amirm confirmed that an update will be released sometime today for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player add-on. The auto update is rumored to fix various sound output problems, include a night mode fix, and patch up a few overall HD DVD compatibility issues. And to get the new update simply pop in any HD DVD into your fancy player and you'll be prompted to download the update. Simple, yet effective.

[Via TeamXbox]

Save some cash, use your own 120GB HDD

The hard drive prophecy has come true. Xbox-Scene is reporting that the new version of HDDHackr has been released allowing the use of an unlicensed 120GB hard drive for your 360 storage. The HDDHackr program uses the newly found 120GB signature and will allow anyone to use a specific 120GB WD HDD for their 360 storage saving roughly $100 over Microsoft's official Xbox 360 120GB HDD. Though, you'll need to be somewhat familiar with hacking programs and PC hardware setup to get the drive up and running. But, if that's your thing, you can save big bucks and up your Xbox 360 hard drive capacity to 120GB the l33t way. So, is anyone up for the challenge?

It's like a traveling Xbox 360 notebook

Xbox 360 gaming on the go just got a little easier with manufacturer Hori finalizing their plans for the Compact TFT Monitor EX LCD monitor. This 12.1" LCD monitor easily attaches to an Xbox 360, displays at 720p via component, and includes two built in speakers. Its flip down LCD makes it just like a gaming notebook, but really fat. The only drawback is the price (roughly $300 US) and, being a separate peripheral, it needs its a separate AC adapter. Does this notebook style LCD monitor make your 360 the ultimate portable machine? Not really, but it is pretty nifty and we would never reject it if one should appear on the Fanboy Towers doorstep. The Xbox 360 Compact TFT Monitor EX will get a Japanese release in July.

[Via gearfuse, Thanks Steve]

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