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Ask a Ninja promotes Ninja Gaiden II

If you're not familiar with the Ask a Ninja podcast, you really should be. As the title implies, the premise is fairly simple: ask the ninja a question, and the ninja answers it. It is the delivery of the answers that makes the podcast so great though. In a genius bit of marketing, someone at Microsoft decided to team up with Ask a Ninja to produces some special episodes of the podcast sponsored by Ninja Gaiden II. The first two episodes are available now on Xbox Live Marketplace, so feel free to download them at your convenience. For even greater convenience, you can watch them right now, as we've taken the liberty of embedding them in this post (how we did this shall remain secret, though we will admit that Ninpo was involved). Find the second episode after the break.

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Loads of new Ninja Gaiden II images

click to enlarge

Good lord. So many Ninja Gaiden II images. Adding more the already huge pile of Spring Showcase media, we bring you 40 new images of Ninja Gaiden II. We've got character renders. We've got concept art. We've got new screenshots. Hell, we even have special screenshots with no blood (good thinking on that one Microsoft). Please, dive into the gallery below. Just dive right in. Caress each image lovingly with your eyes. Your eyes work very hard, and they deserve the treat.

Ninja Gaiden sneakers: we want 'em

Click to enlargenate

Alas, we cannot have them. No, these were made by the (no doubt very loving) girlfriend of one lucky Ninja Gaiden fan. The shoes are hand painted and feature Ninja Gaiden's star ninja Ryu in front of a rising sun background. They are, as the kids say, "teh awesomez." While you won't be getting your hands on this particular pair, take heart, for creator Kirstentjie says that she's considering selling them locally and "hopefully internationally one day." Oh, let's hope that one day is very, very soon (and that Microsoft and Tecmo's lawyers don't mind).

[Via Joystiq]

Looky! It's a Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360

The ever watchful folks over at 360Sync recently spotted a new Ninja Gaiden II standee at their local GameStop. At first glance it appears to be nothing more than your typical standee, but look closer and you can see glory. Yes, that is a Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360 (and it appears to be an Elite at that). GameStop will apparently be giving these consoles away -- how many we don't know -- sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, the URL listed on the standee currently leads to a dead page. Here's hoping it goes live soon, because we have got to get our hands on that sweet console. Just look at it ... sitting there in all its majesty. That thing could probably slay a hundred demons before breakfast.

Ninja Gaiden II website offers neat extras, new video

We're not sure how long it's been live, but there is a newly revamped (Game of the Year 2008) Ninja Gaiden II website up on The website actually offers some very cool extras to fans of the series and, in a refreshing twist, the site offers some actual new information about the game for those who know where to look. Firstly, the website allows users to build their own custom desktop wallpaper using the games various weapons as a backdrop (see our creation above). The cool part -- and this is where the new info come in -- is that you can check out a brief video snippet of each weapon to help you decide which ones to pick. The videos show off weapons that have so far remained under wraps, most notably the kusari-gama (which has an awesome essence attack, the projectile weapons, and a new Ninpo called "Art of the Piercing Void." Another bit of new info: Ryu can now charge his projectile attacks as well as his melee attacks. We have to admit it's pretty cool to watch him hurl multiple incendiary shuriken into a hapless foe.

The website also offers a somewhat bizarre minigame in which players send attacks to other opponents. The strange part is that players have to wait for others to respond. It's sort of like playing chess over the phone, except instead of moving pieces on a board, your killing this with a sword. At any rate, it's a neat site, and all the fanboys slavering over Ninja Gaiden II (that should be all of you) should definitely check it out.

[Thanks, Christan H]

New Ninja Gaiden II footage, yum

We understand it's possible that you may be getting tired of us posting every scrap of Ninja Gaiden II info we can lay our grubby little hands on. Really, we do. Having said that, it doesn't mean we're about to stop. Oh no, we just wanted to make sure you knew that we understand. Now, on with even more Ninja Gaiden II footage. This time we have Ryu laying waste to the enemy hordes using both his dual katanas (sort of the ancient Japanese equivalent of dual core processing) and his sweet, sweet ninja claws. Check out the video after the break.

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Ninja Gaiden II video madness continues

You know, at this point it seems like we're really being spoiled with direct feed Ninja Gaiden II footage. We're doing our best to feel guilty about it, but it's just not happening. Here, we'll try again ... nope, not guilty. This latest video (which we've seen snippets of before) features everyone's favorite super ninja Ryu laying waste to his foes with two katanas. Think of it as a special episode of "Will It Blend" with ninjas. For the record, yes, ninjas blend. Find the video embedded after the break.

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4 minutes in Ninja Gaiden II heaven

It's no secret that we are gaga for Ninja Gaiden II. In the event that it is a secret, we can assure you that it will not remain so for long. Remember the many calls for us to cease the constant coverage of Halo 3 / Gears of War / etc? You ain't seen nothing yet. We shall cover Ninja Gaiden II for all it is worth and more. With that little tidbit out of the way, on to the purpose of this post: to fill your eyeballs with four minutes of gory ninja goodness. Some of the footage has been seen before, but plenty of the video is new, and all of it is scrumptious. In particular, we like watching one of Ryu's maimed opponents priming a grenade in an attempt to take the super ninja with him. The video also features Ryu's trademark Izuna Drop -- think spinning piledriver on steroids -- which makes us happy fanboys. Check out the video after the break.

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