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Pre-texting the cause of Xbox Live account issues

Earlier this week news broke of a supposed Xbox Live hack which ultimately turned out to be false, but we still didn't have specific answers. But Major Nelson, being the detective he is, dug deeper into the peculiar account hijacks and discovered what really happened. With the help of security researcher Kevin Finisterre Microsoft learned that the problem was nothing more than human error caused by the process of pre-texting. Pre-texting happens when individuals (those l33t haxorz) call customer support and "trick" them into giving out confidential account information. So, it wasn't as widespread as we all thought or due to some mysterious techie Windows Live ID account hack. It was just a few customer support reps being tricked into giving out account information. Don't fret though, Microsoft is committed to re-training their reps with the knowledge of this incident and hopes to prevent any further pre-texting headaches.

Gold star goes to Microsoft for acknowledging the problem, finding its source, and taking steps to correct it. As we all know, it takes a real man to admit he is wrong, but it takes a bigger man to fix his mistakes. Be safe kids!

Microsoft: No evidence of Xbox Live hacking [update 1]

Our good friend Major Nelson sent us an update on the whole Xbox Live / Windows Live ID hacking fiasco that hit the news wire today. According to Major, there is "no evidence of any compromise of the security of the Xbox Live Network or Bungie.net" but there has been a "few isolated incidents where malicious users have been attempting to draw personal information from unsuspecting users". So, the accounts that were seemingly "hacked" were probably due information gained from phishing schemes rather than an actual network hack. We knew those hackers weren't the real deal ... dirty monkeys. Please take the time to get learned and don't give out your account information, because you can never be too cautious. Play safe kids!

Update 1: This mystery has been solved!

Unlock Japanese Bullet Witch content

If you've purchased Bullet Witch you may be wondering where the additional free content is that the Japanese have. If not, you should know that in Japan they can download free costumes and additional missions, something that the States don't have access to yet. The short answer is that the content is already on the game itself, but isn't "unlocked" yet via a Marketplace key download. But don't fret guys, the fine folks over at Sekiria.com have found a workaround so you too can have the additional (somewhat Japan exclusive) costumes and missions. All you need is the Datel Transfer Kit, export and rename a few files, and shazaam ... instant additional content. Of course it really isn't worth purchasing the transfer kit just for this, but if you already own it we'd give this little hack a whirl. Chalk one up for the the free-content-workaround mavens, they are a good hearted and knowledgeable bunch.

[Thanks, Jake C.]

Xbox 360 hacked, but quickly patched

Back in January, we reported on a possible Xbox 360 OS hack that came from a German hacker's congress. Today, we learn from a post on SecurityFocus that indeed it was real, because there is proof that those hackers found a way to break Microsoft's iron clad code. As the story goes, back in November a vulnerability was found due to "Unsigned Code Execution in Hypervisor Mode" in the latest kernel update. In the end, this vulnerability could potentially allow full access to the Xbox 360's OS and hackers to wreak whatever hacking havoc they wished. But before you get too excited about running Windows Vista on your 360, the problem has since been fixed. Microsoft was notified back in January about the problem and they quickly released an auto-update six days later to prevent anyone from exploiting the bad code.

So ... any uber cool hacker up for teaching the rest of us some l33t hacking skills? We're thinking something along the lines of "Hacking Xbox 360s for Dummies".

[Via Xbox-Scene]

Useful mod for blind firing in GoW

If you've played your fair share of Gears of War you know that being able to accurately blind fire is a useful tool in your arsenal of death. And if you're having some difficulty mastering this technique and want help gauging where your bullets are flying then Raging Fool has a soft mod for you. All that's needed is a sandwich bag, a ruler, and a Sharpie. Ultimately, you're attaching a reticule onto your television screen to know exactly where the aiming reticule would be if you were zoomed in. But this can be extremely useful if you're still mastering the technique or just want more accuracy out of your blind fire shots. Give this mod a try, tell us if it helps, and please be sure not to Sharpie directly onto your television screen.

[Via Digg]

Tilt mod for wireless Xbox 360 controller

Adam Thole, modder extraordinaire, just finished his newest project. He has successfully modded a wireless Xbox 360 controller to include a tilt function. It looks like the tilt option replicates the movement of the left analog stick and can be easily turned on and off via a switch. He also states that he'll be posting a how-to video on his site soon for those of you who are confident in your modding abilities ... or you could always buy it from him. Check out the mod and writeup after the jump.

[Via Xbox-Scene]

Tiny LCD built into a 360 ... why?

Ever wanted your Xbox 360 to be a portable gaming system? We hope you said no otherwise you'll actually think about purchasing one of those 360s showcased in the video above. We present to you a Xbox 360 with one tiny LCD built into the side. Think PSP without the ability to hold it in your hands ... yup, just like that. It may be be cool in theory, but we aren't finding any practical reasons for this mod. Unless you're in a pinch for a display and need a quick gaming fix to feed your addiction. And excuse the lovely Metallica music in the video, though they may have chose it because this mod may be sad but true. Okay seriously, what's your opinion? Would you pay extra for this LCD option on the side of your gaming console and why?

[Thanks, Machiavelli 420]

Built with XNA, a NES emulator on your 360

For everyone who thought Microsoft's XNA project would be worthless, now is the time to rethink your opinion. Xbox-Scene got word that a guy by the name of Lone Coder has used XNA to build a NES emulator that runs on the 360 called XNA SharpNES. Though, you'll need to purchase a XNA Creator's Club membership, have Visual C# Studio Express and XNA Game Studio Express installed on your computer. There are a few bugs to work out yet, like no ROM loading menu and overall performance on the 360 running at 60% - 70%. But at least things are moving in the right direction. For more information and to download the code head over to XNA SharpNES's Google Code site. And if you're willing to try this out please comment on your experience with the emulator so we can live vicariously through you.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Take a look, a plethora of 360 case mods

Back in the day we posted a few Xbox 360s with case mods that we felt were either really good or pretty bad. But there are a lot more modded 360s out there created by some talented (and not so talented) people. We found a Flickr montage of some unique 360 case mods that you and your peers have completed. It's awesome to see so many people making their 360 personalized and taking on a case mod. Personally, we've claimed defeat to Microsoft and the whole case mod idea. What can we say, we want our warranty to stay in tact. But if you're willing to throw caution to the wind and take the plunge, by all means make your 360 case something special.

[Via Digg]

Xbox 360 finally hacked to run Linux?

It looks like someone may have finally hacked the 360 to run Linux. Xbox-Scene is reporting that during the German 23C3 Hacker Congress an anonymous presenter came on stage during an "open mic" type session. With 360 in hand, he (or she) proceeds to load King Kong and fiddles around for a minute or two. Then, on the screen appears the Linux penguin and the old Mac logo with the words "Coming soon...". Could this finally be confirmation that the volatile King Kong shaders were exploited and are the key to hacking the 360's OS? Only time will tell, but someone should have warned that anonymous hacker that this little experiment voided his 360's warranty ... joke's on him!

[Thanks, BlueStar]

It's so dark, 100% custom black 360

Last week we showcased a how to guide to turn your white 360 controller into a dark black beauty. And once again, someone has taken it to the next level. Cruising Flickr we came across brienw's fully blackened Xbox 360 (voided warranty included) using the same vinyl-die-paint used for the controller customization. He also posted a step by step picture tutorial at the beginning of his photostream, so you can see how he completed it. Remember, your warranty will be nullified and if you suck at spray painting ... then you just screwed up your 360. No pressure or anything, but black is sexy.

Atari joystick mod brings back memories

Xbox 360 Fanboy readers sure are an industrious bunch. Do-it-yourself custom colors, d-pad stiffness mods, and now, retro joystick mods. Coming to us from reader, Clint Thompson (AKA Neon360), this mod uses the joystick of the plug-and-play Atari Flashback system. Clint plans to house the guts of the controller in the Atari shaped base of the plug-and-play system. He reports that the mod isn't perfect yet (some of the inputs are screwy) but it is working.

Why go to all this trouble for a one-button joystick? According to Clint, "I did this all so I can play Galaga like I used to play it on my Atari 7800 using the standard Atari joystick. Hey, my score went from 32,000 to over 80,000 after using the stick on the first try so it's working for me!"

Right on, Clint! Send us more pictures (and maybe a how-to guide) when it's finished. Anyone have another creative mod they'd like to share? Let us know.

DIY custom black 360 controller

360 Fanboy reader, Alcaron, sends along this do-it-yourself guide on creating a custom colored 360 controller. What makes this mod special is that it actually dyes the controller shell itself, rather than merely coating it (like spray paint). There are several advantages to this over paint. For example, the color cannot be rubbed off or flake away. The process isn't too complicated and it's fairly inexpensive, but there are noxious fumes involved, so remember to wear a mask and work in a well ventilated area. The end results speak for themselves: it roxxorz our (X)boxxorz. Follow the read link for more pictures and instructions on how to make one of these beauties for yourself.

Any other fanboys out there care to share their own mods?

Halo 3 case mod is ... erm ... backwards

The above picture is reason enough to leave case modding to the professionals. Klyde over at xbox-scene's forums proudly posted his first 360 case mod and was looking for a little feedback. The cutout of the Halo 3 logo was done quite well, craftsmanship is on par, but there is one tiny problem. The logo was cut out backwards, making this mod look ... craptacular. Oh well Klyde, this was your first case mod so we know your future mods can only get better (as we're looking forward to them).

[Via Digg]

Look Mom, one handed 360 controller

The talented Ben over at BenHeck.com has come up with a new take on your standard Xbox 360 controller. Ben must have had the logic that using two hands on your controller is so 2005, why not just condense the control scheme and make it so you only need one hand? This modded 360 controller allows just that, only one hand required! All kidding aside, the inspiration for this mod what so that people with disabilities or those who have function of just one hand could play the 360. This is actually a great mod and very well thought out, gold star for you Ben!

[Via Digg]
[Thanks, kade]

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