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Sunday deals: 3200 MSFT points for $20 and more!

We're happy to announce that the Sunday deal rumor was true! This week at Circuit City when you buy two Xbox Live accessories, you get $20 off instantly. This offer includes headsets, Xbox Live subscriptions and of course Microsoft points. So fanboys, it's like getting 3200 Microsoft points for $20, buying 1600 points and getting 1600 for free or simply half off ... however you want to look at it. We also noticed that this week at Circuit City Project Sylpheed is available for the low, low price of $39.99. Check that out if it tickles your fancy.

That's about it for great Xbox 360 deals this week and be sure to pick up some (technically) half off Microsoft points. Spontaneous Marketplace purchases await!

Sunday Deal Rumor: Get 3200 MSFT points for $20

Today's rumor of Sunday deals is a sweet one, so sweet it'll rot your teeth from the inside out and that my friend is very, very sweet. GameRush is reporting that this Sunday's Circuit City ad will feature an offer for $20 off the purchase of two Xbox 360 accessories priced $19.99 or above. And so, if said rumor is true, you could purchase two 1600 Microsoft point cards priced at $19.99 (which Circuit City considers accessories) and get an instant $20 off leaving you with 3200 Microsoft points for $20. See, we told you the deal was sweet. But, it's just a rumor right now, because GameRush doesn't supply any leaked ad-scans so we'll have to wait until Sunday rolls around. But if it's true, we'll so be standing in line come Sunday morning for our bountiful Microsoft points harvest.

[Via Digg]

Buy Guitar Hero II, get 1600 MSFT points free

From now through August 18th, when you purchase Guitar Hero II from Circuit City you'll get 1600 Microsoft points for free and free shipping on your online order. This offer is available online and in-store, but you'll have to send in a rebate form to get your money back. Check out the offer here.

True, we have seen a similar free 1600 Microsoft points offer before when GH II released and there was no forms to send in. But if you're willing to send in a rebate and wait for your cash this is definitely a good deal. Or you could just wait for Guitar Hero III or the game X3F is in love with ... Rock Band. Decide and plan your purchase accordingly.

Win free MS points from TheMan661

TheMan661, otherwise known as simply Frank, is offering up 1600 Microsoft Points to a lucky commenter with his Show Me The Money Points Contest. All you have to do is post a comment with either email address in the appropriate (mandatory) field, or if you'd rather have him message you over Xbox Live, your gamertag as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go comment now! While you're there, check out his Xcast, it's worth a listen.

Xbox Rewards may be expiring rewards [update 1]

X3F reader Shafnitz sent word that his Microsoft points that he won for completing the Xbox Rewards challenge are expiring. After winning the Old Spice Experience Challenge at level three, Shafnitz won a bunch of stuff including a 200 Microsoft points code. After redeeming the code and going on his merry way, weeks went by and he recently got the urge to take a look at his account online. And, to his surprise, he was smacked in the face with a points expiration notice as seen above. Expiring Microsoft points, who ever heard of that? Well, according to Microsoft's FAQ it states that "purchased points don't expire" but that "any points you get through promotions can have expiration dates. Typically, points expire within thirty days of the date you get them".

Update 1: Shafnitz informed us that his expiring points problem was probably due to a contest he won over at the Gamerscore Blog and not from the Xbox Rewards giveaway. Oops on his behalf. So, expiring points from the Xbox Rewards program may not be true, but there are still expiring Microsoft points out there. You've been warned.

Continue reading Xbox Rewards may be expiring rewards [update 1]

4000 Microsoft points cards coming soon? [update 1]

Yesterday, we received an anonymous tip from a Microsoft rep stating that they've been giving out promotional materials for an upcoming retail 4000 Microsoft points card. The rumored 4000 points card is said to be priced at $49.99 and be Microsoft's answer to getting Marketplace addicts their "fix" in one convenient (albeit huge) purchase. Our tipster also said that they had no firm release date on the new card as all the materials they were given listed it as "Coming Soon". If true, this would would be the second US retail version of Microsoft points cards coexisting with the current 1600 points cards which cost around $19.99.

More money, more points, more problems ... how else did you expect to fill that 120 GB HDD? With Monopoly money?

Update 1: Look what we have here. We guess it's no longer a rumor, go forth and buy your 4000 Microsoft points cards today!

Gamerscore Blog giving away the goods

With the announcement of the impending release of ten new XBLA titles, the Gamerscore Blog is feeling a little generous. They are giving away 100,000 Microsoft points in a trivia contest awarding 100 winners 1,000 Microsoft points. All you have to do to enter is answer the three trivia questions posed on their website and send them in. They'll select 100 winners from those who answered all three questions correctly. Brush up on your XBLA knowledge and get to answering some trivia! Oh yeah, the contest is only open to US residents who are 18 years or older ... sorry global fanboys.

[Thanks, dpcough]

Confirmed: Street Trace only 800 Points

We just got word that upcoming XBLA title Street Trace will come to the Arcade at only 800 Microsoft Points. Last week, we uncovered all the achievements for the game and were hoping it wouldn't cost over 1000 Points. Well, it looks like our worries have been short lived, because we confirmed that the urban hoverboard racing game will only set you back 800 Microsoft Points.

Since the game is going to cost only $10, are you more inclined to purchase it? Of course we'll get to demo it first, but 800 Points makes the game seem oh so more sweet.

Win 1600 MS points: The Xbox360Fanboy Challenge

Ryan of HammyDown sent word that they're giving away 1600 Microsoft Points (delivered to you from Amazon) to the first person who answers all of their self made Xbox360Fanboy questions. If you remember, Ryan created a little song called White Button Thugs back in July and has recently started the HammyDown website which gives away hardware, gift certificates, PC games and other goods to loyal members of the site. We're flattered that HammyDown created a quiz about our little fanboy site and that they're giving away 1600 Microsoft Points with no strings attached ... but what's up with that doped up pig? Ryan, we love you man, but your pig really needs to be cleaned up and checked into rehab stat. Go win some Microsoft Points!

1600 MS Points for $4.99 w/Halo 3 purchase

Head over to and preorder Halo 3 if you're all about getting Microsoft Points for cheap. And I know you are thinking "dude, Halo 3 is not coming out for like ... a whole year. I'm not giving Best Buy my $60. Bah!" Hey, I 100% agree ... unless you're going to be buying it online anyway and have some extra cash laying around. $4.99 for 1600 Microsoft Points is a great deal, except you have to part with $60 a year early. Weigh the pros and cons then check out the offer if it tickles your fancy.

[Thanks, Luis L.]

MS Point fraud reported (Updated)

Reader Drew shares a worrisome tale about  unauthorized MS points on his passport account following the XBL down time—when it was impossible to purchase points:

Just before Live came back up today, I got an email thanking me for my purchase of 500 MS Points on the Live Marketplace. The fun part is that I live alone and had not turned on my console today  or yesterday--so I was curious as to how I could be charged for points--especially when the Live was down and unavailable for such transactions. At first I thought it was just an example of clever phishing, but when I turned on my 360 to find out, sure enough, I had more points than the last time I turned it off. I checked my passport account online and it said the points had indeed been purchased today. I called MS Support and they agreed with me (and not my cynical friend) in saying that it was impossible for me to buy points today--at least before Live came back up and that they would escalate the issue and I should expect a waiver of the 'no-refund' policy pending investigation--given the strange circumstances. Could be a one time thing--or just my luck, but if it happens to another guy somewhere, maybe it's news.

Disturbing story. Has this happened to anybody else?

(Update: Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and are crediting the affected accounts. From the forums: "All affected users will be getting refunds, none of you is going to have to pay for our mistake.  And you'll be able to keep the extra points too.  We are still working out the details, and it could take a few days for all of this to be fully resolved, but I wanted you to know that we absolutely will be taking care of this, no one will have to pay for any of these charges." Makes me wish my account was affected too!)

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