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Hooray for new galleries!

In our eternal quest to bring our readers (that's you!) the latest and greatest in internet technologies (these tubes don't run themselves, after all), Xbox 360 Fanboy is proud to announce the arrival of our new and improved gallery system. Our new gallery system supports higher resolutions and allows users to leave comments on individual images. In the standard view, a low resolution image appears on the left side of the screen with the description on the right. But, if you click "Hi-Res" on the upper right, you'll be taken to the full resolution version of the image. Seriously, on a scale of one to ten, how cool is that? The change is retroactive to all of our previous galleries, so if you want to leave a comment about, say, our Game Fuel gallery, you can! Please enjoy our new gallery system, and look forward to more gallery content in the future. Check out the gallery below to see all the new features for yourself.

Gallery: Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball: Robots

JD109Clayton BoltmasterRhonda NaildriverMiss Jenni

Happy Valentine's Day from X3F

With love in our hearts and thoughts of dancing teddy bears in our heads, we here at X3F want to wish you a very special Valentine's Day. To celebrate, we advise taking a stroll through's Valentine's coverage, spending some quality video game time with a loved one and eating heart shaped sugar cookies until your stomach aches with sugary pain love. We know we'll be celebrating (and spending lots of money) this Valentine's Day with our sweethearts as we promise to be the most caring, thoughtful and supportive bloggers we can be. We also promise, for at least today, to ease up a little on both Xav and Terrence, the new guys. Hopefully they know that both Richard and I constantly nag, ritually yell and make unfair demands only because we care and want them to succeed. Because, deep down, we love our Xav, Terrence and all of you that make the X3F community the best group of 360 supporters on the net. Happy Valentine's Day guys ... now let's gorge on chocolates!

X3F RSS feed complications are now sorted out

It only took us like a week or so, but now we're confident in saying that we've fixed our RSS problems and that the RSS gnomes have been evicted from our site and relocated to's servers (zinga!). Both our main RSS news feed as well as the RSS Fancast feed (including both iTunes and the Zune Marketplace) should be working smoothly now, so be happy and go about your normal RSS activities. But if by chance we overlooked an issue or if you spot an RSS gnome lurking, please tell us about it and we'll work on a fix. Just DO NOT feed them chocolate, because you'll only create more headaches. Thanks for your patience and happy RSS'ing!

X3F am cry: RSS feed is down, fix on the way

We thought it prudent to let everyone know that the Xbox 360 Fanboy RSS feed is broken. Rest assured that we are aware of the problem and doing everything we can to fix it. Unfortunately, many people in the Joystiq network are still on holiday vacation, so it may be a while before a proper fix is in place. We are aware of it though. In the meantime, we apologize for all the extra work that goes into visiting our (fabulous) website in the traditional manner.

[Image: jurvetson]

Hooray for a new comment system!

Many of you have already noticed, but we figured it's probably protocol to announce that we have a new comment system. Those of you that hang out on Joystiq should already have a pretty good idea of how it works, but here's a quick rundown.
  • Your comments will now feature your avatar image. If you haven't already set up an avatar, you can do so by clicking your user name in any of your comments. This will take you to a profile page where you can log in with your password (which can be found in comment confirmation emails if you don't already have one). Here you can edit some personal info and upload an avatar.
  • Comments can now be voted up or down. Positively rated comments will become more visible, while negatively rated comments will become less visible. See a thoughtful, well-written comment? Vote it up! Do you see a hateful, irrelevant piece of garbage that should be expunged from all the internets? Vote that sucker down! You can also report comments that may be inappropriate.
  • Finally, you can now reply directly to individual comments, which will make conversations (and flame wars) flow much more naturally.
There you have it folks, a comment system with personality, flair, and usability. Enjoy. Oh, and feel free to ask questions about the new system (or just try it out) on this post.

X3F/Joystiq reader meetup today in Santa Monica

If you live in the Santa Monica area or if you're in town for E3, be sure to take time to attend the X3F / Joystiq reader meetup. This will be our first meetup EVAR, so we want to make it extra special for those who attend. There will be free food and drinks, and the first to show up will receive free Joystiq T-shirts. Not only that but we'll be giving away lots of spiffy swag that we've accumulated this week. If you've got the time, we'd love to see you there. It's an all ages event, so don't hesitate to bring the tykes.

When: 6PM-9PM on Friday 13th
Where: Mahalo HQ, 902 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica 90401 (Google Maps link)

In case you've already seen this post, we'll be moving it up throughout the day so we can get the word out. And no, you haven't gone crazy.

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