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Mega Man 9 "DLC" arrives this week

Capcom has announced that the first wave of downloadable content for Mega Man 9 will land on XBLA this Tuesday, not even a week since the game debuted on the service. The content available will include a playable Proto Man and a new gameplay mode called Endless Attack (you can probably guess how that one works). Official prices haven't been announced, though Proto Man and Endless Attack cost $2.00 and $3.00, respectively, on Nintendo's WiiWare service. Of course, we can't properly gauge what it costs to convince yourself that Capcom isn't screwing you by charging for modes that should have been included with the game in the first place.

The remaining bits of DLC are expected to arrive the week of October 20.

Watch the Mega Man 9 intro in 8-bit glory

Above you'll see the introduction of Mega Man 9, Capcom's return to the Blue Bomber's 8-bit roots. We're still not quite sure what to make of the decision to release a Mega Man game using antiquated graphics and recycling bosses yet again, but we have to admit that the introduction does conjure up some good memories. Hopefully the actual game manages to do the same thing. It would help if it was fun too.

Also, keep your eyes out for Chun-Li, who has apparently abandoned her quest to be the strongest woman in the world for a more mundane career.

[Via Joystiq]

Mega Man 9 bosses are awfully familiar

Mega Man bosses have have essentially followed the same template since the beginning of the series. There are strong ones (Guts Man, Hard Man), elemental ones (Fire Man, Ice Man), and the weird ones (Clown Man? Seriously?). It seems like coming up with original robot designs is as difficult as the Mega Man series itself, as IGN has taken the liberty of introducing us to three of the new bosses to be featured in Mega Man 9. In no particular order, they are Concrete Man, Tornado Man and Magma Man. We'll let you guess which categories they all belong to. Concrete Man can be seen above. Check out the other two after the break (see if you can guess which one is which!).

[Via Joystiq]

Continue reading Mega Man 9 bosses are awfully familiar

Mega Man 9 achievements are mega tough

Anyone that has been gaming for a while knows that Mega Man is a tough series. Many of the original 8-bit entries in the series remain some of the toughest games around. Capcom looks to be honoring that legacy via the achievements in the upcoming XBLA release Mega Man 9, because these achievements are tough. At least they sound like they are. Among the achievements are feats such as completing the game five times in one day (Gamer's Day), clearing the game without dying (Invincible) and defeating every boss using only Mega Man's default weapon (Trusty Sidearm). Yow. Anyone out there who can land all twelve achievments gets our respect.

[Thanks, Anonymous]

Confirmed: Mega Man 9 IS coming to XBLA

HA! HA HA! We knew it. Capcom cannot resist its money. We knew they couldn't resist the urge to suck dry the wallets of nostalgic gamers on every console download service. The announcement was revealed via IGN, and since the Wii version will be 1000 points we think we're safe in making a prediction of an 800 MSpoint price for the game (both are $10). Also, take this for what you will, but we also hear that Mega Man 9 is going to have DLC to go along with it too.

More MM9 nuttiness; USK rates the game for 360

Will the back and forth never end? It's multiplatform, then it's not, and now it looks like it is again. With no official word from Capcom, this new Mega Man 9 news of course has only as much credence as the first OFLC rating. But we really don't think that government game rating boards are in the habit of making up games or confusing which controller and console they're using, regardless of what country the ratings board is from. Though there is just one little thing that makes this whole situation more of an oddity. Our multilingual readers will already have noticed, but the USK strangely lists it from the genre of, ahem, "Role playing." Weird.

[Via NeoGAF]

Backpedaling 101: MM9 currently "for WiiWare only"

Yeah, yeah, we know we posted just the other day that the Live Arcade would be actually seeing a release of Mega Man 9. Arstechnica seemed to have gotten their hands on a Capcom E3 roster and it had MM9 listed as being for all three of the console digital download services, which looked to be a confirmation of earlier rumblings out of the OFLC that also said that the game would be multiplatform.

Apparently, that story made the rounds so much that Capcom got wind of it and contacted arstechnica to tell 'em that, well, there was a bit of a mistake on the release roster and that Mega Man 9 is currently slated "for WiiWare only." While the caveat of "currently" means that things could change in the future (this is Capcom, after all; the guys who ported DMC4 and Lost Planet to PC, and who swore that Resident Evil 4 was exclusive to Gamecube), we doubt whether any sort of XBLA release would end up happening for quite some time.

Mega Man 9 confirmed coming to XBLA?

While the long awaited sequel to the classic franchise has been confirmed for Nintendo's WiiWare download service for some time now, there was still quite a bit of speculation that that game would be releasing on more than just a Nintendo platform.

Mega Man 9 was originally revealed via an OFLC ratings board leak, and was listed there as a multiplatform release. But this was taken with a grain of salt as the OFLC has been known to list things as multiplatform which ended up not being so. Now apparently, someone over at arstechnica has gotten thier hands on a Capcom E3 roster list which seems to confirm that the blue bomber will be making his way to all download services, XBLA included. Since Capcom has been relativly good to the Live arcade in the past (Rocketmen, Commando 3, SFII, etc), we think it's safe to say that E3 will bring the official reveal of the 8-bit wonder.

Mega-Man slaughters the living dead

Here's video of the full Mega-Man suit put to use in Dead Rising. You have to beat the game and kill 60,000 zombies to get it. Pretty satisfying unlockable. I don't recall ever getting the opportunity to rip Dr. Wily's small intestines out.

[Thanks Andrew]

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