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McFarlane announces Halo Wars figures for '09

To compliment their already expansive sets of Halo 3 figures, Todd McFarlane and crew just announced that they'll be releasing Halo Wars figures to retail beginning March 2009.

The first series of Halo Wars figures are actually mini-figures, 2.5 inches tall (aww, shucks!), rotatable at the waist and sold as a three pack. At release, the first series will be comprised of four different sets including Spartans, Marine Infantry and Covenant with each set packaged with various weapons. You can get learned about all four different Halo Wars sets after the break and view the work-in-progress figure sculpts in the gallery below. Lovely, aren't they?

Gallery: McFarlane Halo Wars Figures

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Win a set of Comic-Con exclusive Halo figures

Do you recall the two Comic-Con exclusive Halo action figures that Todd McFarlane announced would only be available for purchase in San Diego later this week? Do you have a painful itch to own both exclusive figures but will not be able to attend this year's Comic-Con funnery? Well, we have good news. The McFarlane crew are giving away a set of the Comic-Con exclusive Halo figures via and all you have to do to enter is register by July 31st. Then, if you win, you'll be the proud owner of both an EVA "HellSpartan" and a CQB active camouflage figure. Your winning odds are pretty slim, but for those who aren't attending Comic-Con (see: us) it's your only chance at owning the exclusive figures other than overpaying for them on eBay.

Series 2 Halo figures and points websites now live

After a much too long hiatus, we're proud to say that it's Halo action figure news time! Huzzah! And today we have a treat for Halo action figure fanboys, because Mr. Toddy McFarlane just updated with all kinds of Halo goodness. First off, the Halo 3 Series 2 mini site is now live, allowing you to view each and every figure, view photos, download wallpapers and analyze each one in super sexy Quicktime VR.

But that isn't all friends, because McFarlane just updated us on the Halo Points program. Halo Points, for the uninformed, are included with each and every Halo action figure purchase. Buy enough figures, collect enough points and starting this Winter you can earn exclusive Halo swag. Want a Halo 3 lithograph? You'll need 100 points. Looking at owning a red, blue or active camo Halo figure with Recon armor? Dish out anywhere from 200-300 points and you can haz Recon. There's even a gold Master Chief for 500 points. It's either time to start making some action figure purchases or time to take up the hobby of dumpster diving. Recon figures are way worth getting banana peel in your hair.

[Thanks, TMD]

Source - Halo 3 Series 2 figures
Source - Halo Points

Halo 3 Series 2 figures now available

We've gotten quite a few questions about it recently, so we thought it might be best to let everyone know that the second series of McFarlane Halo 3 action figures is now available. As before, there are a couple exclusives in the bunch, but the majority of the figures can be found in major retailers and, of course, at Amazon. We opted for the steel gray ODST Spartan, which is exclusive to GameStop. You can find a listings of all the figures and where to find them at the links below.

Source -- Halo 3 Series 2 multiplayer figures
Source -- Halo 3 Series 2 campaign figures

Gallery: Halo 3 McFarlane Figures

McFarlane opens up H3 camo EVA pre-order

Yesterday, McFarlane opened up the pre-order floodgates, allowing Halo 3 action figure collectors the chance to pre-order the Spawn Store exclusive H3 Active Camo EVA Spartan Soldier figure. Yup, the same camouflaged figure we talked about way back in November. Each figure will cost $12.99 when they release later this year, and with each pre-order you'll be able to snatch up two figures. Don't mind McFarlane's messy online store, be strong and you'll complete your pre-order just fine.

Genius idea: Active camo EVA figure is cool, but active camo Recon figure ... now that's pure marketing GENIUS!

More video game figures from McFarlane, this time it's Call of Duty

Todd McFarlane isn't sitting on his haunches, oh no. That just isn't how you create an action figure empire, you have to go after licenses like a foamy mouthed dog full of rabies and rage. And that's exactly what Toddy is doing, not only gobbling up the Guitar Hero license but now the Call of Duty: World at War franchise as well.

That's right, today Todd McFarlane and crew just announced they are creating a set of four Call of Duty :World at War action figures that are (presumably) set to release later this year for around $10-$15 each. Included in the four figure set are some "highly detailed" figures including "Marine Infantry, Battle of Peleliu", "Marine Marine Corps with Flamethrower, Battle of Peleliu", "Marine Corps with Machine Gun, Battle of Okinawa" and "British Special Ops, Battle for the Roer Triangle". Overly long action figure names aside, we can't help but wonder what other video game licenses McFarlane will acquire in the near future. Our vote is for Roogoo ... we'd so support Roogoo figures.

A closer look at those Guitar Hero figures

Last week, we told you about Todd McFarlane's interesting decision to gobble up the Guitar Hero license and the subsequent creation of a set of four Guitar Hero figures that are set to release this Fall. No, we still haven't fully accepted the figures seeing that we don't have any real attachment to the characters of Guitar Hero franchise, but we do now know exactly what each figure will look like. Viewable in the gallery below are the final sculpts of the Johnny Napalm, Lars Umlaut, Axel Steel and God of Rock figures. Not horrible (except for the God of Rock's odd looking shoulder), but we'll stick with our Halo and Gears figures.

Gallery: Guitar Hero Action Figures

Purchase your own Guitar Hero ... action figure?

Okay, we aren't sure what the general opinion is going to be for why these are being created or who's going to end up purchasing 'em, but we think we can agree it's an odd franchise to spawn action figures from.

The Toddy McFarlane sculpting crew (the same crew who makes those lovely Halo 3 figures) just announced today that they've partnered with Acti to release Guitar Hero action figures ... yes, Guitar Hero figures of action. Odd, seeing that the GH franchise really doesn't focus on character development so our enthusiasm for owning a figure like, say, Johnny Napalm is kinda lacking. Oh well. The complete set of four figures (Axel Steel, Johnny Napalm, Lars Umlaut and God of Rock) will be available this Fall for around $15 a pop. Yup, yup ...

[Thanks, TMD]

McFarlane's Halo 3 series 2 figures get packaged

Doing away with the admittedly "chubby" packaging from the first series, McFarlane reworked and slimmed down the packaging for July's Halo 3 series two figures. And it's some pretty packaging! Added to the (super duper large) gallery below is the final packaging for all series two figures including campaign, multiplayer and store exclusive figures. We want this one, this one and this one. Oh, and if we have enough cash leftover, maybe this one too.

Gallery: Halo 3 McFarlane Figures

Looky! McFarlane's H3 Legendary and 12" figures

Tired of the same old, little and oh so common Halo 3 McFarlane action figures that are currently at retailers? Not looking forward to the second or third series because they just don't live up to the scale or collectibility you yearn for? Well then, good news for you, because McFarlane understands your prima donna needs.

Releasing this November will be a set of three non-articulated, six inch Legendary Halo 3 figures including a Flood swarmed Master Chief, a rock balancing Arbiter and an angry Brute Chieftan. All of which should fill your inner collector emptiness. Now for those who like to play with their figures, but want to go BIGGER, McFarlane also has you covered with their twelve inch series. Available this September with eighteen points of articulation, twenty-six moving parts and coming in at a full twelve inches tall are a green Master Chief and a Wal-mart exclusive Blue Spartan. They are twelve inches of pure awesomeness. And, as always, you can view photos of all three Legendary figures and the twelve inch tall Spartans in our ever-bloating gallery below. We wuv toyz!

Gallery: Halo 3 McFarlane Figures

[Via HBO]

McFarlane offers exclusive Comic-Con Spartans!

Todd McFarlane is up to his marketing trickery once again, releasing two exclusive Halo 3 Spartan figures that will only be available for purchase at this year's Comic-Con. And if you already glanced at the image above, you then already know these figures ooze bad-ass.

The two Comic-Con exclusive Spartans include an Active Camouflage C.Q.B. Spartan and a super delicious Spawn inspired E.V.A. Hell Spartan (preview pictures added to the gallery below). And if you don't start drooling over the Hell Spartan then you either A) have no action figure taste, B) your Halo-fanboy'ism is lacking, or C) you have no soul. Anyway, if you're interested in picking up these two figures, make your way to Comic-Con sometime between July 24-27 that's being held at the San Diego Convention Center where they'll have both figures available (not sold separately) for an unknown price. Also, if you want to earn community brownie points, be sure to grab an extra Hell Spartan for your blogging friends at X3F.

Gallery: Halo 3 McFarlane Figures

[Thanks, TOMCATS]

H3 McFarlane series 3 and free XBLM downloads just uploaded a bunch of media for their upcoming McFarlane Halo 3 series three action figures that are set for release this August. The figures (all viewable in the gallery below) include a new Jackal, Human Flood, War Chieftan Brute and Master Chief which were spotted a few weeks back during a toy expo. Also detailed are the exclusive Spartans that'll hit various retailers in various armor permutations and in various colors. Finally, to celebrate Halo 3's Legendary Map Pack's release, McFarlane will be releasing a free set of Halo 3 McFarlane gamer pictures and a theme to the XBLM tomorrow, April 14th. Download, look at those figures and keep Halo 3 on the brain, only because we're telling you to.

Gallery: Halo 3 McFarlane Figures

[Thanks, TMD]

Halo 3 series three McFarlane figures preview

Toy News International snagged a few product shots from McFarlane's third series of Halo 3 action figures and yes, you can has Recon.

The series three pictures (viewable in the gallery below) show off a super zexy Master Chief, Brute Chieftain Weapon Class, Jackal Major, Human Flood, an Olive Rogue Spartan and a Red Hayabusa Spartan. The figures not pictured, but also scheduled for release in the third series are an Elite Combat and a (drum roll please!) Teal Recon Spartan! YOU WILL HAS RECON! All McFarlane series three Halo 3 figures and vehicles are slated for release in August, so check out the pics, drool over the third series and eagerly await your Recon.

Gallery: Halo 3 McFarlane Figures

[Thanks, Tommo-B]

Exclusive H3 McFarlane ODST figure at EE

If your goal is to collect the entire line of Halo 3 McFarlane action figures then good old Toddy McFarlane is forcing you to make an action figure purchase over at Entertainment Earth (EE).

Just announced is a brand new (and somewhat limited) EE exclusive Halo 3 yellow ODST action figure that's (surprise!) only available for purchase online at EE. This exclusive figure will be shipping sometime later this October, but can be pre-ordered online for $14.99. Truth be told, it isn't a bad looking "toy", but we'd be a little more impressed if this exclusive EE Spartan was rockin' the Recon ... or a flaming helmet.

[Via TeamXbox]

McFarlane Halo 3 figures spotted in the wild

All of the talk, news, previews and excitement surrounding McFarlane's Halo 3 series one has been accumulating over the past few months, all in preparation for the figures' March launch. But now we're learning that some fanboys my not have to wait until March to get their Halo 3 action figure goodness.

X3F reader matt mcclard sent us the picture above, which he recently took at a Wal-Mart store in Dallas. And we think the picture is pretty self-explanatory. Halo 3 series one figures are already making their way into retail stores! Woohoo! This also means one other thing: we're headed off to our local Wal-mart to see what Halo 3 goodies we can find. Master Chief, we're coming for you.

[Thanks, matt mcclard]

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