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Shipping this week: indecision edition

Oh boy. Not only are there eight new games hitting the Xbox 360 this weeks (and Portal on XBLA, lest we forget), but several of them look to be good games. Heavy hitters like Far Cry 2 and Fable II undoubtedly top the list, but there are some other big names in there as well. Check 'em out:
Now, the question is are there any "must have" games on this list for you, or are you strategically withholding your funds for something else?

[Via Joystiq]

Legendary achievements and Legendary screens

Today, Spark Unlimited released a new set of screenshots for Legendary The Box as well as a complete list of game achievements. You can take a gander through the new and improved Legendary screens including a gelatinous looking werewolf, a dude's face and some on screen text that looks eerily similar to X3F's witty image commentary text. Just saying.

Gallery: Legendary

A few Legendary griffon and werewolf screens

Gamecock and Spark Unlimited just sent a set of new screenshots from their upcoming Pandora's box shooter Legendary, and there's plenty to love if you're obsessed with griffons or werewolves. There's werewolves attacking helicopters, werewolves jumping out of windows and even werewolves attacking a griffon. Attacking a griffon! Ahem, view Legendary screenshot love below. That is all.

Gallery: Legendary

Gears of War movie gets more financing

Variety reports that Legendary Pictures has signed on to co-finance and co-produce the upcoming Gears of War film adaptation. This comes in the wake of Legendary financing another film based on a little game called World of Warcraft. Legendary also recently had its hand in The Dark Knight, which is currently tearing up the box office. Epic guru Mark Rein said of the deal, "Legendary's appetite for the synthesis of gaming, film and pop culture meshes perfectly with our own." Well, that's good. We all like it when appetites for synthesis mesh.

Joystiq EIEIO coverage wrap-up

It looks like the crew over at Joystiq has been spending some time at GameCock's EIEIO show in Texas this week. Rather than bring you bits and pieces of their coverage, we thought we'd round up everything we could in a single post for your clicking convenience. They've got the latest on Dungeon Hero, Velvet Assassin, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball and more. Check out Joystiq's cavalcade of coverage below:
  • Dungeon Hero inverts the dungeon genre
  • Hands-on with Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball
  • Hail to the Chimp impressions
  • Velvet Assassin actually dressed in leather
  • Section 8 details fall from the sky
  • Hands-on with Legendary

Video: Legendary teaser without the box

Pandora's Box has been opened, werewolves roam the streets, giants crush buildings and griffins soar through the air. Welcome to Legendary.

This latest teaser trailer for Legendary, a title formerly known as Legendary: The Box, features alpha gameplay footage of death, destruction and disease (well, maybe not disease) that is making us start to believe that opening Pandora's Box probably wasn't the best idea. And, if you can get past the video's jerkiness, you'll see that Legendary is promising, but has a long way to go to to distinguish itself among the 360's highly contested FPS catalog. Though, we have to give Legendary some props. The design team did an A+ job on Legendary's logo, it's so sleek, magical and ... box'less

Legendary: The Box opens up this Summer

Pandora's Box obsessors and FPS lovers will be excited to know that Spark Unlimited's Legendary: The Box is guaranteed to be releasing onto the Xbox 360 sometime this Summer. Exact release date still unknown.

If you recall, Legendary was first introduced to us last July when we learned about the game's whole griffin, werewolf, Pandora's Box twist. Are we still interested by the game? Yes, yes we are. We're interested because the whole "killing mythical monsters that come from a box" theme still intrigues us a bit and because the newly released screenshots (gallery below) feature some crazy fun griffin killing. And here at X3F we enjoy a good griffin murder every once and a while. Press release viewable after the break.

Gallery: Legendary: The Box

Continue reading Legendary: The Box opens up this Summer

Halo 3 Legendary Edition bares all

Those (lucky) techies over at Engadget got their hands on the Halo 3 Legendary Edition the other day which came in a promotional army duffel bag send from the marketing folks over at Microsoft. The duffel bag-o-goodies was a survival kit of sorts, featuring every single piece of Halo 3 themed 360 goodness (Halo 3 360, controllers, headset, etc.) and a real life first aid kit for when gaming gets a little too rough. Anyhoo, they opened up said promotional materials and posted pictures of the Legendary Edition unboxing in all its $130 glory, so we advise you check it out if you're curious to see what's inside. Be warned though, that helmet visor is one reflect beast.

Ouch, the Legendary tattoo is back

Way back in December of aught-six we ran a story about a man known only as GothicSlayer, a man who decided to adorn his back with a legendary tattoo ... literally. Yes, as you can see above, he chose to have the Legendary difficulty icon from Halo -- with its (appropriately) iconic shield, swords, and Elite skull -- permanently etched into his back. It looks like he's gotten the cash to complete the second phase of his tattoo, as the Elite skull is now fully shaded, and looking much more impressive if we do say so. GothicSlayer informs us that the redness of the tattoo is the result of irritation, so it will most likely fade to a more artsy black and white affair over time.

If anyone else out their has an Xbox related tattoo, please don't hesitate to share it with us.

Halo 3 Legendary helmet spotted in the wild

A a few shots of the Halo 3 Legendary helmet hit our inbox today featuring photos from a Wal-mart display and on a Bungie employee's desk. Van Faulk sent us shots of a Wal-mart display showcasing the Legendary helmet in all its glory sitting next to a DVD pre-sell kit which includes a poster of some sort. The DVD case gives a nice size comparison for folks who still think the helmet is the size of a cat's head. The other set of photos comes from ProjectMod who stumbled across the pictures on a Bungie employee's MySpace page. What's cool to see in this set of photos is the black box (in all its cardboard glory) the Legendary edition is packed in. Though, we don't think the plush frog beanie comes in this edition of Halo 3, but we'll ask Microsoft and get back to you on that. All of the Halo 3 Legendary product shots from the "wild" are viewable in the gallery below, so get your drool buckets ready.

Gallery: Halo 3 Legendary in the Wild

[Thanks, Van Faulk and ProjectMod]

The making of a legend: H3 Legendary edition

Bungie has posted an article explaining all the detailed planning that went into the production of the $130 Legendary edition of Halo 3. Planning for the Legendary edition has been underway since June of 2005, when discussions were first held concerning what sort of molding method to use to form the helmet. In the end Microsoft chose injection molding and gave the project to one of its largest keyboard manufacturers in China. That's right, your fancy schmancy helmet is coming from a keyboard factory. According to the article, once peak capacity is reached at the factory, a new helmet will be produced every 12 seconds! Most of the article centers on the planning of the Legendary edition, but there are several photos of the manufacturing process sprinkled throughout as well.

Die-hard Halo fanatics may hit the "read" link to read the full article.

Halo 3 priced downunder

While you might think that Americans and Canadians will be paying through the nose of the Legendary Edition of Halo 3, we got word of the Australian prices for the 3 SKUs. To get the cat-helmet, you'll need to drop AU$ 199.95, which is about $160 USD. The Limited Edition comes in at AU$ 119.95, or $96 USD. To just get the game, you'll be paying AU$ 99.95, which translates to $80 USD. While this doesn't make the North American pricing any better, it at least puts it in perspective for everyone. Are any of you Aussies willing to shell out 200 dollars of your currency for the Legendary Edition?

Bungie comments on Legendary price point

While Bungie's Weekly Update had a slew of goodies for you to get excited about Halo 3, they also touched on the $30 increase in price for the Legendary Edition. They more or less apologized for the misleading initial price point, and assured us that the final product will be definitely worth every penny, especially to those who are die hard Halo fans. They even revealed that the Legendary Edition is limited enough to warrant Bungie staff pre-ordering their own copies, and that each one is individually numbered. So, with that coming from them, does it change your opinion on the thirty dollar discrepancy?

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