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Get creative with BioShock vending MP3 downloads

Major Nelson and Elizabeth from 2K Games just partnered up to offer a few short, sweet and completely downloadable audio clips from everybody's favorite Big Daddy adventure, BioShock. The audio clips are all master tracks taken from Rapture's quirky odd talking vending machines. As an added bonus, once you play but one of these audio clips, we guarantee that you'll be instantly taken back to your Rapture gaming days. Ahhh ... Rapture ...

Now, you may be asking what the heck you want with a few random (yet very yummy) audio samples from BioShock's vending machines. Well, if you were a creative fellow, you wouldn't be asking that now would you? Use them as a ringtone, apply them as your computer's error message, mix some samples into a full fledged song or just keep looping a clip while you sleep at night. Be creative and share how you'll be using your newly downloaded BioShock vending clips.

Gorgeous but totally unofficial BioShock 2 art

As a preemptive warning to those searching for any BioShock 2 news, details or leaked assets. This concept art isn't real. Well, actually, let us re-phrase that. This concept art is real, but is not tied to the yet to be announced BioShock 2 and is actually the work of a talented artist by the name of Ben Mauro. The reason the artwork looks very BioShock'esque is because Mr. Mauro actually took inspiration from BioShock to create the concept art and a BioShock 2 "pitch" for his college architecture course. We think everyone can agree that it's lovely art and it makes our head ponder what will be in the BioShock sequel ... what ideas we have.

[Via CVG]

Rumor: Rapture will fall in BioShock prequel

Over the weekend, Czech gaming website claimed that their 2K insider told them that a sequel to BioShock is already in pre-production by an unnamed 2K studio (2K Czech?) and is on track to release Summer 2009. Which isn't all that surprising seeing that BioShock has earned like, what, 328 GOTY awards. But that isn't all. then claimed that the BioShock sequel isn't really a sequel per say and will instead be a prequel with a storyline based on events that occur prior to Rapture's eventual fall. This would allow players to experience the glamorous life of Rapture prior to everyone going crazy.

So what does 2K Games have to say about this latest BioShock prequel rumor? Well, not too much. In a response to, a 2K spokesperson told them that they have "nothing to announce at all" which sounds eerily similar to Microsoft's stance on rumors. We'll just have to wait a bit longer for official details (or more concrete rumors), but we'll be the first to raise our hand and tell 2K that a BioShock prequel not only sounds interesting, but is pretty much the only place you can take the story. Bring it on!

[Via Joystiq]

Read -'s BioShock prequel rumor
Read - 2K Games' response to the rumor

2K is still shipping out Big Daddy replacements

Elizabeth from 2K Boston popped in the 2K forums to update everyone on the Big Daddy replacement saga which sadly continues into 2008. Elizabeth mentions that the replacement Big Daddy figures have started shipping (that's good, seeing that they should have back in November) but not everyone's has been sent off yet. They're still carefully packing each Big Daddy figure, affixing address labels and having Mr. UPS man come pick them up. So, if you haven't received your replacement Big Daddy figurine yet, we'd expect it to arrive within' a week or so (like we haven't heard that before). And be warned 2K. With these shipment delays coupled with an overall feeling of being dragged along, we better not receive a replacement that has its drill tip broken. If so, there will be hell to pay. End angry rant.

[Thanks, HaVoC]

BioShock scares up GOTY honor from AP

BioShock, BioShock, BioShock ... you successful little monster you. The Associated Press just came out with their annual best and worst video game honors and lo and behold, you've taken the top title as their game of the year. Halo 3, Rock Band or The Orange Box couldn't take your GOTY title, instead they had to settle for "Most Overrated Game", "Best Game That Involves Getting Off the Sofa" and "Best Deal" awards. You have proven yourself to be this year's diamond BioShock, this year's crowning achievement in video game storytelling, immersion and appeal that the industry needs. And you've been rewarded. Congratulations.

[Via The Cult of Rapture]

BioShock gets update and new plasmid DLC

Hey, hey! The BioShock update and downloadable content that was announced a few days back has just been released early this morning making your Rapture experience all the better. BioShock's Cult of Rapture outlined what's included in the title update which includes a widescreen FOV fix, various bug squashes and a solution to the nasty caching problem. They also confirmed that the free DLC includes a disable Vita Chambers option, a 100 point "Brass Balls" achievement and four brand new plasmids (Machine Buster 1 & 2, Vending Expert 1 & 2, Sonic Boom 1 & 2 and EVE Saver). Pop in BioShock, get your update, download the DLC and re-visit Rapture with your new sonic booming abilities. Boom, boom!

[Thanks, dave]

BioShock update and free DLC coming next week

The world of Rapture will be seeing an enhancement sometime next week with the release of a BioShock title update and some free downloadable content. The Cult of Rapture announced the the release of the new BioShock content, but has been rather mum about what's going to be fixed via the update or what free goods will be included in the DLC. Though, we have some sort of an idea of what's headed our way, because Elizabeth from the Cult of Rapture confirmed with IGN that the new goodness will include a fix to the widescreen field of view as well as some new plasmids. There you have it kids, some newly new BioShock newness is incoming.

BioShock's new (and secret) achievement

Making a surprise landing on's achievement tracking list is a brand new and totally unexpected BioShock achievement. The achievement is the 51st listed, worth a whopping 100 Gamerscore and is one of those dirty "Secret" achievements, so nobody is quite sure what must be done to unlock it. Is it based on gameplay already available in BioShock or is it a direct hint at other tasks that'll be available in some yet to be released DLC? We're not sure, but we're crossing our fingers in hopes of some new DLC in the next few days to go along with our spiffy new achievement.

[Thanks, xenocidic]

By golly, it's a Etch A Sketched Big Daddy

Only rarely does one stumble upon great artwork that touches them to their core and pulls out emotions that are so deeply embedded. The kind of art that truly inspires greatness and makes one want to scream out loud "I love etched BioShock artwork!" And the picture you see above, made us say just that.

The mysterious and ever so talented Etch A Sketchist created the masterpiece above using his Etch A Sketch, sketching what looks to be the cover art of BioShock, but re-mastered and completed with two white knobs. We must say that his work on the Gears of War scene that we saw a while back was pretty spot on, but this BioShock masterpiece takes the cake. We've never felt the urge to hug an Etch A Sketch as much as we do right now ... we love our BioShock, oh yes we do.

[Via The Cult of Rapture]

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