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Buy Iron Man, score a free gift card

Thanks to Iron Man cleaning up at the box office this weekend (an estimated $100 million weekend), we're sure sales of the Iron Man video game will also be rather high. And even though we can't guarantee the game will equal that of the movies' enjoyment, we can guarantee your Iron Man video game purchase will score you a free gift card.

Over at Circuit City and Best Buy, you can score a $10 gift card with the purchase of Iron Man for the Xbox 360. Not too shabby of a deal, especially if you are or know someone who is a gamer hell bent on owning everything Iron Man after experiencing Iron Man excitement at the box office. Just be careful with your purchase.

Read - $10 Gift Card at Best Buy
Read - $10 Gift Card at Circuit City

Shipping this week: good luck Iron Man edition

Remember when an analysts predicted that the release of Grand Theft Auto IV could derail the ticket sales of the Iron Man movie that releases this week? While the idea that big video game launches hindering movie releases is nothing new -- they said the same thing about Halo 3 -- we have one more prediction to make about the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV: it's going to put a serious damper on sales of the Iron Man video game. You see, they both come out this week. Sure, a game might steal money from a film, but a big game will definitely steal money from a smaller game. They will be competing for the same shelf space after all.

Well, competing might be too kind a word.

[Via Joystiq]

Iron Man Demo on XBLM tomorrow

Thanks to an earlier press release from Sega we can report that the demo for the upcoming Iron Man game will be going online sometime tomorrow. With the movie and game both set to be released on May 2, it was rather important for Sega to get this out there a few weeks in advance to garner more mindshare. Especially with analysts saying that the movie could be upstaged by GTA IV. Whether or not the movie is a success, we just wish the gods of exclusive content had seen fit to give us the cooler armor. Oh well, at least we've still got the demo tomorrow, the PS3 demo has no definite release date at all.

Latest Iron Man trailer: Keep the mask on, please

There's a new trailer for upcoming Sega movie tie-in Iron Man. Rather than focus on the core of the game (you know, blowing stuff up, tossing missiles back at planes, that kind of thing), the trailer highlights the game's story. That's all well and good, but the character models, well, they could use a little work. There's just something odd about seeing a rendering of Robert Downey Jr. that just isn't quite right. The same goes for the other unfortunately wooden models shown in the trailer. Still, we'd say it's safe to assume that the game's storyline is window dressing at best. As long as the "blowing stuff up" part holds up its end of the bargain, the game should at least be worth renting before seeing the movie.

[Via Joystiq]

Iron Man: Stark Weapons gameplay footage

A few days ago Game Trailers nabbed the world exclusive first look at the movie adaptation game of The Incredible Hulk and gameplay footage of the Iron Man movie adaptation game as well. Our indifference to the Hulk trailer made us completely glaze over the latest footage of Iron Man. While, so far, the game looks nice we did notice how barren the world is. We've seen very little outside of the desert environment and, even though they're pretty, we'd like to see more before we decide what to think about SEGA's upcoming movie tie-in. So X3F Army, after checking out the footage we ask you ... what do you think?

Hollywood talent lend voices to Iron Man game

On Thursday Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and SEGA of America, Inc. announced that the Iron Man video game, based on the upcoming comic book adaptation due out on May 2, will feature the voice talents of film stars Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Terence Howard (Lt. Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes) and Shaun Toub (Yinsen).

Iron Man is the story of billionaire Tony Stark who, during a routine weapons test in the Middle East, is captured and forced to create the ultimate weapon for terrorists. Fearing for his life, Stark decides to create a suit or armor instead and uses it to twart the plans of the evil doers. Upon returning to his normal life Stark decides to upgrade his suit and use it to fight crime as the legendary Iron Man.

2008 seems to be the year of the aniticpated licensed game as the game based on Iron Man looks shockingly good along with our previous love for the upcoming Bourne title. The Iron Man game is set to hit stores day-and-date for pretty much any console around with the film later this year on May 2.

Also, anyone else think it would be funny if the death animation of Iron Man in the game included his chest plate red ringing?

[via SuperHeroHype]

Iron Man trailer: it actually looks good

With few exceptions, games based on films are pretty terrible. Games based on movies based on comic books, well those are hit and miss. Imagine our shock and surprise when when it looks like both the Iron Man game from Sega and the film on which it's based actually look good. Case in point, the Iron Man trailer embedded above. We've got flying, blasting, and other assorted bits of awesomeness. For instance, how about catching a missile and throwing it back? That not ringing your bell? Perhaps you'd prefer ripping open a tank like it was a can of Pringles. There, that's better isn't it? We'll be keeping our eyes on this one, assuming GTAIV doesn't steal our attention.

Analyst: Iron Man film to be derailed by GTAIV

Janco Parters analyst Mike Hickey, as reported by Next Gen, is predicting that the April 29 release of Grand Theft Auto IV may hamper ticket sales of the upcoming (and awesome looking) Iron Man film -- releasing the same week on May 2 -- citing that both are aimed at the same demographic. Gamers will remember that similar comments were made regarding the release of Halo 3 and its effect on ticket sales of the same period. While we generally believe that the quality of the film is what's important, there's no denying that games are taking up a more significant share of the entertainment market these days. And if one game could derail a theatrical release, it's Grand Theft Auto IV.

[Via Joystiq]

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