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IGN yanks GTAIV hooker sex, killing video

Up until last night IGN had a feature video dedicated to scenes that depicted GTAIV lead character, Niko Bellic, performing sexual acts and murdering prostitutes online. After questioning the validity of such a video from MTV Multiplayer Blog lead Stephen Totilo, and bringing up the video with a contact at Fox; who owns IGN, the video was removed from IGN's site.

"IGN's goal is to show our users all aspects of popular games on the market," an IGN spokesperson told Totilo. "In this case, we crossed a line in how we portrayed some aspects of the game and we've taken this video down."

The video begins with a montage of pole-dancing and lap-dancing and then spirals into violence with multiple shootings of scantily-clad women by Bellic.

Forgetting that such a specifically focused look at that small, and optional, portion of the game was featured in such a way and the irony of a Fox owned outlet creating and releasing the video, we're left wondering what the point was. Doesn't creating a feature that only looks at such a controversial part of GTAIV fuel the fire for Rockstar naysayers? Well, at least we know which video we're likely to see when Fox News tackles the content of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Turok gets rebirthed with launch of developer blog

The dinosaur infested, bloody mess, survival game known as Turok will be releasing early next year to the 360 and what better way to connect to the gaming community (and play the marketing card) than with the launch of a new developer blog? And that's exactly what the crew over at Propaganda Games just did, making their first blog entry into their official IGN sponsored Turok / Propaganda Games blog.

In their most recent entry, they talk about the history of the Turok franchise, how they got involved with the game and tell of the basic storyline. Be sure to note that the new Turok has no relation to the story presented in the previous games, it's what the industry calls starting on a clean slate. So, if you're looking forward to dinosaur killing next year, be sure to bookmark the new Turok blog for upcoming interviews, dev talk and other random dinosaur bits in the weeks to come. All we're hoping for is a glimpse at a triceratops. We love triceratops'.

Eating heads for fun, The Darkness video interview

We've all been relatively in the dark (yeah, we're lame) when it comes to The Darkness' features, gameplay, and what we'll be getting into this Summer. That is until yesterday when IGN posted an exclusive video interview with the game's producer featuring not only gameplay footage, but an explanation of the Darkness' powers and what you'll be able to do with them. Think of the Darkness as a consuming force, something that is using you to showcase its super powers. Got it? Now, with it you'll be able to use it Dr. Octopus style on enemies by lifting objects, reaching new heights and biting off other's heads. Players also control little Darklings who have different personalities and are just ... evil. Not only that, but the player can strategically shoot out lights and move about in the dark with no problem, because you have super heightened senses. Makes sense huh? They also touch on various multiplayer features and other interesting tidbits in the video.

There's a boat load of new information and gameplay footage in this video interview that we can't possibly touch on and we highly recommend giving it a watch. Just be sure to come back and tell us what you think. The Darkness will be hitting retailers June 29th, so be prepared.

Two new Forza 2 vehicles confirmed

Yesterday, as part of IGN's exclusive Forza 2 coverage, IGN announced two new cars that will be gracing Forza 2's highly detailed tracks. So, let's get into the dirty details. First off, we have the BMW Motorsport M3 featuring over 100 horsepower per liter and a sequential m gearbox transmission. Also announced was the Volkswagen Golf GTi with its fuel stratified charge injection and is rocking an uber flat torque-curve. And yes, we have no clue what the we just said, but we know it sounded good. The newly announced vehicles aren't all that flashy, but are just as pretty and won't put your finances in the red.

IGN's new Forza 2 vehicle info races in

IGN has the insider's scoop on upcoming May release Forza 2's goods. To jump start their exclusive Forza 2 media blitz, they've posted two car bios, both the Enzo Ferrari and the Maserati. They also posted a few exclusive shots of the cars and a brief developer's comments for each vehicle. Remember Forza fans, IGN will be posting exclusive Forza 2 news, art, screenshots and other goods in the weeks leading up to launch day. Information that won't even be available on the official site. And the Maserati barely reaching 60mph in 3.7 seconds ... please! Our 1999 Dodge Caravan fanboy whip could take it on any day.

[Thanks, Jonah]

IGN's broken 360, cardboard coffin reviewed

It happens to the best of them, each curvacious white box having so much potential and so much to offer in its lifetime. But sometimes their life is tragically cut short for no particular reason, especially those first pioneers. IGN recently had to say goodbye to their broken Xbox 360 (a 2005 version at that) and chronicled the emotional journey they faced. A poem was written, the processed was journaled, and the cardboard coffin box came in the mail. And leave it to IGN to write a full review of the official coffin of the 360 ... you know, just in case you have to go through the process. We send IGN our prayers in hopes that they come to peace with the loss and accept a new Xbox 360 member into their gaming family.

[Thanks, Jonah]

IGN reviews Lost Planet

IGN got their chilly little mitts on Capcom's Lost Planet and came away feeling pretty satisfied. In IGN's review they felt Lost Planet's graphics were on par with what was expected (especially the billowy smoke) and they loved the variety of enemies, but a few things missed their radar of perfection. Negatives included controls that were sometimes awkward or loose, average audio, and the storyline not making much sense. Multiplayer was implemented well, but still suffers from the same awkward controls found in the campaign. In the end IGN gave Lost Planet a respectable 8.5 out of 10 making it a pretty darn good game. Also, be sure to check out their video review if you have something against reading ... but then why would you be reading this blog?

PS3 Oblivion content will hit 360 too

Some of you may have heard that the PS3 is getting its very own version of Oblivion, the 360's premiere RPG. Having heard this, you may also have heard that the PS3 would be seeing some content that isn't available for the 360 version. Upon hearing this, you may have been somewhat, shall we say, bummed. Fear not, bummed out Oblivionites, for Bethesda has spoken and the news is good. When IGN asked if the PS3 content -- titled Knights of the Nine -- would be available for PC and 360, Bethesda's Todd Howard replied, "We always aim to have all our content available across all platforms, so that is our goal." So there you have it, folks. Expect to see Knights of the Nine available sometime in the not too distant future.

And since we can't resist kicking a little fanboy sand every once in a while, we'd like to point out that Bethesda is still in the dark concerning downloadable content on the PS3. Gotta love that Xbox Live.

[Via Xboxic]

Need new wallpaper? Think Assassin's Creed [update 1]

IGN has some fancy artwork from the PS3 exclusive that wasn't, Assassin's Creed. The artworks are all very large and very pretty. They're just right for that spiffy new desktop background you've been looking for. Now if we could just scrub out that pesky IGN watermark ...

Update: Fixed tiny grammatical error.

Weird GOW trailer thing on XBLM

Okay, so I grabbed the "new" Gears of War IGN video thingy off of Marketplace last night. Decidedly not HD, this content is ... interesting, to say the least. First of all, this video was made during E3. Why put such an old video on XBLM? I mean, the guy doing the interview is asking, "What's Emergence Day?" I seem to recall a BIG announcement that already cleared that up. Now, to be fair, there is legitimate gameplay in there, which is nice, but the video quality makes it less than optimal.

Finally, what's with the radio jingle music? Maybe it's just me, but that's weird, especially in a podcast about videogames. Just seems out of place, you know? Anyway, this video assuages any misgivings I had about never becoming an IGN Insider. You know, back when I read IGN. Sorry this isn't news folks, but that's what happens when you give nerds like me a public venue.

Design the next XBLA hit yourself

Have you ever played Geometry Wars and thought to yourself, "This game is a steaming pile of manure. I could design something better than this!" If so, then Microsoft wants you, Uncle Sam style (no, not your creepy uncle Sam, this Uncle Sam). Xbox Live Arcade's unprecedented success has been something of a surprise, even to Peter Moore:

 "I didn't expect Live Arcade to be for gamers, I thought maybe for their girlfriends, mums and sisters -- but it's for everybody."

Games like Geometry Wars have convinced big time developers that XBLA equals easy money. Like Nintendo, it allows publishers to earn big money by selling consumers their collective childhood again. But that's not all it's good for, and Microsoft knows it. The next step for XBLA is to get some original independent content. Do you think you're up to snuff? If so, you can send your proposals to this address: arcade[AT]

Finally, my game about Microsoft's evil robot minions will get some recognition.

Psychonauts willing its way to BC List

Peter Moore may think backwards compatibility is for chumps (or does he?), but some of us would like to enjoy our Xbox classics. Psychonauts has been an especially vocal candidate for the back compat list lately. Tim Schafer, creator of Psychonauts, even launched an email campaign to get the game on Microsoft's sacred list. It looks like the petition got someone's attention over in Redmond, because a Microsoft back compat team member was compelled to post this on the IGN forums last week:

"Rest assured, we are working on Psychonauts."

Good news indeed. Now if they could just do something to make the game sell...

[Via Xboxic]

The Xbox 360 and glitching, six months later

While the occasional glitching is just a part of owning new technology, there's something about that little red power ring that has the potential to send chills down any 360 gamer's spine. IGN set out to investigate the "glitch in the system" that plagued certain consoles last November from a six-month-later perspective.

Some cases are just extreme though. Take Chris Szarek, for example, who had to go through so many replacement consoles that he eventually got a personal call from Peter Moore who apologized for the matter. While he and other gamers with such issues could possibly be storing their consoles in an oven or something, there are other people who are clearly taking the right steps to avoid any sort of problems.

One of the IGN staffers had this to say once his own system bit the dust: "... while I was on the customer support line, I heard two guys in the background giving the exact same 'detach cables and hard drive' speech to other poor souls with dead 360s, so I think the problem of dying 360s is still pretty common." Read on for some interesting information regarding this "common" issue. It makes us wonder though: Are any of our readers out there still experiencing such problems?

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