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Quake Wars demo wages war on the XBLM

Freshly making its way to the Xbox Live Marketplace just as we expected, is a super new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo for most everyone (except Japanese Live subscribers) to enjoy. Clocking in at a very manageable 849MB, this Quake Wars demo is said to satisfy your strongest Strogg killing desires and even promises to cure the very worst cases of Projectile Dysfunction ... no joke! Give 'er a download, giver 'er a play and report back here to give us your thumbs up or thumbs down. It's your fanboy duty, now go!

Quake Wars demo headed to XBLM any day now

Thanks to an online advertisement that is in rotation over on Gamespot, we're thinking an Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace any day now. We say this not because we love XBLM demos and would actually enjoy playing some Quake Wars, but because the advertisement says that you can "download the demo now from Xbox Live Marketplace". Don't hurt yourself though, we already checked the XBLM and there is not Quake Wars demo to be found. But we say it'll be up soon, because we have faith in online advertisements and their validity. We are trusting fanboys.

[Thanks, VIP0R]

Strogg unite! Quake Wars Live Weekend

To celebrate the release of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars to the Xbox 360, the Xbox Live gods are sponsoring a Quake Wars Live Weekend where prizes can be won, developers can be fragged and competition will be encouraged.

As part of the Live Weekend fun that starts next Friday, June 6th, there will be a special Quake Wars Play & Win where hourly prizes will be awarded and Xbox 360 Elites will be given away. Also, a few of the id developers will be online Friday evening to participate in a Game with Developers event and show Quake Wars fans how to really play the game. Finally, there will be a weekend long Leaderboard Tournament where even more prizes will be awarded including an all expense paid trip to QUAKECON this July. Now go sign up and be prepared for the Quake funnery that'll be going down next weekend.

Shipping this week: Stroggbad & Akrid

First we should get this out of the way, I'm not Richard. As our American readers know it's Memorial Day and our fearless leader is spending time with his family so he asked Dustin or myself to take care of his weekly "Shipping This Week" post. Considering how well received it was the last time Dustin did one of Richard's regular features, I took the reigns. As a Canadian I'm not entirely sure what Memorial Day is. Okay, you can pretty much guess what it is based on what it's called. According to Dustin it's a day when American's memorialize stuff, but that just makes it sound like there's a lot of scrapbooking involved. Either way, Happy Memorial Day!

This week brings us two new, yet old, games. id Software and Splash Damage's class-based PC shooter, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, hits the Xbox 360 in a port by Nerve Software. While the PC version landed at retail around heavy-hitters like The Orange Box and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Quake Wars finds itself on the Xbox during a gaming release lull and hopes to catch a wider audience the second time around. Also hitting the Xbox 360 is Capcom's definitive version of Lost Planet with all new content including the ability to play as the evil Akrid. Lost Planet Extreme Condition: Colonies Edition, a game with a name so long I had to eat a sandwich in the middle of typing it for fear of losing strength, lands tomorrow for the price of a platinum release. So there you go, two new/old titles hit the Xbox. Planning on picking up either?

And yes, we promise Richard will be back to tell you about the games of the week next time.

Enemy Territory achievements rescued

Achievement fans rest easy. Thanks to the crack team of soldiers (pictured above) we've found the full list of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars achievements. The elusive achievement list was hiding out at and have since been rescued from danger. Promising to soon line your Gamerscore pockets, these points cover everything from completing the multiple campaign modes (North America, Europe, Africa and Pacific) to online ranking achievements that most of us will never get.

As for these guys? If you have a problem. If no one else can help, and if you can find them ... maybe you can hire, the Quake-Team.

Video: Quake Wars cures 'Projectile Dysfunction'

Did you know 32.6% of Americans and 39.4% of Europeans suffer from a condition doctors now refer to as Projectile Dysfunction? It's a problem that, if not treated, can cause inner turmoil, relationship issues and a loss of interest in the shooter genre. If you know or are one of the millions who suffer from Projectile Dysfunction, we urge you to talk to your doctor about Stroyent. Stroyent is a topical cream that can only be obtained through any Enemy Territory: Quake Wars purchase and promises to cure your disorder by offering up a shootlicious shooter experience. Please, don't be embarrassed, get the help YOU need today. Also, if you're in the market for a new Human Juicifier, then check out the amazing offer after the break!

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Doom 4 announced, monster closets being restocked

After a nearly four year hiatus, the Doom series is back. Id Software today announced that Doom 4 has officially begun production and that the company is looking for new talent to produce the sequel. Said id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead, "Doom is part of the id Software DNA and demands the greatest talent and brightest minds in the industry to bring the next installment of our flagship franchise to Earth." Right now that's all we know. No platforms have been announced but, given the franchise's history, we'd expect it to show up on the 360 in some form.

Those looking to scratch that Doom itch while we wait for more info may want to check out the new series of Doom 3 novels. The first in a planned trilogy, Worlds on Fire, is actually pretty decent (yeah, we were surprised too).

Video: Quake Wars goes cinematic

There are quite a few different types of video game trailers. You have teaser trailers which usually try to tease viewers without actually showing anything of importance. Then you have gameplay trailers where (you guessed it) actual gameplay is shown, giving gamers a nice sampling of what the game has to offer. Finally, you have cinematic trailers. A trailer that presents the game as if it were an epic six week television mini-series or Summer blockbuster movie. Cinematic video game trailers try to balance mood, visuals and story just enough to get gamers excited and captivated. So, now that you've been informed, here you go. A new Quake Wars cinematic trailer for you to love and enjoy.

Quake Wars: Four new screens, screens, SCREENS!

Upcoming multiplayer focused shooter, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is closing in on release and we have a few fresh screens of the Xbox 360 version. In development from Nerve Software, the team behind the Return to Wolfenstein Xbox port, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a class based first person shooter in the Quake universe.

While the original PC release from Fall '07 was marketed as a serious shooter, the console version's marketing has taken a slightly different approach, hence our silly headline. The Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars lands at retail on May 27.

Gallery: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Quake Wars trailer goes for the hard sell

This, quite simply, is the best thing we've seen all day. Imagine, if you will, that video games were cars. Now imagine that they were also advertised by your local car dealership. Starting to get the picture? Perhaps a different analogy then. If video games were monster truck rallies, how would you advertise them? Things coming into focus yet? Well, even if they aren't, you should watch this trailer for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. You will be glad you did. Find it embedded after the break.

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Retailers set console Quake Wars release in May

Word on the intertubes is that Activision and id have settled on a May release for Enemy Territories: Quake Wars, or so say retailers. According to various reports from retail sources, Quake Wars (which has been available on the PC since late last year) will make its Xbox 360 debut May 30th in Europe and we expect a Tuesday, May 27th release in North America. But so far, Activision has refused to comment on any of this May release talk, so it isn't officially official. And is it just us or does this Spring / early Summer seem loaded with video game releases?

Quake Arena announced for XBLA

Yesterday, Id Software made an announcement from the comforts of QuakeCon confirming that Quake Arena is being developed for the Xbox Live Arcade. A release date wasn't announced nor any other details were talked about other than the fact that Pi Studios was working on the port.

So fanboys, you already have your Arcade Doom and it'll only be a while until you have your Quake too ... you're so spoiled.

[Via Joystiq]

Video: killing some Strogg in Quake Wars

This new Quake Wars video came across the proverbial desk this weekend. Unfortunately, it was at the bottom of the virtual "IN" pile, so we've only now just gotten to it. News about the title has been fairly scant so far, so we're happy to take what we can get. The video is taken from the PC public beta that's going on right now. The game looks decent, though we wish there was more weapon variety present in the video. What do you think? Does Quake Wars stand a chance against the likes of Halo 3 and Team Fortress 2?

Quake Wars enters the in-game ad wars

Splash Damage has announced that Quake Wars will feature in-game ads. The reasoning behind this decision, according to Managing Director, Neil Postlethwaite, is that Quake Wars will require ongoing support for things like stats servers, and Splash Damage doesn't want to pass that cost onto gamers. Postlethwaite assures readers that the ads will not be intrusive or interactive in any way. What's more, they will be appropriate to the game and all ads must be approved directly by Splash Damage. In-game advertising is still fairly new, and opinions toward it vary wildly, but we're glad to see Splash Damage taking care not to ruin its game. Hopefully they make good on their promise. Oh, and if you happen to be part of the PC beta, then you'll be among the first to see the ads in action.

[Via Joystiq]

Quake III Team Arena on XBLA?

The ESRB is becoming a better resource for leaking Xbox Live Arcade titles than we could have dreamed. This time, it's an entry for Quake III: Team Arena. Granted, the Xbox 360 is not short on shooters, but Quake III is one of the best. Quake III provided some great multiplayer thrills back in tha' day, and it would be a perfect addition to Xbox Live Arcade, especially at a budget price. Quake III is graphically more sophisticated than most XBLA titles, so it's a safe bet that the game will utilize the new 150MB size limit.

Would you buy Quake III for Xbox Live Arcade, or do you have enough shooters already? Frankly, we miss good old fashioned rocket jumping, so we're willing to give it a try.

[Via Joystiq]

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