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Halo 2 wireless battlefield communication

The clever and very observative fanboy SRU Phil spotted a little mistake over on's accessory page pertaining to the Halo 2 Halo 3 wireless headset. It's not called a Halo 2 headset guys and mistakes like that could so get a guy's hand chopped off or tongue ripped out. Unless of course the ad isn't a mistake and is really a leaked announcement. Maybe something along the idea that the Halo 3 wireless headset will come with a free copy of Halo 2 Vista. That's it! It's confirmed, buy the Halo 3 wireless headset and get Halo 2 Vista for free. Man, we're too good.

[Thanks, SRU Phil]

Xbox 360 headset only $4.99

Hurry, you only have around 10 hours (as of this posting) to get a Xbox 360 headset for $4.99 at Stootsi. Shipping is roughly $5 so the total will end up being closer to $10, but still not a bad deal. Personally, we have a surplus of headsets over here at Fanboy Towers with one coming in the premium bundle, another from the Xbox Vision bundle ... they're everywhere! But if your the violent type and broke your headset in an Xbox Live rage then the Stootsi deal is the way to go.

[Thanks, Josue]

Wireless headset for $45

Here's a reason for genuine holiday cheer: Amazon is letting Xbox 360 Wireless Headsets go for $44.99 with free shipping. Stuff one in your own stocking if nobody else will.

[Thanks Ryan]

How much juice is left in your headset?

So you've decided to cut the cord and purchase the new Xbox 360 wireless headset this weekend, good for you! But did you know about the snazzy new battery indicator that was enabled through the fall update?

Well, our friend Major Nelson informs us that you'll be able to check not only your wireless controller's battery life, but the battery life of your new wireless headset too. And all of this battery information is easily accessible through the Xbox guide and is displayed in convenient icon form. So I ask, are you planning on picking up the new wireless headset and freeing yourself of the wires?

Live headset for $8.99

Someone over there at must be a 360 fan, because it seems like they have a deal on 360 peripherals every other day. Today's deal is an Xbox Live headset for only $8.99. After $5.00 shipping, it's $13.99, saving you $6.00 (plus tax) off of the retail price. Sure, it's not as comfortable as my favorite, the glasses-friendly GameCom X20, but at $13.99 the price is right. You've got just over twenty hours before this deal is history, so if you need a new headset, you'd best get cracking.

[Thanks, Ryan Strayhan and get over it]

Peripherals Gone Wild, caught on video

Via Robert Summa, posting wonderboy of Joystiq, we bring you this video of the latest 360 peripherals in action. You'll get to see all your favorites, including the wireless racing wheel, Vision camera, wireless headset, and the HD-DVD drive. The bulk of the video covers the soon-to-be-released Vision camera. The camera will bring all sorts of features to the 360, including personal gamer pics and video chat (in 30 FPS no less). And good news for parents -- and players who don't want to be subjected to random dongs -- parental controls are allowed that let you decide whether or not the little ones are allowed to use video chat or even see personal gamer pics at all. The wheel looks like a really nice peripheral for racing fans and the headset looks like everything you would expect. And the HD-DVD drive ... well, the HD-DVD drive looks bigger than my complete hardbound edition of Lord of the Rings.

[Via Joystiq]

Nice headset cheap. For a good cause too! reports that Plantronics is currently selling the special edition Halo 2 headset for a paltry $14.95 (USD). This headset normally sells for $49.95 so this is a great deal. To make the deal even better, $1.00 of every purchase will be donated to the Plantronics GameCom United Way Katrina Recovery Fund.

Couple the Halo 2 headset with the $8.00 headset adapter from Datel and you've got a steal. It looks like a limited time offer, though. So, go buy one and do some good!

[Via HBO]

Bluetooth headset finally on the way

Xboxic points X360F to this Amazon UK listing for the much vaunted Datel Bluetooth headset. Amazon currently has the item available for pre-order, with a release date of June 30th. I'd take this release with a grain of salt though: the original date from Datel was March 17th. Datel's awful website still makes no mention of the product at all.

Of course, let's not forget that it's still awfully pricey at about $105 US for the adapter/headset package. Hopefully, Datel will get a clue and realize that some people already have a headset and just need the Bluetooth adapter.

I mean, it's not like people have been making adapters themselves...

[Via Xboxic]

Datel delivers with $10 headset adapter

After month's of whining, there's finally a product that does the simplest of things: lets you use your regular headsets with the Xbox 360 and maintain mute and volume control.

Datel has introduced yet another product to their growing stable of Xbox 360 peripherals (Bluetooth headset, 4GB HDD, Serial ATA HDD adapter, Memory Unit transfer kit), the humbly titled "Headset Adapter," which humbly performs that one simple task for the humble price of $10. Nice!

Review: Ear Force X2 Wireless Headphones

After questioning the usefulness of the X2 wireless headphones when you still need to tether them to the controller for Xbox Live play, Turtle Beach kindly offered me a pair to review, assured I would change my tune. They were right ... and a little bit of wrong. The headphone quality is exceptional, but I still have reservations about the headset functionality. Read on for my full review of Turtle Beach's Ear Force X2 wireless headphones.

Continue reading Review: Ear Force X2 Wireless Headphones

Ear Force X2 headset is wireless... sort of

After complaining about the lack of a decent wireless headset for the Xbox 360, we got tipped off to Turtle Beach's horribly named "Ear Force X2" wireless headset. We should qualify "wireless" however: the XBL functionality of the microphone and earphones still uses a cable attached to the controller. The only wireless part of the unit is the ability to transmit the system sound to the headset from the console, useful for those of you who live in a one-room apartment with a baby crib located just next to the television.

I suppose the argument is that the controller is already wireless, so who cares about a little cord? Nerds, that's who! We know it's possible, we already have better headsets, both wired and cordless. We want to see two things:
  1. A third-party adapter that connects to the controller, has volume and mute support (preferably the button-style like the original Xbox) and a standard headphone jack for our wired headsets.
  2. Secondly, a third-party Bluetooth adapter that connects to the 360 controller, offers volume and mute controls, and sends audio wirelessly to and from a wireless Bluetooth headset. Why has nobody made this yet?
If you're still interested, the Ear Force X2 begins shipping March 20 for about $100.

[Thanks, Doug]

"Recall the 360 Headset" petition

I'm pretty jaded about internet activism, but when it comes to a cheap piece of plastic painfully squeezing your temple, anything is worth a shot. Reader George Ogan has started a petition demanding that Microsoft recall what he calls "the worst accessory delivered on any console for the past 10-15 years." George's complaints:

1. It’s over-the-top, instead of around-the-back, and causes pain. The one ear pieces goes on one ear, then you've got this stick that presses into the temple on the other side of your head. It feels like the headset was designed for a 3 year old.

2. The wire from the adapter to the headset is very light, springy and cheap looking and is always getting in the way because it won’t lay flat.

3. The microphone doesn't go down far enough. It sits there in your field of vision, reminding you how much you hate to use the headset.

4. It sounds HORRIBLE. I went from the clear deep sound of my friends in my ear from the original Xbox Live headset to a tinny staticy offense muffled jabbing into my head.

If you agree, add your signature and tell Redmond Xbox360Fanboy supports quality first party headsets. While you're holding your breath waiting for the suits to respond, you can rig one of these homebrew solutions:

How to use any headset with the 360
Original Xbox Live headset hack
Wireless 360 headset using Bluetooth

(Note: gave me an error message when I tried to sign. You might have to check back later to see if it's working).

Update: George's complaints were copied from an Amazon review by Jeff Keegan. Let's give Jeff credit for articulating what annoys us (especially huge-headed people) about the 360 headset

Original Xbox Live headset hack

Until accessory manufacturers realize that audio-adapters for the Xbox 360 controller are a booming market, we'll keep posting about all the hacked/cludged/jury-rigged options available to you. If you're a fan of the original Xbox's headset, but miss the volume and muting capabilities of the 360 headset, why not make an unholy union of the two? Follow the step-by-step guide, complete with annotated images, to get old trusty wrapped around your head again.

See also:

Wireless 360 headset using Bluetooth
How to use any headset with the 360

[Via digg]

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