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MadCatz HDMI converter sells for $90 next month

We have to agree with Joystiq that we're not quite sure to whom the MadCatz HDMI Conversion Kit is supposed to appeal. Of course, not all 360s have HDMI, but we're willing to bet that anyone who really cares about HDMI probably won't want a converter. We're no technical wizards, but we know that unless the signal is HDMI to begin with, it's not really HDMI anyway. It does scale to 1080p, but so does every other available 360 connection option. We suppose there is the possibility that it's simply more convenient, as it replaces multiple RCA connector with one HDMI connector and an optional optical cable. Even then, $90 seems a bit steep just to clear up some cable clutter. Then again, if you're rocking a 1080p TV, another $90 probably isn't that much. Should you desire one of the wonder-devices, they go on sale beginning in January.

[Via Joystiq]

Stranglehold for the cheap and HDMI 360s

It's that time again when we open up the Sunday newspaper, gather up all the retail ads and painstakingly look for the best gaming deals this week has to offer. So, enough setup already ... let's get to it.

One of this week's best new release deals is at Circuit City where they're offering Stranglehold for only $47.99. That's a $12 savings which is quite the deal. We couldn't find any other software deals, but ran across Circuit City's 2-day Labor Day special (Sunday and Monday only) on a Premium 360 where they'll throw in a copy of Rockstar's Table Tennis and a wireless controller for free. Nothing amazing, but it's something. Finally, for those of you who want to be guaranteed a HDMI connection on your 360, Best Buy is advertising the "new" Xbox 360 Premium w/HDMI SKU. It's a very nice gesture that prevents online orderers from getting an old, HDMI-less 360.

That's all the noteworthy deals we could find in this week's Sunday ads, but we're sure you've come across other deals online so feel free to share with your fellow fanboys. You know, because sharing is the right thing to do.

HDMI 360s at Best Buy have their own SKU

X3F Reader and Best Buy employee Zathu hit us up with some sage wisdom for those hunting down HDMI capable Xbox 360s. According to Zathu, his store got a fresh batch of them, and noticed that they have their own SKU and UPC, and anyone can simply ask their local Best Buy if they have SKU 8493838 in stock. He also notes that they should have a seperate price tag denoting the HDMIness of the console for easy pick'ns. That should assist any of you looking to get your hands on one.

[Thanks, Zathu]

No Falcon technology in HDMI Premiums

Over on the NeoGAF forums, forum member wonderkins posted pictures of his freshly cracked open HDMI featured Xbox 360 Premium console to see if it had the new heatsink or the new 65nm chips. His findings were that the latest 360s rolling off the assembly lines do feature an extra heatsink, but they do not include any new 65nm "Falcon" technology just yet. We know that some of our fellow fanboys are huge tech buffs and will be sad to hear that news, because all they've wanted for their mid-August Christmas has been Xbox 360 65nm tech. But keep your chin up eager 65nm hopefuls, because the technology is guaranteed to be rolling out within' a few months, so you'll just have to wait a little bit longer.

[Thanks, Ryan Hartman]

Look on the box, confirm HDMI, make purchase

We know everyone who's in the market for a new Xbox 360 wants a fancy schmancy HDMI port in their Premium, but may not know how to identify these new consoles. Well, good news for you, because it's quite easy to identify them in the wild. Xbox-Scene found an Xbox 360 Premium box that featured the HDMI connection and confirmed that under the contents section of the box it lists "HDMI port" as a console specification. No, it isn't as obvious as a huge reflective sticker plastered on the front of the box as we expected, but at least you don't have to play the guessing game when it comes to identifying a HDMI Premium.

HDMI confirmed in new 360 Premiums

It don't get much more official than this folks. It seems someone purchased an Xbox 360 Premium system from an Atlanta Target today, only to find out that it includes an HDMI port (confirming the rumor we posted just today). Shacknews has confirmed with Microsoft that Xbox 360 consoles will now include HDMI ports and that are gradually finding their way into retail outlets. Microsoft is currently mum on whether or not the HDMI port will make it into the Core System (then again, why would it be if the Core is on the way out, right?). Also unknown is if the inclusion of HDMI also means users can expect the new 360s to have the smaller, cooler 65nm chips. Considering the magnitude of the addition of HDMI, the 65nm chips would definitely make sense. If the above image is any indication, the port should appear on consoles manufactured on July 4th or later. If anyone out there is willing to check for the 65nm processor, be sure and send the proof our way.

[Via Joystiq. Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

HDMI connectivity to become a 360 standard?

According to a (somewhat reputable) rumor mole who tipped off tech site ars technica, HDMI connectivity will be making its way into both the Core and Premium Xbox 360 models rather soon. Ars technica says that rumor talk of HDMI being added to all Xbox 360 consoles started back at E3 when the Halo 3 360 was announced and they got someone at Microsoft to admit that "HDMI will probably be standard moving forward". Now, after the price cut announcement, a rumor mole popped up telling ars technica that HDMI will be added to Core and Premium Xbox 360s starting late August, early September when a new graphic will be added to the retail packaging proclaiming the new HDMI connection.

So, will all this rumor talk of HDMI becoming a 360 standard turn out to be true? Well, we're going to err on the side of pessimism and call this bologna simply because HDMI is one of the major selling points for the Elite system. HDMI becoming standard would take a bullet point away from the Elite. But then again, we'd love to be proved wrong.

It could work: HDMI cable for non Elite 360s

Feeling the need to connect your white Xbox 360 to your television with HDMI? In other words, do you have Elite HDMI envy? Well we just might (and we emphasize might) have stumbled across a solution that'll be available in the next few months. XCM announced that they will be coming out with an adapter that'll allow your core or premium 360 to connect to a display via HDMI and in full 1080p. But be warned and don't get your hopes up too much, because XCM is the same company that created the XFPS that our very own Richard reviewed back in the day. And let's just say it was a huge disappointment. No matter, XCM will be releasing the HDMI adapter and we'll get an official opinion on this little device when judgment day arrives. But we're staying pessimistic and you aren't going to change our minds.

[Via MaxConsole]

Oh the horror! Elite to use HDMI 1.2 not 1.3

Over on the AVS forums, an insider from Microsoft let the kitty cat out of the bag on the Xbox 360 Elite's use of HDMI. According to the post, the Elite will incorporate HDMI 1.2 and not the newer 1.3 version which the PS3 uses. What's the big difference you ask? Well, not too much other than HDMI 1.3 features TrueHD and DTS-HD audio output and other small fixes where as 1.2 does not. There's a lot of technical mumbo jumbo to be read, so if you're into all that technical jazz feel free to read up on the differences. For the HDMI noobs amongst us (which we mostly all fall under) check out Wikipedia's HDMI 1.2 vs 1.3 comparison and get learnified. To those of you who are purchasing an Elite 360, does this 1.2 revelation alter your opinion or sway you away from your future Elite purchase?

[Via Gizmodo]

Non-Elite HDMI adapter rumor resurfaces

Even with the announcement of the Xbox 360 Elite, it seems the longstanding rumor of an HDMI adapter for the regular Xbox 360 just won't die. An Engadget reader named Evan M supposedly sent Microsoft an email after learning of the HDMI enabled Xbox 360 Elite. You see, Evan just purchased an Xbox 360 Premium, and was understandably miffed on hearing of the new Elite, knowing that his television supports HDMI. Evan received a response from Microsoft stating that a component to HDMI adapter was in the works, though the support person was unsure if this device would ever be sold by itself. In other words, it could be sold with a future iteration of the original Xbox 360.

Now, customer support isn't always on top of everything, so the information can't be taken as gospel. Furthering the doubt of such an adapter, Microsoft's Andre Vrignaud, better known as Ozymandias, recently stated such an adapter is not in the works at all. Furthermore, Ozymandias states that a hardware change was required to implement HDMI in the first place, hence the creation of the Elite.

And of course, the most obvious reason to doubt an HDMI adapter, it would serve no purpose. The analog-to-digital conversion created by an adapter would likely nullify the enhanced visual fidelity of HDMI anyway. Unless the HDMI port is the only free port on the back of your television, an adapter wouldn't make any sense at all.

Dean asks: What makes HDMI so great?

Journalist for the Mercury News and all around Xbox guru, Dean Takahashi, recently raised an important question. The question: who really needs HDMI? Of course, Takahashi is referring to the Xbox 360 Elite and its inclusion of an HDMI interface. Who better to answer the question than Kasey Holman, senior director of Corporate Marketing, HDMI Licensing, LLC. She couldn't be biased at all, right? Obvious sarcasm aside, Holman made the following arguments for the greatness of HDMI.
  1. HDMI provides the best video quality as there are no loss conversions involved, unlike component. The all digital signal will create sharper pictures without the ghosting or softness found through component. Smaller, high contrast details like text display this most prominently.
  2. HDMI provides superior digital audio (it supports up to 8 channels at 192kHz, uncompressed).
  3. HDMI is the future standard of High Definition content. Within a few years, content producers may activate a usage restraint token that won't allow High Definition playback over unprotected interfaces (i.e. component).
  4. Through an HDMI connection, the Xbox 360 will automatically detect the best settings for each television to which it is connected. In other words, users will no longer have to manually adjust resolutions and aspect ratios. These adjustments will be mad automatically according to the TV's specifications.
  5. HDMI sends both audio and video through the same cable, eliminating the need for separate cables. Of course, users of optical audio will beg to differ, but it does simplify things like System Link play.
There you have it, 5 reasons HDMI owns component. Anyone out there picking up the Elite solely for HDMI?

Microsoft accidentally confirms HDMI?

With Microsoft staying hush-hush about the Xbox 360 Elite, people are looking for information anywhere they can get it. It seems the latest source of information is the official XNA Game Studio Express forum on the Microsoft Developer Network. An innocent XNA coder looking for answers seems to have confirmed more than the press could with calls and email directly to MS. The question, from forum user PAPutzback1, was simple: "Will the HDMI output on the revised 360 require any code changes? I am hoping some developers have a beta unit and can answer this question." A Microsoft employee by the name of Shawn Hargreaves responded, "No changes required." Obviously, Hargreaves' answer points to the Xbox 360 actually integrating HDMI at some point in the future, possibly confirming the existence of the Xbox 360 Elite. Our buddies at Xbox-Scene also report that their Microsoft sources have informed them that the HDMI port could be worked into Core and Premium 360s by June.

Granted, Game Informer has already stated that it doesn't print false stories in its April issue, but this is the closest we've gotten to official confirmation from Microsoft. Take it for what you will.

[Via Xbox-Scene]

See also:
Xbox 360 120GB HDD advertising appears

"Zephyr" Xbox 360 rumors correct; coming late April

Game Informer's April issue confirms the mountain of rumors about the "Zephyr" Xbox 360. The Black, 120 GB HDD, HDMI enabled Xbox 360. Yeah, that one. Also worth noting is that the magazine has a policy of not writing fake stories in their April issue, as well as confirming that the story is indeed true. So, we're looking at a third Xbox 360 SKU in late April priced around $479 USD, which still has the standard DVD drive. After all, they already have a Black HD DVD player model produced. How do you current 360 owners feel about this? Are you going to buy a new console to take advantage of its 1080p via HDMI goodness? At least it comes with an HDMI cable.

Apparently, the 120 GB HDD will also be available for sale separately for "under $200", but the same can be said for the HD DVD player. Hopefully it will follow suit of the memory units and take the 20 GB HDD's price, bumping the previous drive's cost for consumers down. We've got scans of the magazine for your viewing pleasure after the break.

Continue reading "Zephyr" Xbox 360 rumors correct; coming late April

HDMI 360 for research, not in production

In recent interview with Gamespot at CES, Microsoft's Chris Satchel both confirmed and denied the existence of the HDMI enabled 360 which many have dubbed 360 v2. When asked about the existence of the new 360, Satchel replied that Microsoft is constantly working to upgrade the 360 and working on many different prototypes. He more or less confirms the existence of the HDMI prototype, saying, "at the moment, everything you might have seen is just looking at our experimentation back in Redmond, not really a product that we're thinking about announcing." So there you have it. The 360 v2 exists, but it looks like it's only a prototype (and one that may never see the market). Frankly, we're a little skeptical, as it only makes sense that Microsoft would eventually launch an HDMI enabled 360. The question really isn't whether or not Microsoft will incorporate HDMI, it's more a matter of when.

Satchel also discusses IPTV, PS3 comparisons, and the Nintendo Wii. Overall it's a good read for 360 fanboys. Check it out.

[Via Joystiq]

Japanese Lost Planet bundle with HDMI? [update 1]

Crafty users over at NEOGaf spotted something interesting on Japan's Lost Planet 360 bundle. The list of contents on the back of the box show that an HDMI cable is cable is included with the bundle. Microsoft has said in the past that HDMI is unnecessary for high definition games, or that too few people have HDMI capable TVs, so this could be an interesting turn of events. Also, it would mesh well with rumors of the cable's imminent release.

Of course, it's always possible that this is merely a printing mistake. For instance, the front of the box (image here) notes that the bundle includes normal "HD AV" cables, which are found in American Premium bundles, too. Did some punch-drunk graphic designer accidentally type the wrong letters, or is Microsoft finally taking the HDMI plunge?

Update: It looks like Microsoft has officially shot this down. According to IGN, the HDMI reference on the back of the box was a typo. Shucks.

[Via AVS Forum. Thanks, Jay.]

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