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Built-in HDD 'prematurely' killed off the original Xbox

"The hard drive in every Xbox killed us" admitted Peter Moore who, in an interview with guardian, mentioned that it and the cost associated with the drives was one of the main reasons Microsoft chose to move away from the original Xbox so quickly.

The Xbox's built-in HDD was "why we prematurely left the original" Moore admitted, "we were still selling it [the console] at $199 and the hard drive was like $70 ... it was killing us, and there was no way to bring the price down. So in the end we determined at around the 25 million unit mark that we just needed to slow this thing down and just not sell any more, and move to the 360 as quickly as we possibly could." Intriguing. Maybe now with the 360's not so mandatory HDD, we'll see a console life cycle that'll last beyond five years. Maybe?

[Via Shacknews]

Video: Fall update game installation process

Looky here kids, it's the Fall dashboard update in the hands of some uber l33t dude who "magically" has the new dashboard installed on his Xbox 360. Even better, he (or she) demos the new hard drive game installation process using GTAIV. From the looks of things, the process isn't quick (copying gigs and gigs of data never is), but does actually copy over ever single megabyte from the disc. Though, you'll need the disc to load the game. Pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the Fall update game installation process.

[Thanks, DCB and SS1029]

Amazon discounts 20GB and 120GB 360 hard drives

Going hand in hand with this week's retail Xbox 360 deals thus making this a money savings morning, we bring you word that has a few good deals on Xbox 360 hard drives. Money savings on both the 20GB drive and uber large 120GB model.

As part of their gaming "Deal of the Day", today and today only has discounted the 360's (already overpriced) 20GB hard drive to $65 and the 120GB hard drive to $135. As always, Amazon doesn't charge shipping on orders over $25 and (for most buyers) is also tax free. So, if you're in the market for a new 360 hard drive, today just might be the day for you to jump in and ease the purchasing pain by saving yourself 25% off of retail. Every penny counts.

[Thanks, Ben]

120GB HDD pricing analyzed and it's overpriced

The crew over at MTV Multiplayer did some detective word, analyzed the cost to produce the Xbox 360's 120GB HDD peripheral and guess what? They concluded that it's one over-priced hard drive ... shocker! According to their research, the 120GB drive (which retails for $179 in the U.S.) costs around $75 for the drive itself, another $5 or so for the special software and casing bringing the total to about $80. Tack on a Microsoft profit of around $20 per drive and a retail profit of around $80 and you've got yourself a $180 120GB HDD. Way too expensive. You'd think Microsoft would want to make it cost effective for gamers to upgrade their 360's storage seeing that the majority of the content being put on them is paid XBLM content. Guess not though.

Rumor: 60GB to replace 20GB HDD in 360 Pros

With rumors of European Xbox 360 price cuts flying around, we have yet another 360 hardware rumor making the internet rounds and it targets the 360's hard drive.

According to TrustedReviews and their "rock solid source", they're claiming that Microsoft has plans to replace the Xbox 360 Pros' current 20GB HDD with a larger 60GB drive by this June. A move that isn't all that far fetched seeing that they probably want to to help accommodate all that HD content they want you to purchase off the Marketplace. TrustedReviews ratchets up the rumor mill even further by saying that their insider told them that Microsoft is bouncing around the idea of adding yet another SKU to the 360 lineup. A new console that would reap the fruits of the rumored Sony / Microsoft negotiations and feature a Blu-ray drive. So, is anyone willing to take a stab at what the rumored 60GB HDD or Blu-ray equipped models would be called? We'll be trail-blazers and go with "Xbox 360 Six Pack" for the 60GB model and "Xbox 360 HD DVD Died So Blu-ray It Is" for the Blu-ray version.

[Via Engadget]

Devs still bitter about non-HDD Xbox 360 Arcade

We thought we were in the clear regarding the controversy that surrounded both the hard drive'less Xbox 360 Core and Arcade models, but we've come to accept that sensitive topics like this will never die.

In a recent chat with CVG, Bourne Conspiracy lead designer Rory McGuire flat out said that Microsoft made a "mistake" with their decision to not make a hard drive mandatory in all Xbox 360 models. McGuire told CVG that "in retrospect I wish Microsoft had made the choice to have [mandatory] hard drives like Sony did with the PS3." McGuire further went on to explain the development advantages of having a HDD saying that "if you have a hard drive, the whole game loads faster. Obviously you'll be facing a short install time, but the developer benefits from it and you definitely benefit from it as a player." Take that Microsoft!

On second analysis, it's entirely possible that Microsoft could make HDDs mandatory in all Xbox 360 consoles by axing the Arcade and taking out another $1.9 billion hit to ship 20GB HDDs to Core and Arcade owners. Makes sense to us.

Today only, get a 120GB HDD for $139

For those of you who didn't win the Xbox 360 120GB HDD in our fanswag giveaway a few weeks back, we've got a money savings deal for you. As part of's Deal of the Day, today and today only they're knocking off $40 and offering the 120GB HDD for "only" $139. Not too shabby, eh? But if you're interested you better check your bank accounts quickly, because this daily deal ends tonight and the $139 price tag will revert back to original $179 status and the evil in the world will corrupt your soul. Well, maybe that's a bit much, but trust us when we say this deal will disappear tonight

[Thanks, Ben Koca]

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