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Halo 3: Where's mah skulls?

So, by now we're betting that most of our readers have finished most, if not all, of the Halo 3 campaign. From here there are several natural progressions. Maybe you'll start fiddling around with the saved film feature, taking screenshots of your most glorious moments. Perhaps you'll delve headlong into multiplayer, owning n00bs and taking names. Then again, you might try your hand at creating the perfect maps and game types in Forge. But, if you're like us, part of your post-campaign regimen will include the search for skulls. For example, we just took an ill-advised blogging break to grab the elusive IWHBYD skull with a Joystiq buddy. The fever even seems to have gripped the folks at Penny Arcade, as you can see from the image at right.

We'll admit it, we're using guides, guides, guides. Off the internet of course -- we're not going to do something silly like pay for one. How goes your hunt for the skulls? Are you employing the mass-intelligence of the internet or are you going it solo, trusting your killer instincts to uncover them? Dare we ask if there's anyone out there with all of them?

IWHBYD skull found, Hayabusa here we come!

Well, it appears that the mystery of the Halo 3 Hayabusa helmet has already been solved with persistent fanboys over at Halo3Planet.com figuring out how to obtain the "I Would Have Been Your Daddy" skull.

To refresh your memory, the IWHBYD skull was the only skull that needed to be found, because the Hayabusa helmet (as part of Halo 3's armor permutations) can only be unlocked when all thirteen Halo skulls have been found. Thus, IWHBYD is uber important. Anyhoo, like we said, the skull has been found and is quite the tricky little devil to get. Full instructions can be read over at Halo3Planet.com, but in brief you'll have to make your way to "The Covenant" level and jump through seven Halo holograms in order to play the Halo theme song music. Crazy huh? We're sure Bungie thought they could keep the wraps on the IWHBYD skull for a while, but never underestimate the fanaticism that is the Halo community. Now go, go get your thirteen skulls and unlock the Hayabusa helmet ... your l33t status is in jeopardy!

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Halo 3: Hunting for Hayabusa armor

The guys over at The Xbox Domain posted a helpful little chart for Halo 3 players who want to unlock the various Halo armor permutations and just don't know how. The chart shows a preview of each armor variation and explains what you must do to unlock each armor piece. It's quite the nice informative guide. But there is still one mystery that has yet to be solved fanboys, because the sexy samurai Hayabusa helmet has yet to be found. Actually, it's universally accepted that the Hayabusa armor will be unlocked once the player has found all 13 Halo skulls, but that's where the problem lies. There is one elusive skull named "I Would Have Been Your Daddy" that nobody has found yet (Bungie brags that it's the hardest to find) and is supposedly the last key to unlocking the Hayabusa armor. So, if you're all about being famous within' the Halo community, find the last skull, unlock the Hayabusa armor, wear it proud and be the envy of all.

Halo 3: find all the golden skulls video

Supposedly, this video contains the locations all nine of the golden Halo skulls. Frankly, we really don't know because we haven't watched it. We're trying to find them the old fashioned way, you see. Still, we know that not everyone cares about that sort of thing, and some of us have more important things to worry about. As such, we're providing this video as a service to our readers. Watch, learn, and enjoy. Remember, if you want to grab those campaign achievements, you more or less have to have at least one skull turned on. Also, if you haven't figured it out yet, there be spoilers in the video. You have been warned.

[Via Joystiq]

Halo 3: campaign scoring and you

So, we've all managed to plow through the Halo 3 campaign now, right? After all, the game has been available for more than 24 hours, so everyone should have beaten it by now, all of its secrets laid bare. Good, because now it's time to delve into campaign scoring. A brand new feature in Halo 3, campaign scoring helps players net achievements and find a way to compete with their friends even during cooperative play (as if Team Slayer wasn't enough?). Bungie.net has posted a campaign scoring guide to help players get the most out of the feature. For those that have been wondering how many points each Grunt, Brute, and Jackal are worth, the guide is the place to find out. Not only that, but the guide explains difficulty multipliers (i.e. kills are worth more on Heroic than on Normal), style multipliers, and Halo skulls. By the way, the guide contains spoilers, so those still avoiding them had best look away. The rest of us, however, can get the most out of campaign scoring using the guide.

Oh, the guide also gives a few "tips" on how to maximize your individual score at the expense of others. Our favorite: melee your teammate as he charges into the fray. This will drop his shields. By the time he softens up the enemies, he'll probably be dead, leaving them all for you. Hello multikill bonus!

An even closer look at Halo 3's campaign

Bungie invited a hand picked group of media (ahem, where was our invite?) to Bungie Studios to take a closer look at Halo 3's campaign and show off a few new levels not seen at E3. The media were lucky enough to see campaign levels three (Tsavo Highway) and four (The Storm) and experience what they had to offer. They got to check out the Scarab's new and improved AI system where it'll actually look for targets and search for enemies as well as experience a few epic Covenant battles. In the article, Bungie also talks about how much more detail there is in Halo 3 versus its predecessors as well as hidden Halo skulls, meta scores, and The Forge. This is definitely a must read, so go get a new detailed look at Halo 3 and preview all the fun in store for us this September.

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