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Former Metal Gear 4 producer joins new Halo team

Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that former Konami employee Ryan Payton will be joining Microsoft Game Studios. Payton will join a newly formed team that is responsible for all current and upcoming Halo titles.

In response to a rumor that Payton had been tapped as the lead producer for the long awaited Peter Jackson Halo Project, Microsoft would only confirm Payton was one of many employees recently hired to make up the new team, according to EDGE Online.

Among the other members of the Halo team announced is fan favorite ex-Bungie employee, Frank O'Connor. as well as former members of Gearbox, id and Pseudo Interactive.

Payton, who is best known for his work as an assistant producer on Metal Gear Solid 4, left Konami in August.

[via Joystiq]

Pardon Bungie's Dust, Superintendent strikes again

In a new encoded post on the official Bungie site a string of text teases what many anticipate was Bungie's canceled E3 reveal. Playing out like a snippet of a Hollywood script, the string of text details a conversation between a Captain - Codenamed: DARE.V.500341(S1) - following up on a squad request to an Admiral - Codenamed: SMN.ACTUAL - calling the shots from a location currently under siege.

At the time of this writing speculation continues to run wild within the Bungie Forums. Popular theories point to new campaign levels, a map pack retail disc with a new cinematic (as seen in Halo 2's map pack) or an entirely new title within the Halo Universe, specifically due to references of the MAC weapon. Some of the more interesting tidbits could easily be gleaned from scanning the string of text (available after the break). The primary, DARE, is given a code number which ends in S1 leading some to believe the string of text occurs prior to Covenant attacks during the SPARTAN-1 era (yr.2491) -- way before John-117 joins the program in 2517.

Which theory gets us excited? The mention of squads could point to a pre-Halo era tactical shooter in the original SPARTAN phase that led to the creation of Master Chief. Wild thinking and speculation but we can't wait to see where this one is going.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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MS: 'More than two or three teams' working on Halo

In an interview with, head of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer talked about where the Halo franchise is headed (among other topics) and confirmed that multiple development teams are indeed working on numerous Halo projects.

"There's more than one team building Halo games right now. There are more than two or three teams building Halo things right now" says Spencer, adding "some of them we will own, some of them we won't." Hmm, interesting stuff. Currently, we're aware of two Halo titles, Halo Wars and the Peter Jackson projected dubbed Halo: Chronicles. So, if there's more than three teams working on games, how many Halo titles does that equate to and when do we get to hear about them? Whore that Halo franchise MGS, whore it out good!

Halo Chronicles alpha evidence is fake [update]

Update: Looks like there is no Halo Chronicles alpha after all, as HBO has learned from Bungie's Luke Smith that the evidence is "100% fake."

According to, a Bungie employee has been spotted on Xbox Live* playing a game called Robins Perch. What's interesting is the descriptive text that follows: "Chronicles Alpha - Exploring Onyx." Chronicles, eh? Could that be Halo Chronicles, the upcoming collaboration between Peter Jackson and Bungie? We thinks it can. Why the codename Robins Perch though? Considering the Halo 3 alpha was codenamed Pimps at Sea -- the name of Bungie's long awaited piratical pimp simulator -- Robins Perch could be a play on Crow's Nest (the nautical term, not the Halo 3 level). Cute.

The part about exploring Onyx is particularly intriguing, as it implies there could be more than one planet to traverse. Could Halo Chronicles be the Halo MMO that has been rumored for ages? Whatever it is, hopefully the appearance of the alpha means we'll finally hear some solid news about Halo Chronicles soon (at a special event perhaps).

*Note: We can confirm that the gamertag spotted does indeed belong to a Bungie employee. We won't be giving it out for the sake of privacy.

[Thanks, Richard D]

Microsoft: Bungie announcement 'held back' for special event

The saga of Bungie v. Microsoft in The Case of the Missing Haloes continues. The L.A. Times spoke with Xbox senior VP Don Mattrick regarding the omission of Bungie's announcement from its Monday press conference. Mattrick told the writers that Microsoft decided to nix the reveal during the show to "save time."

Let that sink in for a moment, you 5+ million Halo fans. Time. Word around the campfire is Microsoft's conference was originally set to run for two-and-a-half hours, but Mattrick wanted to cut the show down to 90 minutes. Of the items to be cut from the show? Anything named Halo. Mattrick told the paper that Microsoft's conference already contained, "an embarrassment of riches," so the Halo trump cards were removed from the docket.

At least we still got to see that sweet Lips presentation though. Now that's a franchise!

Surely it had nothing to do with the fear of taking attention away from Final Fantasy XIII for 360. Balderdash! Or, Gears of War 2. Poppycock!

Now the question remains, when will we see the new secret Halo game Bungie is working on? "We felt we could do this game more justice with a more dedicated event," Mattrick said in the L.A. Times piece. Sounds like it was planned all along, it's just funny that Bungie took it the way they did. It's almost like they were left out of the loop.

E308: Bungie responds to 'hoax' speculation has been updated. No, nothing was announced. That was canceled, but the update has come in the form of a quick-n-dirty Q&A regarding the situation. Responding specifically to internet claims that Bungie was masterminding a plot to trick fans only to later reveal an 'OMG-megaton,' Bungie's Luke Smith posted an update today -- and please, really listen.

"As much as fans wanted to believe otherwise, this is in fact, the truth and not a cruel hoax or prank. E3 is winding down and there are no plans to make a surprise announcement later this week," Smith wrote.

Smith does assure fans that everyone at Bungie is aware of their disappointment and even share in it as "a metric ton" of work was done to create and showcase something special at 7:07am this morning. Smith also does well by the community by answering some of the more controversial questions later last night.

Smith revealed that Bungie learned of the postponement near 7pm and for the sake of tradition timed the release that that time. The splash image was not removed for people who were not online during the situation and went to Bungie the next morning looking for details. Finally, Luke Smith assured fans that former tester Harold Ryan is the current president of Bungie LLC.

E308: Mattrick confirms that Bungie is developing new Halo game

Maybe all the drama revolving the Bungie announcement and subsequent postponement wasn't worth the headache.

In an interview with MTV Multiplayer blog Microsoft's head of Xbox Don Mattrick confirmed that Bungie is working on a new Halo title. Mattrick told MTV that Bungie's next title wasn't revealed because Microsoft felt they had enough content and excitement surrounding its other announcements (Sup, Final Fantasy XIII).

When pressed on the lack of Halo news, specifically regarding Ensemble Studio's real-time title, Halo Wars, Matrrick told MTV not to worry and announcements would be coming and then let it slip that Bungie is working on a Halo title.

Matrrick then clarified that the Bungie project is not related to Halo Wars or the the long-announced Peter Jackson project, codenamed Halo: Chronicles.

Was this the 10:07 AM PT announcement, the rumored Halo-based tactical shooter or were they the same?

[Thanks, Dan Dizzle]

New Halo Wars and Halo Chronicles info in latest GamePro

GamePro has revealed the cover of their July issue, which contains new information on Halo Wars. According to GamePro's website, the article will feature new details regarding the Covenant and Spartans as well as new vehicles including prototype Elephants, Wolverines and Vultures. While we're certainly excited about the new Halo Wars details, what's even more interesting is that the cover also states that the article will discuss Halo Chronicles. Fans will recognize the name as one of the rumored titles for Peter Jackson's Halo project. Hopefully the article has some real details regarding the game because, thus far, we've got bupkis.

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