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Halo 2 wireless battlefield communication

The clever and very observative fanboy SRU Phil spotted a little mistake over on Xbox.com's accessory page pertaining to the Halo 2 Halo 3 wireless headset. It's not called a Halo 2 headset guys and mistakes like that could so get a guy's hand chopped off or tongue ripped out. Unless of course the ad isn't a mistake and is really a leaked announcement. Maybe something along the idea that the Halo 3 wireless headset will come with a free copy of Halo 2 Vista. That's it! It's confirmed, buy the Halo 3 wireless headset and get Halo 2 Vista for free. Man, we're too good.

[Thanks, SRU Phil]

The end is here: Red Vs. Blue #100

Well folks, today is the day: the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Rooster Teeth promises that there will be a few one-off Red Vs. Blue episodes, but for now, the series as we know it is no more. Episode 100 is available now in all its 15 minute glory. The episode hasn't been released in embeddable format, so you might as well head over to Rooster Teeth, watch the episode, and join the already lengthy discussion. Yes, it is the end of an era. We wish the crew at Rooster Teeth the best of luck in their new endeavors.

[Thanks, NitroFrost]

Shadowrun now playable on XP

X3F readers will recall that Falling Leaf was preparing to save Windows XP gamers a lot of cash by making the Windows Vista versions of Shadowrun and Halo 2 compatible with XP. Unfortunately for Falling Leaf, the hacking group Razor 1911 has already cracked* Shadowrun according to the Inquirer. Apparently, all the crack does is overwrite a few files in the installation directory. It should be noted that the crack only allows for single player against bots and multiplayer over LAN. As far as we know, online multiplayer is still restricted to Vista.

Falling Leaf expects its solution to arrive in late July.

[Via Joystiq]

*If you want the crack, you'll have to find it on your own; we're not linking it.

Play Halo 2 Vista ... on Windows XP

What's that you say? You'd like to play Halo 2 on your PC, but you don't have/want Windows Vista? You're in luck then, as Falling Leaf Systems has announced plans to release software that will allow Windows XP users to play Halo 2. Not only that, the company is developing similar software for Shadowrun. To inspire XP users to take the plunge, Falling Leaf is promising a free copy of the compatibility software to those who order either game through their site. Falling Leaf CEO Brian Thomason concludes the press release with some fighting words: "First they claim that it was impossible to implement DirectX 10 compatibility atop Windows XP, and now they also want us to believe that they couldn't successfully launch two DirectX 9 based titles on XP either. We plan to expose both theories as patently false."

Assuming this software works as advertised, would you change your mind about picking up either title?

[Via HBO]

Sign up for Xbox Live Halo 2 Challenge

It's time to switch back over to Halo 2 for a while, because there's an Xbox Live tournament to join and Xbox 360 Elites to win. As part of Xbox Live Tournaments and Play & Win, players can sign up for the Halo 2 Challenge running from now until June 25th for a chance to win a truckload of prizes. Once signed up, play Halo 2 Rumble Pit and climb the rankings ladder, because the top 64 will advance through the finals and compete on the two new Halo 2 maps to find out who's worthy of their Spartan armor. Also, just for signing up and playing Halo 2, you're automatically entered to win an Elite, Xbox Live subscriptions and accessories as part of the Play & Win contest. Complete contest details are available after the jump.

So, un-learn all your Halo 3 beta tactics and hop online for some Halo 2. Which really means prepare for a whole army of modders, cheaters and those who like to standby. W00t!

Video: Halo 3 beta: Needler ... in ... space!

A couple weeks back we showed you video footage of the Banshee "... in ... space!" This time involves the Needler, which as you may have noticed since the release of the beta, has gotten a significant boost of power as it is not dual wieldable as found in Halo 2. Whenever in High Grounds on Snowbound, nabbing a few needling kills always adds a slightly more satisfactory experience to you killing spree. So, where does the extraterrestrial extension come into play here? You'll just have to watch and see. In spite of the source, it's still pretty catchy in this context. Enjoy!

Oh teh noes!1! Not another Penny Arcade comic that relates to our site's content!

The online gaming community, or more specifically, Xbox Live has its fair share of bad apples, and based solely on its success and user base, it can be quiet easy to find prime examples in Halo 2 or even Halo 3's beta. Unfortunately, other types gaming don't have this, and when you start blurring the line between such forms of entertainment, there's bound to be a clash, right? Well, the guys at PA seem to think so with the recent announcement of Halo Clix. HBO community member turned Bungie employee KP seems pretty convinced about their source material. Does this one tickle your funny bone?

Video: "I Want Master Chief"

Step 1: Watch the above video. Step 2: Pick your jaw up from the floor. Step 3: Read on.
Wow, that was unique. A Halo 2 machinima musical produced by two females starring an Elite pining after Master Chief. Yeah, unique. Enough so for the lovely ladies to deserve interviewing from Frankie over at Bungie.net for their work of art. While it may have left us feeling literally without speech, what's your take? Surely it's going to leave you with some form of an opinion, so lets hear it.

Halo 2 Vista ships May 31 in US, Europe June 8

Having already been pushed back from its original release date of May 8 and subsequently not showing up on the new date of May 22, Halo 2 Vista is finally set to land on store shelves May 31. European Halo fans can grab their copies on June 8. Among the reasons readers have given us for purchasing the game (assuming most of you already have it on Xbox), our favorite is that it's the perfect game to play on your work PC during lunch. Indeed.

For those of you who need your Games for Windows Live fix as soon as possible, don't forget that Shadowrun is set to release on the 29th for both the Xbox 360 and PC.

Graphics war: Halo 2 vs Halo 3

If there's one complaint people have about the Halo 3 beta it would have to be that the graphics aren't what some had hoped to see. Nobody is saying that the graphics are horrible, people are just saying that they aren't Gears of War quality or a gigantic leap over what Halo 2 has to offer. But if you really think about it, how much have Halo 3's graphics improved over its older bro? Gamespot dusted off their copy of Halo 2 on a mission to find out. They took a few screenshots from both Halo 2 and the Halo 3 beta and showcased them in complete image rollover fun. And, from what we see, the differences are quite noticeable. The textures and reflective surfaces in Halo 3 are far superior to Halo 2, even the geometry is beefed up. But that's expected on a next gen game. It all comes down to what your expectations are and if you feel the visuals took a big enough leap. What do you think about the comparison?

[Via Digg]

Halo 2: 5 million players and counting

Bungie has announced that Halo 2 has reached its 5 millionth player. What is more, it occurred yesterday, which just happened to be the 2.5 year anniversary of Halo 2's launch. Specifically, 5 million unique Live accounts have logged into Halo 2 (not including guests). Of course, this total includes every single Live account, including free trials (read: cheaters) and people who only tried the game for 5 minutes. As it happens, the 5 millionth player was "ultra theodore." Ultra indeed.

[Via Joystiq]

Halo 2 updated, ranks reset, the horror!

We knew it was coming, but that doesn't make the hurt any less deep. As part of the new maps finally being rolled into matchmaking playlists, Bungie has officially reset the ranks on Halo 2. A cause of great happiness to some and a source of deep anger to others, the rank refresh is sure to rankle many a player. Of course, others will have a new reason to start playing Halo 2 again. Another bombshell of sorts (even though Bungie informed the masses weeks ago), several of the updated playlists require that you have the new maps. A few playlists (most notably Team Hardcore) remain unchanged, so players without the new maps still have some online options. Finally, Bungie has announced that the new map will be free starting sometime in July. So, if you're still playing Halo 2 and you want the new maps but you're light on funds, all is not lost.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go own some noobs before our rank resettles in its rightful place.

[Thanks, PacoDG]

Halo 2 Vista ship date moved to the 22nd

Seeing as today is the 8th, and Halo 2 Vista isn't on store shelves, Microsoft gave us the heads up one the current sitrep. For the sake of quality end-user experience and a few technical issues, Halo 2 Vista's ship date has been moved back to May 22nd, a mere fortnight after the initial release schedule. Better late than never, we always say. Speaking of the 22nd, a reliable source gave word to expect Shadowrun to also drop on the 22nd, perhaps beefing up the Live Anywhere launch. But you didn't hear it from us.

Halo 3 details and rumors shot down

Holy informative Bungie Weekly Update Batman. This week, Frankie brings new Halo 3 details and talks the big boy talk, so let's jump right in. Some big news is that the Halo 3 beta will support a (widescreen enhanced) two player split screen option. So, you'll be able to share the Halo 3 beta love with your friends. Speaking of the beta, Bungie unveiled the default control scheme for the game with a pretty graphic that maps out each button's function. It looks like the RB will take most of the X button's old functions and that silly d-pad will activate voice chat. Also, Frankie shot down a few Halo 3 rumors that hit the intertubes this week. First, May 11th is only important for those lucky enough to be considered "press" as they'll be playing the beta a few days before the rest of us so they can get their stories written ... that's it. Secondly, Halo 3 is not going to be native 1080p at 60fps as speculated earlier, it's just not practical. And finally, the image above is the second wave of Halo 3's marketing materials considered the "emotional" phase. Can't you feel it all, Cortana's eyes, the despair, the hope ... it pulls at your heart strings. You know what to do, make the jump for all the Weekly Update details to make sure you're the cool kid who has this week's Halo 3 dish.

Halo 2 reset and matchmaking updates delayed

The promised rank reset and matchmaking playlist updates to Halo 2 have been delayed, but are scheduled for next week. With the release of the two new multiplayer maps, Bungie had hoped to implement them into matchmaking and do a rank reset. But due to people having troubles getting the maps they are waiting a little longer. Though, Frankie assures us that they are actively working with the Xbox team to figure out all the anomalies that sprung up with releasing the maps the way they did. So, enjoy your Halo 2 rank one blissful week longer.

[Thanks, Zac LaCombe]

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