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Video: Wii remote working on 360?

While we were busy speculating about Wii style motion controls on the Xbox 360, waruwaru was busy making it happen. As you can see in the above video, waruwaru has rigged up an XNA demo using the Wii remote, a project he has dubbed Waru360. Due to some limitations in the current build of XNA, there is a very noticeable lag in the control output. According to the demo's creator, the program can read input from the remote approximately 5 times per second, which results in the lag apparent in the video. Skeptics that we are, we must point out that the video could be fake, but overall it looks like the real deal. It looks like the 360 is getting motion controls whether Microsoft does it or not. Of course, it won't be the first time that's happened. Waruwaru promises that more is coming, we'll be sure to keep an eye on it.

360 Kempston Atari joystick mod

360 Fanboy reader, gtpunch, sent us a link to a project he's been working on. He has successfully integrated a Kempston interface into an Xbox 360 controller. Essentially, this means that the controller has been modded to accept standard Atari controllers. The mod was created to make retro games such as Paperboy more fun to play (the 360 d-pad isn't exactly the best). What makes this mod particularly interesting is that the joystick port has been attached directly to the controller. The best part is that the whole controller still works (minus the d-pad, of course). We'd share the instructions with you, but they contain a lot of techno-babble about soldering and transmogrifiers and whatnot. Hit the "read" link if you can comprehend such things.

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Atari joystick mod brings back memories

New "super quiet" DVD drive for 360s

Our friends at Xbox-Scene have discovered that a new "super quiet" DVD drive is sneaking its way into Xbox 360 consoles. The BenQ drive (model VAD6038) is reportedly much quieter than previous drives and it even seems to load information faster. The drive was apparently incorporated into the Xbox 360 during the Christmas season last year, and 360 owners with a console manufactured in November 2006 or later may have the drive in their console. Of course, the drive wasn't incorporated across all manufacturing lines at the same time, so a November 2006 manufacturing date does not guarantee a new drive. Now if they could just cram those cheaper, cooler 65nm chips in there, we'd have us an icy cold, quiet 360.

While the new drive is a blessing for 360 owners with sensitive ears (I swear mine is getting louder now), it presents a new hurdle for L337 H4XX0RZ, as there is currently no modified firmware for the new drive. Rest assured, someone will analyze the hardware and create a hack. See? Everybody wins.

Would you be willing to buy a new 360 just for a quieter DVD drive?

[Via Joystiq]

Install an SATA drive in your 360

Xbox modders extraordinaire, Xbox-Scene, have posted a method for installing an SATA hard drive into your 360. Before you run out to buy a 100GB hard drive to slap into your 360, you should know there are a few caveats. First, it must be a Western Digital BEVS brand hard drive. Second, you're still limited to 20GB of space (essentially, the hack copies the ID information from an official hard drive). Also, it's not a one click solution, so you'll need some technological know-how to make this work. In fact, just looking at the instructions makes us nervous. Still, if you've got the L337 5K1LLz and you don't want to waste 100 bucks on an official Microsoft drive, you may want to check it out.

It's worth noting that when Microsoft releases a larger hard drive, the hack will be able to utilize the same amount of space. Hit the "read" link for all the details.

360 tilt mod: 360AXIS?

The mod lovers over at Xbox-Scene discovered this tilt sensing mod for the Xbox 360 controller. Created with an accelerometer and some digital-to-analog wizardry, the controller functions in much the same way as the PS3 SIXAXIS controller. The tilt fuctions are mapped to the left analog stick, so tilt input will be limited to movement. Of course, all of this sounds great on paper, but most of us just want to see it in action. Lucky for us all, the mod's creator, Adam Thole, captured a video of the tilt controller in all its glory. Check it out after the break.

Continue reading 360 tilt mod: 360AXIS?

HD-DVD circumvened with 360 drive [update 1]

Update: Our limited knowledge -- we are not haxxors in the least -- has led to a terminological error. AACS has not been "broken," merely "circumvented" by using the decryption keys. Furthermore, decryption keys can be revoked, meaning that the ones currently available could easily be nullified. It's also likely that the DVD software used to find the keys will be patched. Whether or not AACS was technically broken, the upshot is that you can backup HD-DVD's even though you're not supposed to, for the moment anyway. Thanks to Dylan Neild for setting us straight.

Utilizing a 360 HD-DVD drive, a hacker known as muslix64 has successfully broken circumvented the AACS HD-DVD copy protection. The software used, called BackupHDDVD, utilizes cryptographic keys that are specific to each individual movie. This means that any would be makers of "backup" copies will first need the proper key. It is currently unknown where muslix64 happened upon his keys. Once decrypted, the film can be copied to a hard drive and played with the appropriate program.

TeamXbox points out that Blu-Ray also uses AACS encryption, so it's only a matter of time before Blu-Ray encryption is broken circumvented as well. Muslix64 claims that it took him only 8 days to decrypt his first HD-DVD movie. Makes you wonder how much Hollywood spent developing AACS, doesn't it? The hacker made a short video showing the software facilitated decryption process. Watch it after the break.

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Massive DIY 360 arcade controller

And you thought the original Xbox controllers were big! Ba dum bum psh!
A man known only as Pocket Universe has created an absolute behemoth of a 360 controller (no way you're using this with one hand). Using a wired 360 controller, some (cheap) arcade style buttons, a soldering gun, and ordinary household wood, the controller is the size of an elementary school desk. Seriously, you could do homework on that thing and have extra room for your calculator and a snack. Still, we have no doubts that this device excels at Street Fighter and Pac-Man. If you have lots of spare time and the desire, nay, the need for a superior arcade experience, you can find detailed instructions right here. Anybody else out there have a homemade 360 contraption they'd like to share with the rest of the class?

[Via Digg]

Combine fear the Half-Life 2 case mod

360 Fanboy reader, PiNPOiNT, sent us some pictures of his newly finished Half-Life 2 case mod. We have to say, it's flippin' sweet. Even the lighting in the photograph is topnotch. The left side of the case (at right) features a cut away window with the HL2 logo in the corner. The right side features another logo which is raised off the surface of the case. All in all, it's some very impressive work. There is no denying that the Half-Life 2 megapackage coming to the 360 is worth celebrating, but we hope we won't upset PiNPOiNT when we remind him that the game was delayed. Hopefully, his spiffy mod will brighten his days until the game releases this summer. Check out bigger, beefier images after the break.

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Leopard print 360 pad is silky smooth

Have you ever looked down at your 360 controller and thought to yourself, "Self, this controller just isn't tacky enough. I really need it to blend well with my purple velvet couch." If so, then you are in luck, because a company named Evolve is bringing animal prints to your Xbox. But wait, there's more: not only does the controller skin provide you with eye candy, it also has a soft "like fur" feel to it. If you've been wanting some cuddly time with your controllers, this is your chance. Better still, in addition to the leopard print there is also a cow skin pattern. All you need is some steer horns on your 360 and you've got a theme, partner! In all seriousness, we've seen some strange 360 modifications, but this takes the cake. Anyone out there seen any more crazy mods they'd like to share? Send us a tip and we'll post it right here.

[Thanks, jake]

Fall update curbs GamerScore cheating

GamerScore whore awfullygood, from the appropriately named blog, "Confessions of a GamerScore Whore," describes how the Fall update made life more difficult for achievement cheaters:

With the Fall Update, Microsoft has introduced a hybrid locking mechanism that effectively harms the first method [ for swapping game saves] and squelches the second method. Method 1 has been smacked silly because the vast majority of existing game save files created on the previous update do not work on the Fall update software version. This renders those files useless until unscrupulous members decide to re-upload hundreds of saves based from the new dashboard version. This will most likely take months upon months or possibly never happen for very unpopular games.

Method 2 has been rendered useless as new console specific security is in place. Gamerscore thirsty gamers are taunted with a Corrupt Save message when the bypass method attempts to be used. Obviously, the new security may eventually be cracked by code junkies, but those game saves may also have to be re-uploaded. I'm unsure of any repercussions to method 3. I've always found trading accounts to be supremely idiotic as anyone could keep your account for themselves. Anyway, if anyone has heard if method 3 has been affected, let me know.

Former champ ST TheKing quit the GamerScore race after the upper reaches of the leaderboard became became clogged with fakes, including awfullygood himself (who admits he was cheating just to keep up with the Joneses). Sure Xbox 360 achievements are intangible and useless, but they are fun to earn and these a-hole cheats make a mockery of every pallid kid who spent a three day weekend in the basement going after that final Lumines Live time attack get. For God's sake, if putting endless hours into a crap game like Bomberman gives you a limited sense of accomplishment, stealing a game save must give you even less. Of course, these changes won't stop cheating, just slow it down for a bit. But it does serve as a reminder that you're not entitled to an elite score, unless you're playing that other console.

MS responds to DVD firmware hacks

Microsoft has responded to rampant (in certain circles) DVD firmware hacking with a new version of the Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L Xbox 360 DVD drive (0078FK), currently found in post-August '06 manufactured consoles bound for the UK and Australia, and probably everywhere else in the near future. Xbox-Scene has details on changes that seem designed to confound the best the hacking community has to offer. Ok, so how long before some 13-year-old in Norway cracks this thing?

By the way, if you want to know what version you have, there's a helpful sticker on the drive.

[Thanks AoE]

Sweet custom case with Master Chief

TeamXtender, the bad boys of 360 case design, are at it again. This time they have released a new design called Chameleon, which (surprise) changes colors using LEDs. Perhaps more interesting is their new custom design featuring the Master Chief (shown at right). Presumably, TeamXtender will offer cases with different images in the future. See more images after the break.

Continue reading Sweet custom case with Master Chief

MC360 XBMC Superman Returns theme

The lameness of most of the themes available on Marketplace (shift a color here, shift a color there) makes this sweet Blackbolt Superman Returns theme for the MC360 XBMC skin look that much cooler. Once again the hacking community puts the pros to shame. Put some effort in it Microsoft, especially if you're going to charge us for this stuff.

Let your chrome glow

It looks like the long awaited chrome controller shell from Team Xtender is nearing production. More than just a shell, this mod puts LEDs in each button, making your controller glow like radioactive skittles. Who wouldn't want that?

See a nice glowing shot after the break.

Continue reading Let your chrome glow

More liquid cooling goodness

Liquid cooling is the new black it seems. The boys at Xbox-Scene give us the first glimpse at a do-it-yourself liquid cooling kit for the Xbox 360. While it may not be as "cool" as the internally cooled 360 we covered last week, this kit from Koolance promises to keep your 'box frosty for the incredibly affordable price of US $394.99.

An undertaking of this magnitude can be very difficult and Koolance warns that it is "not for the faint of heart." Let me ask all the modders out there: for that price, how cool does your 360 need to be?

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