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Rock Band 2's Rock the World Live Weekend

Get ready to rock all morning, all night and weekend long with the and Harmonix sponsored Rock Band 2 Rock the World Live Weekend.

Beginning today through Sunday, October 5th you can experience a weekend full of fun, Play & Win prizes , Game with Developers action and even a Game with Fame session where you'll get the chance to jam with Panic at the Disco in Rock Band 2. But you'll have to register and add some people to your friends list to get the complete Rock the World Live Weekend experience, so get to it and we'll see you rockin' out online.

Get ready for a GTAIV Cause Chaos Live Weekend

Kicking off this Friday, September 26th is a weekend full of guns, cars, destruction and mature related themes better known as the Grand Theft Auto IV Cause Chaos Live Weekend.

The GTAIV Cause Chaos weekend fun will include a chance to play with the Rockstar developers as well as a mountain of prizes. No joke, they're giving away everything from Microsoft points and t-shirts to full sized GTAIV dart boards, license plates and replicas of the Statue of Happiness. Head on over to to register, download the free gamer picture off the Marketplace and mark your calendar. Erasing previous weekend plans is acceptable and completely encouraged.

Kill dinos in Turok with rock band Distrubed

Heads up to those looking to Game with rock band Fame today, because later this evening the band Disturbed will be connected to Xbox Live playing some Turok.

From 6-8:00PM eastern (3-5:00PM pacific) Disturbed will be participating in's Game With Fame, playing a few games of Turok multiplayer under the Gamertag Disturbed GWF. Sounds fun and all, it's just ... well, why play Turok? Couldn't Disturbed pick up a game like ... say, Halo 3? If they did, then we'd be super excited to play.

[Thanks, NUCK1N FUTS]

Play Halo 3 with Wanted's James McAvoy

If you aren't doing too much this Sunday, then you may want to sit yourself down on the sofa, turn on your 360 (as if you weren't going to do that anyway) and play some Halo 3 with Wanted movie star James McAvoy, because he'll be online as part of's Game With Fame. And while sticking spiker grenades in his melon or filling his chest full of pink needles, you may be able to chat it up and talk about how Wanted co-star Angelina Jolie keeps her unnaturally supple lips so plump. Or you could question him about his supposed involvement in The Hobbit. Or you could just play Halo 3 and refrain from badgering him with annoying questions. But that's no fun. We demand our Jolie lip questions be answered!

Sasquatch! GWF: Ozomatli and The National

In a few weeks time, the Sasquatch! Music Festival (the same festival that will NOT have a GoW2 beta) will kick off and hundreds of thousands of music fans will decend upon the festival grounds. But even if you won't be attending the musical fun, you can still play games with a few of the bands thanks to the sponsored Game With Fame.

Scheduled for Game With Fame fun on May 24th will be Wil-Dog Abers and Asdru Sierra from fusion band Ozomatli who'll be playing Halo 3 and indie rock group The National's own Bryan Devendorf will be online playing MLB 2K8. If you're interested in playing with either band, click the links below for GWF playtimes, band Gamertags and other important details. Game on!

Read - Ozomatli GWF from Sasquatch!
Read - The National GWF from Sasquatch!

Playable Gears of War 2 beta demo at Sasquatch! Music Festival [update]

Update: Suspiciously, Microsoft removed any mention of a GoW2 demo on the Sasquatch! article. Now we aren't sure if a GoW2 demo will appear at the music event ... Microsoft, care to fill us in?

We just came across juicy delicious Gears of War 2 news that could ultimately lead to you experiencing GoW2 (with controller in hand) the last weekend in May. For seriously!

According to's description of the Xbox 360 sponsored Sasquatch! Music Festival, Microsoft's Xbox team will be on site, hosting a few Game with Fame events, giving out prizes and setting up a nineteen Xbox 360 kiosks to allow attendees to play some of their favorite 360 titles. Games including the music appropriate Rock Band and a playable Gears of War 2 beta demo ... wait a second ... did we just read that correct? A GoW2 playable demo at the Sasquatch! Music Festival? WOWZA! HOOZA! KABLOOZA! (phew ... calm down). We have no idea what the GoW2 demo entails, how long it will last, what exactly it shows or how long the line will be to play, but we guess all that's really important is that promises playable beta level of GoW2. The Sasquatch! Music Festival goes down Memorial Day Weekend (May 24th-25th) in George, Washington at the Gorge Amphitheater. Run, sprint or hitch a ride, because there will be entertaining music playable GoW2 funnery in George, Washington at the end of May. W00t!

Challenge Belanova to an Xbox Live rock-off

We aren't sure how you'll get it to work out, but if you can squeeze in some time between your morning commute or during first period, you can rock out with the "Mexican sensation" Belanova over Xbox Live. Kicking off today at 10:30AM eastern (7:30AM pacific), Belanova will be signed into Xbox Live under the gamertag "BelanovaGWF" for some Game with Fame fun challenging gamers to a few tracks in Rock Band. So, if you can work your schedule out accordingly, send the Belanova crew a friend request and strap on your Stratocaster for a few tracks on Rock Band.

Gaming with Nickelodeon fame

Today, at 5:00PM eastern (2:00PM pacific), Xbox Live Game with Fame gets a healthy coat of orange paint going Nickelodeon with two Nick stars gaming it up with fans. Roxy Hunter's own Aria Wallace and Zoey 101's Victoria Justice will be on Xbox Live playing Guitar Hero III and DDR: Universe 2 under the gamertags NickGWF1 and NickGWF2. So gather the kids, gather the adults, shoot a few friend requests and show those Nickelodeon stars how brutal Xbox Live can really be. Do us proud.

Game with Heroes producer fame is officially calling this month SuperMarch and as part of the planned SuperMarch festivities, Heroes' producer will be on Xbox Live letting you Game with Fame.

Executive producer of the Heroes television series Jesse Alexander (not Jason Alexander) will be on Xbox Live gaming it up in a little Frontlines: Fuel of War. So, if the prospect of fragging alongside Mr. Alexander sounds rather appealing, shoot a friend request over to snapmanifesto and prepare for Frontlines gaming on March 14th from 11:30PM-12:30AM eastern. And note, your abnormal super powers will not be allowed while gaming over Live.

With BR in hand, Korn's Davis readies for H3 GWF

Leaving behind thoughts of the nightmare that was our last Game with Fame attention whores, we're happy to spread word that musical group Korn's own Jonathan Davis will be jumping on Xbox Live to participate in some Halo 3 frag fun. Best thing, he's actually famous.

As it's planned, Davis will be playing Halo 3 online on Wednesday, February 27th from Noon - 2:00PM eastern, but the catch is that he'll be gaming from Lisbon, Portugal. So, North American fanboys, be weary of the evil lag-monster. Shoot a friend request to gamertag "KORN Jonathan1" and hunker down Wednesday night, because we have a feeling a whole bunch of Korn will be popped (zing!)

Valentines gaming with MTV's Heidi and Spencer

So ... yeah. To celebrate Valentines Day love and as part of the Game with Fame reality Scripted-Reality-Show-People fun, MTV's The Hills "stars" (the term "star" being used very liberally) Heidi and Spencer will be online tonight playing Burnout: Paradise. Yup ...

We aren't entirely sure who at EA had the great idea to setup such an event, seeing that The Hills isn't a show that instantly makes one think of Burnout: Paradise gamers (maybe their goal was to get your girlfriend excited to play Burnout?). And, for whatever reason, we're thinking one's Paradise street cred wouldn't get a boost if one were to play with Heidi. Actually, we think you'd be laughed at. But, it's your choice and if you want to tear up the streets with Heidi, Spencer and their surprise guests for Valentines gaming then send a friend request to ... wait a second. We aren't supporting this mockery of a GWF. You'll have to make the jump to get the details as we say boo to The Hills and boo to horrible marketing.

GWF: Bravery shoots and flies this Sunday

This Sunday, December 9th from 5-7:00PM eastern indie band Bravery will be signed into Xbox Live and will be participating in some Game with Fame shenanigans. Bravery will be playing two games Sunday night (those over achievers), Xbox Originals game Crimson Skies as well as the FPS favorite Halo 3. Send friend requests to either TheBraveryA or TheBraveryJ to secure your playing time with the band and be online Sunday night. Gaming with the famous, that's how we roll.

GWF: Dream Theater plays Crimson Skies

Progressive rock band Dream Theater will be taking combat to the skies this week as they're scheduled for some Game with Fame old-school Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge style. From 5-7:00PM eastern this Wednesday, December 5th the entire Dream Theater crew will be on Xbox Live supporting the new Xbox Originals download service playing Crimson Skies multiplayer and possibly some other games too. Make the jump for complete details, band gamertags, send off a few friend requests and play Wednesday night. Crimson Skies and Dream Theater, it's like chocolate and peanut butter ... or something like that.

NBA LIVE it up online against Ludacris

The rapping madman that also sports some decent acting and gaming skills Ludacris will be on Xbox Live to challenge gamers to a few games of NBA LIVE 08.

This Friday, November 30th from 5-7:00PM eastern Ludacris will participate in Xbox Live's Game with Fame and sign in under the gamertag "LudacrisGWF". So, if you have mad love for NBA LIVE 08 or mad love for Ludacris, send a friend request, an invite or some crazy-fanboy style picture and see what happens. Game with Fame: allowing obsessed gamers to be obsessive over their persons of obsession since 2005.

Seether Game with Fame next Thursday

More Game with Fame will be going down next Thursday when Seether jumps online to kick some bum in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. From 9:00PM through midnight eastern on November 15th, Seether members Shaun Morgan (SeetherShaun) , Dale Stewart (SeetherDale), and John Humphrey (SeetherJohn) will be online playing CoD4. Send them a friend request or two (or three), be online next week and maybe you'll be lucky enough to play against them and discuss music. We're sure they'll be up for anything.

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