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GTA IV DLC delayed, new release date set

Now that GTA IV has been out for enough time to have gamers get a good handle on its workings, one would think that it'd be the time to release good news about the $50 million worth of content that was supposed to lure gamers to the 360 version. Instead, the exclusive DLC episodes will hitting in the first quarter of fiscal year 2009 (which actually begins in 2008). Specifically, the new release window for the DLC is November 1st 2008 to January 31st 2009, and funnily enough that's about all the specifics there is on it. See, this is where there should've been an announcement of good news! And with this fall being as full as any other in the industry just how popular will a GTA IV DLC purchase be then?

GTAIV boasts 40% attach rate with new 360s

Grand Theft Auto IV is selling very well (perhaps you've heard), but did you know that it's also moving Xbox 360s at a blistering pace? On a recent Major Nelson podcast, co-host "e" revealed that GTAIV boasted a 40% attach rate with new 360s during its first week of availability. "The game is attaching well to new consoles, roughly 40 percent of 360s going out the door had a copy of GTA IV going with them," said 'e'. With only the UK sales numbers for GTAIV currently revealed, we'll have to wait for the worldwide 360 numbers before the full significance of the attach rate really means. Whatever the actual figure, we're willing to bet that 40% of all 360 copies of GTAIV represents a lot of consoles.

While there's no way to prove that consumers bought their new consoles specifically to play GTAIV, there's no denying that it helped drive sales. We'll have to wait for the latest NPD numbers to see just how big the GTAIV effect was.

[Via Joystiq]

Update: Corrected basic mathematical error. The blogger responsible has been sentenced to 5 hours of Rocketmen: Axis of Evil.

UK GTAIV first week sales: 926,000 copies

Hey, remember those ridiculously high Grand Theft Auto IV sales estimates Chart-Track provided for the UK? It looks like they weren't ridiculously high enough, as the final numbers have now been released. Sales for the first week of GTAIV availability in the UK reached a whopping 926,000 copies (approximately) with 631,000 being sold on the first day, handily topping the original day one estimate of 609,000. Of the 926,000 copies sold during the first week, 514,000 were for Xbox 360 with the remaining 413,000 going to the Playstation 3.

The game also managed to drive console sales, raising Xbox 360 sales by 125 percent and PS3 sales by 127 percent from the previous week. Perhaps most impressive of all, in its first week of sales GTAIV has already surpassed all but the top three UK titles of 2007 (FIFA 08, Brain Training, and Call of Duty 4). Just to clarify, that's one week sales versus total sales for 2007. One last statistic: GTAIV is now the record holder for one week sales for a multiplatform game in the UK.


[Via Joystiq]

Note: You may have noticed that 413,000 and 514,000 don't add up to 926,000. We're guessing that the numbers are the result of rounding one way or another.

GTAIV release pushed to April 25? Doubt it!

Earlier in the day two letters, one supposedly from Take-Two CEO Ben Feder and the other from both Feder and Rockstar Games CEO Gary Dale, were found online claiming that Rockstar Games was changing the release date of Grand Theft Auto IV in response to the title's internet leak.

Officially, the first letter has been debunked by Rockstar Games, who maintain the release date is still April 29. However, the second letter, which appears to be even more manufactured, has yet to be denied; but we assume it too is not an official Take-Two Interactive document.

With various events planned around the globe for a midnight release, we think it's safe to assume that April 29 will be the first day you'll be able to purchase your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV.

[via Kotaku]

Gallery: GTAIV "Release Date Change" Letters

Grand Theft Auto IV activity book for kids

Everyone knows that Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV isn't for kids, right? Right! Everyone knows that children wouldn't even dream about trying out GTAIV until they mature to the proper age, right? Right! Well, thankfully The Minus World has revealed some entertainment for kids who might want to experience a piece of GTAIV, without actually playing the game.

The Grand Theft Auto IV activity book is chock-full of great assignments, including: word searches, image comparisons and a gang-sign primer. Now as you experience GTAIV by going outside the line of the in-game law your kids can practice by staying inside the lines with the delightful coloring pages!

NTSC Grand Theft Auto IV leaks online

A day after the PAL version of the game was illegally released on torrent sites comes word that an NTSC version of Grand Theft Auto IV has made it online. Clocking in at a whopping 7.9 GB, the game has been released by a group calling themselves 101 and, at the time of this story, over 25,000 copies were in the process of being leeched.

Like yesterday's claim we're unable to verify if this is the real deal, we've pre-ordered thank you very much, and with only a few days to go before April 29 we'd recommend you wait on a retail copy before doing anything illegal. Unless you're down for taking a chance on being shunned from Xbox Live and generally hated by everyone. It's Grand Theft Auto IV. Go buy it.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Thompson writes letter to Take-Two executive's mother

Protesting the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, which lands at retail on April 29, outspoken videogame critic Jack Thompson has written a strongly worded letter addressed to the mother of Take-Two Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick.

According to ShackNews, in the letter the Florida attorney equates Strauss to Hitler Youth, asks Mrs. Zelnick why her porn-peddling son doesn't leave her shamed, accuses Strauss of causing the death of three Alabama police officers, quotes scripture and asks if she was involved in training her son to push Mature-rated games onto children. Thompson did however find it in his heart to wish the nice lady a Happy Mother's Day.

Oh Jack, you're a sweetheart. In other news Thompson's legal career is still hanging in the balance as a Florida judge is ruling on a trial that could see him disbarred from practicing law in Florida. Wonder what Jack's mom thinks about that.

[Thanks, xblackplaguex]

Best Buy giving away five GTA IV Elite consoles

Another Canadian retailer has jumped on the Grand Theft Auto IV midnight launch bandwagon, this time with an awesome exclusive prize. Best Buy Canada is giving away an ultra-rare Grand Theft Auto IV branded Xbox 360 Elite at five select locations across the North (One per midnight location, totaling five).

The first 100 gamers who wait in line at the select Best Buy locations will be entered to win various Grand Theft Auto IV based prizes, including the exclusive console. Pretty sweet deal if you can snag that prize!

Full list of locations can be found after the jump.

[Thanks, NobleArc]

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Would You Rather ... Mode Select Edition

In our continuing effort to bring you fresh and interesting content, X3F presents Would You Rather ... a weekly feature that asks you the hard questions. The point? If you had to choose one or the other, which would you go for?

Grand Theft Auto IV. Maybe you've heard of it. The title that has the gaming world in a frenzy is days away and we've decided to pull a WUR out of our hat in celebration. Read this one carefully.

Let's say for the first 24 hours you owned Grand Theft Auto IV you were only able to play either single-player or multiplayer. Which one would you spend that first day with? Enough of this "neither" or "both" nonsense kids, we're going for broke. Which one is captivating your attention in that first 24 hours?

Feel free to share the reasons for your vote in the comments. We'll share the results of the poll during the next edition of Would You Rather ... which hits X3F every Wednesday.

Last weeks WUR results can be find after the jump ... hop to it!

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Chicago Transit Authority caves to minimal pressure, pulls Grand Theft Auto IV ads

According to a report on Monday from GamePolitics, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has caved to minimal pressure from FOX News regarding the use of advertisements promoting the latest installment of Grand Theft Auto IV on public transportation throughout the city. The local Chicago affiliate of the controversial news desk questioned the city's use of the ads, stating, "With so much focus on kids and violence these days, we wondered why ads for a violent video game have begun popping up again on CTA buses and train stations." Days later the ads were pulled.

This isn't the first time public Grand Theft Auto ads have been pulled, previously similar instances have occurred in Portland, Denver and Boston, the latter of which saw Massachusetts transit chief justify the decision by issuing a policy which equated M-rated games to pornographic films.

While the title is known for liberal helpings of violence the ads themselves have never depicted the content of the game (as seen above). We're used to certain politicians, lawyers and family groups blaming our industry for every violent incident that happens, but when an entire city sides with the issue we can't help but feel a little shafted.

[via Joystiq]

Grand Theft Auto IV hits retailers

Wow. It's real. We mean, really real. Sure, for months we've been reading, writing and thinking of nothing but Grand Theft Auto IV but it's only hitting us now that the title is only a few days away. Thanks to a user on the GTAForums we have confirmation that the title is hitting retailers, presumably to prepare for launch events. The special edition above comes in an over-sized box that includes the game, lock box, soundtrack and duffel bag. With only seven days standing between you and virtual carjacking bliss we ask, are you ready?

[Thanks, Jason]

GTA IV nabs gold, hides out until April 29

Years in the making. Anticipation of epic proportions. Finally you hear the words you've longed for since it was first teased on an executive's bicep; Grand Theft Auto IV has gone gold and is being pressed as we speak.

Releasing on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 29, 2008, Rockstar Games' GTA IV marks a fresh chapter in one of the most controversial game universes, ever.

Expected to increase hardware sales and lower productivity around the globe, GTA IV is 11 days away from retail and our excitement couldn't even be described. So how are you spending the next 11 days?

GTAIV poll results: 360 achieves the win

Last week, we ran a network-wide poll in conjunction with Joystiq and PS3 Fanboy asking readers which version of Grand Theft Auto IV they planned on purchasing. The results are in and the Xbox 360 finished ahead by a healthy margin. The overall tally had the Xbox 360 version with 22,195 votes (58%) and the PS3 version with 16,221 votes (42%) making for 38,416 votes total. The reasons cited by those who voted for the 360 include, unsurprisingly, achievements, downloadable content, and having more friends on Xbox Live.

Head over to Joystiq for a detailed breakdown of all the numbers.

Gallery: Grand Theft Auto IV

Rumor: EA purchases GTA community site for $3.4m [Update]

Update: Forum MODs have just confirmed for us that this was an April Fool's joke. That's strange though because we could have sworn it was still March. Thanks for wasting every body's time!

Confident they'll soon be the owners of all things Take Two Interactive, Electronic Arts has made a push to acquire, one of the largest Grand Theft Auto communities online (which is comprised of 11 different GTA based websites). According to reports, EA has acquired the site, including all domains associated and all statistical information about its members (as listed in the above email scan from EA to GTANet owners found by WhatIfGaming), for $3.4 million as of March 22.

If true, Electronic Arts would have one of the largest databases of information of any Grand Theft Auto community available. Speculation aside, we wonder how important this information is to EA if they were to acquire Take Two.

While the owners of the GTANet have not posted an official confirmation on the matter, the logo has been changed to incorporate the EA insignia adding fuel to the fire. With this supposed acquisition we wonder Take Two acquisition press release is being edited as we speak.

[Thanks, Chris]
[Read, full email scan]
[Read, GTAForums New Logo]

Pachter: GTAIV to sell 9 million overall, 6 million on 360

In other news, the sky is blue. But seriously folks, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan has gone on record to say that Grand Theft Auto IV could sell as many as 9 million copies by Halloween 2009 (it just so happens that Take Two's fiscal year ends on October 31). Furthermore, he expects the first 6 million to be sold within the first week of the game's availability. Using arcane mathematical wizardry, Pachter also believes that the game could generate an operating profit of $135 million, thus making it responsible for 103% of Take Two's high end predicted operating profit of $130 million. Yeah, we're confused too.

Anywho, buried in this prediction is another prediction that the Xbox 360 version of GTAIV will sell 6 million copies, leaving 3 million for the PS3. The 6 million estimate is raised concerning the 360 exclusive downloadable content. Pachter doesn't see the DLC as something that's likely to succeed, as it would require a download by 50% of GTAIV owners who are also Live members. Not impossible, but not a sure thing either. Pachter concludes by noting that GTAIV looks like the only bright spot in Take Two's 2008 lineup, saying, "This is clearly a company that is losing market share, and as we review the lineup for the balance of 2008 and 2009, we see more of the same type of games we have seen over the last three years." We guess releasing the same games repeatedly doesn't work for everyone.

[Via Joystiq]

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