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Former GameSpot reviewer sheds light on more PR hijinx

In an interview with former GameSpot reviewer, Alex Navarro, MTV Multiplayer Blog was able to extract a telling tale from the newly appointed community team member at Harmonix regarding the oil-to-water relationship public relations practitioners have with the press.

When tasked to review an unnamed Wii launch title, Navarro was sent a note along with his copy of the game--which he provided as evidence to Steven Totilo.

The note read: If the review is 9.0 or higher you can post immediately. Lower than 9.0, could you please hold until launch day, November 19th? Thanks.

"And that's not the first time I got something like that," Navarro told MTV. Navarro, who left GameSpot after the public and controversial firing of then-reviews editor Jeff Gerstmann, said GameSpot ran their review for this game based on a copy bought in a store and they panned it for what it was.

GDC08: Dennis Dyack is worried about GDC

During the Game Developers Conference, was able to record interviews with developers in the guise of their weekly 1UP Yours podcast, one such episode was with outspoken Silicon Knights boss Dennis Dyack. In the episode on February 21, Dyack outlined his worries for the future of GDC based on the marketing spin put on the, "once sacred," developer gathering.

"I worry about GDC [because] how many talks are you learning something versus when somebody is trying to sell you a product?" Dyack asked the crew made up of editors Garnett Lee, Shane Bettenhausen, Bryan Intihar and former 1UPer Mark MacDonald. "Are we calling this the Game Developers Conference [or] are we calling it the Game Demo Convention?"

Continue reading GDC08: Dennis Dyack is worried about GDC

GameSpot issues official Gerstmann statement

So ... you're familiar with that GameSpot versus Gertsmann versus the gaming world war that has been going on for the past week. You know, this Gertsmann-gate. Well, GameSpot has finally (what, like a week later?) come out and made an official response regarding Gerstmann's firing, what it doesn't involve and why they want you to forgive and accept them into your hearts once again. We'll let you read their expertly worded response on your own, because frankly you really need to read it for yourself. With our opinion withheld, what do YOU think about GameSpot's "honest" clarification of events?

[Thanks Daren, Image Via Laram77]

Gerstmann talks, protests start and it continues ...

And so saga that encompasses the events, rumors and nastiness surrounding the firing of Gamespot editorial director Gerstmann continues.

Over the weekend lots of Gerstmann-gate (that's everyone's new "it" name for this) news has been flooding in including rumors, forum lockdowns and zero official responses from CNET or Gamespot. And then today, Joystiq got in touch with Gerstmann who expressed some thoughts about the whole fiasco and where he's headed, but didn't disclose any concrete answers to this giant headache. Finally, Gerstmann supporters are calling for a Gamespot Blackout Monday and ask that nobody visit or support CNET owned websites ... it's all too much! Ahhh! We advise jumping on over to Joystiq to get all the details and linkage you need. Anyone have an aspirin we can bum?

CNET: Gerstmann not fired over advertiser pressure

Our compatriots at Joystiq have uncovered some more information regarding the firing of Jeff Gerstmann, GameSpot's (now former) Editorial Director. The news that he was fired broke this morning, with certain sources citing that he was fired do to pressure from Eidos in the wake of Gerstmann's harsh text and video review of Kane & Lynch. Eidos publishes the game in question, and had purchased pervasive ads on GameSpot including a page skin that was removed soon after Gerstmann's firing.

Joystiq has now secured new comments from CNET, which owns GameSpot. The comments come in the wake of a fairly ambiguous statement made by CNET earlier today. According to Joystiq, a CNET spokesperson by the name of Sarah Cain noted, "we do not terminate employees based on external pressure from advertisers." When asked whether or not such pressure had been exerted, Cain provided no comment. Joystiq also inquired about the video review, which has since been removed from GameSpot. Cain said that a note of "clarification" had been added to the text review -- which also applied to the video review -- and that it was CNET's decision to pull the video review.

Make sense to you? Yeah, well we don't get it either. Check out Joystiq for more details.

Rumor: GameSpot Editorial Director fired for Kane & Lynch review

It seems as we slept last night, big things were happening over at GameSpot. Rumors are flying (flying we say) that GameSpot's Editorial Director Jeff Gerstmann was fired thanks to a negative text review and a very negative video review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. As you can see from the above image, Eidos is obviously sending a lot of advertising money GameSpot's way, leading many to think that publisher pressure had something to do with the firing. Adding fuel to the fire, the Kane & Lynch skin at GameSpot seen above has since been removed, within hours of the story breaking. It's all still hearsay at this point -- the only confirmation is currently coming from anonymous sources -- but if it's true, it's likely to rock the game industry. The news is already exploding on GameSpot's forums, while the resulting posts on the Eidos forums have apparently been purged. There's a lot to go over with more likely to break. Hit the links below to read Joystiq's coverage from early this morning. Check out Gerstmann's video review of Kane & Lynch after the break.

Read - Rumor: GameSpot Editorial Director fired over Kane & Lynch review
Read - Eidos and GameSpot forums exploding over Gerstmann incident

Continue reading Rumor: GameSpot Editorial Director fired for Kane & Lynch review

Shhh ... let's peer into The Darkness

Starbreeze, the studio behind The Darkness, sat down with Gamespot for a little Q&A session. Producer Denby Grace talks briefly about the story, multiplayer elements, and how far in development they are. It's kind of interesting to see how they adapted the story from a comic book series called Resurrection and how the studio put their spin on things. Very cool. We're thinking that The Darkness is going to be one of those sickeningly demented games ... something we'll welcome with open arms. Starbreeze studios knows what they are doing, they did make The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, so what's your opinion on The Darkness and its potential?

[Thanks, Jonah]

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