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Watch EA press conference live at GTR

Just a friendly reminder that EA's press conference just kicked off minutes ago and the crew over at Gamertag Radio are streaming the event live on their blog. If you're interested in watching all the EA goodness go down, simply head on over to GTR's E3 2007 page for the live stream. Hurry though, because the conference just started and you wouldn't want to miss any "Spore to be an Xbox 360 exclusive" kind of announcments now would you?

EA sponsors indie podcast's trip to E3

Our friends at Gamertag Radio have announced that Electronic Arts will be sponsoring their trip to E3. The significance of this isn't readily apparent, so some explanation is in order. As many of our readers may know, E3 has become an invitation only affair. At first, some suspected that this format would limit coverage to those who were sympathetic to the companies presenting at E3. There was fear that internet journalists (who are arguably more outspoken than print magazines that are heavily subsidized by the very companies they cover) would be shut out. That fear has been mostly allayed (Joystiq, along with X3F, will definitely be at E3), but there remains another gap: independent operations. With Electronic Arts sponsoring Gamertag Radio, a door has been opened, and with that comes a number of questions.

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GTR giving away a Halo 3 Zune for 100th episode

It's time to un-cork the champagne and celebrate! Our pals over at Gamertag Radio are celebrating their 100th episode by showing listeners some love and giving away a limited edition Halo 3 Zune. And all you have to do to enter the giveaway is listen to the podcast and send in your honest opinion of the 100th episode. It's that easy! Heck, you may even hear some familiar voices while listening. So, go give the 100th episode a listen, enter the free Halo 3 Zune giveaway, and be sure to congratulate the entire GTR team for a job well done. We only hope that we can churn out 100 Fancasts without going through mandatory therapy or needing voice transplants.

Win Command & Conquer 3 from Gamertag Radio

In celebration of their upcoming 100th episode, Gamertag Radio is giving away 5 copies of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Command & Conquer 3 is already a decent RTS game, and we imagine it's even better when it's free. For your chance to win, head over to Gamertag Radio and read the rules for entry (hint: it's super easy). While you're at it, you might as well enter into their mystery giveaway as well. What are they giving away? How the hell should we know? It's a mystery, silly!

GTR covers last weekend's Street Trace NYC Event

Godfree and the GTR crew posted up their coverage of the Street Trace NYC Community Event in New York City (naturally). They've got a variety of flavors, such as Episode #98 of their weekly podcast, the above video, or the slew of pictures from the event. All in all it was a big success, and apparently had some the best pizza Godfree's ever had the pleasure of eating. We're green with envy, as we're geographically challenged in regards to NYC based events and we love us some pizza. So give it a watch, listen or look, and hopefully you'll enjoy the game itself once it hits Xbox Live Arcade soon.

Snag Jetpac for free from Gamertag Radio

So, have you played Jetpac Refuelled? Did you like it? By chance, did you like it, but not quite enough to spend 400 points on it? Maybe you just like free stuff. If any of this applies to you, head on over to Gamertag Radio, where Godfree and the gang are giving away a free copy of Jetpac Refuelled. Entering the contest is a snap, but you'll have to head over there for yourself to find out how. Hit the "read" link for the complete lowdown. Don't forget to tell GTR who sent you.

Tetris Evolution video review featuring a giraffe

Gamertag Radio's Godfree put together a video review of the newly released 360 title Tetris Evolution. Their review (embedded above) features achievement talk and gameplay footage showcasing a four player showdown, beautiful clouds, and one hungry giraffe. Black tongues rock! From what we see, Tetris Evolution looks to be simple, colorful, customizable, and takes advantage of full Xbox Live integration. Is it worth $30? That's for you to decide, but this is definitely one of the prettiest Tetris games to date.

GTR giving away Alien Hominid HD

Those slick fellas over at Gamertag Radio are giving away a free copy of newly released XBLA game Alien Hominid HD. They received a code to download the game from the XBLA team and want to give it away to their loyal listeners ... how nice of them. All you have to do to enter their giveaway is reply to the post before this Sunday and you too can be partake in 2D side-scrolling fun. Alien Hominid HD FTW and good luck to you!

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Tetris Evolution is very Tetris-like

Godfree from Gamertag Radio just sent us ten new screenshots of recently announced title Tetris Evolution. And everyone will be glad to know that the game looks just like Tetris with high definition background graphics. It kind of reminds us of Lumines Live with the various themes to each level, but without the moving backgrounds (or so we think they don't move). With up to four players duking it out at once here's hoping that Tetris Evolution turns out to be a prettier version of the game we love and doesn't cost the full retail price of a Xbox 360 game. Because as we see it now, charging $60 for the game would be outrageous.

GTR: Worms questions answered (ninja rope!)

Godfree and the gang at Gamertag Radio scored an interview with Martyn Brown of Team17, the developers of Worms for Xbox Live Arcade. Martyn answers lots of burning questions about the game, and assures us that the classic Worms experience is intact. We are particularly happy to report that ninja rope is in the game (along with the ability to drop weapons while roping). Voice banks are also supported, though Team17 couldn't fit them all into the game. More are coming to Marketplace, though. What the interview does not have: a release date.

Worms, without a doubt, is the most highly anticipated Arcade title right now (at least it is judging from the comments around here). If you're even a little bit interested, we suggest you check out the latest episode of GTR for the interview. Also included in the show are interviews with the Yankees' Johnny Damon, Snoop Dogg (no, seriously), and the developers of Bullet Witch. Hit the "read" link to check it out.

New Def Jam Icon trailer is misleading

There is a new trailer out for Def Jam Icon, the upcoming hip hop fighting game from EA. Given the game's ... eccentric premise, the trailer is drop dead serious. In fact, we'd wager that more than a few people will be expecting a completely different game after watching it. The game, for those that don't know, is a fighting game with a heavy emphasis on music. The background changes and interacts with the beats of the music. In fact, you choose your characters music track before each match. If you're winning, then your track will play. This can be advantageous for the player that utilizes environmental hazards at the right time (check out Joystiq's impressions for more info). It's an interesting idea, and hopefully one that translates into a fun game.

The trailer, however, shows off something more like a gang drama. In fact, there isn't even a hint in the trailer that Def Jam Icon is a fighting game, and an unrealistic one at that. It's a nice trailer and everything, but it's a little misleading. As a service to prospective players, we've embedded both the new trailer and some footage from the game after the break (second video NSFW).

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NBA Street Homecourt's amazing dunks

Our compatriots at Gamertag Radio recently went to the NBA Street Community Day sponsored by EA, and they've put up a barrage of new content to cover it. Check out the video above for a developer rundown of the new dunks in NBA Street Homecourt (including some monster dunks that are worth double points). You can check out another video at GTR's site. GTR also has two new audio sessions available, one covering the day's events, and another with the developers themselves. We've said it before, sports game aren't for everyone, but this one gives us fond flashbacks of NBA Jam. Watch the video above, listen to the audio, and surround yourself in NBA goodness.

GTR interviews Red Octane [update 1]

Godfree of Gamertag Radio had a chance to sit down with Red Octane and discuss Guitar Hero II. He discusses the leaderboards, plans for tournaments, what sorts of downloadable content we can expect (hint: songs), and what's in store for Guitar Hero III. Also, a wireless guitar is in the works but right now it's not even close to official. If you have an idea for songs you'd like to see available for download, head over to the Guitar Hero forums and let your voice be heard.

GTR also got a chance to chat with Old Grandma Hardcore, so be sure to check it out.

: Clarified the wording regarding the wireless guitar.

Play Breakout, win Lost Planet from GTR

Gamertag Radio is running a contest and giving away five copies of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. As in previous GTR contests, all you have to do is play an arcade game in GTR's arcade section. For this contest, the game is Breakout. After January 12th, the top 5 highest scoring players will receive a copy of Lost Planet. As usual, this contest is a great way to kill time when you should be working or studying. Think of it as your own way to stick it to the man (with the added bonus of possibly winning something in the process). If there's a better way of fighting the establishment, we don't know what it is. Go check it out, and make sure to tell us if you win.

'06 Xbox Community Awards coming Dec. 15th

Earlier this week, we revealed the guest list for the 2006 Xbox Community Awards. Including Xbox personalities like Major Nelson, Trixie, and Peter Moore, it looks to be a good show. Today, we can finally confirm the date the show will actually become available. The show will be available for download on December 15th (next Friday), so get those RSS readers ready. You may recall that we received a couple nods ourselves, and we are positively atwitter with anticipation (atwitter we say!). Be sure to check out the show when it hits next week.

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