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Halo 3 Forge mode art attack!

A day after showcasing some nice Halo 3 screenshot art we got word of a contest on Maximum Fear that asked gamers to get creative with Halo 3's Forge mode. Halo 3 player Hahka submitted the winning piece, as shown above, and took home a $25 Bungie Store gift card.

Some of the other entries included a shockingly realistic portrait of Bungie's Frank O'Connor and a disturbing recreation of Michael Jackson's mug. Oh, so that's how his doctors figure out how to resculpt his face everytime! Makes sense.

[Thanks David and Nathan]

Bungie WWU: Legendary Forge Filters, Items

When the Heroic map pack was being touted by Bungie, their biggest talking point was the Forge possibilities with the map Foundry. With the Legendary map pack Bungie has been rather quiet regarding any sort of new Forge features. Until now. This week Bungie went all out, revealing the specialized Forge items for each of the three Legendary maps. Avalanche has walls, corners, ramps and watchtowers. Blackout has ramps and doors to block off room interiors. And Ghost Town has ramps, bridges and scaffolding.

The real star of the show however, are Forge Filters (see above for a preview of a few). Forge Filters are: "forge objects that change the camera settings to create a variety of effects." Have you ever placed your camera in a very specific location to achieve a precise image effect? Say inside of an explosion or something? Now with Forge Filters, you can CHOOSE the image effect you want applied to you image. And from ANY camera position, even during gameplay!

Wow. Do want. Halo 3 Forge contest

Civil War reenactments are a fascinating thing. People crowd around to watch an epic battle and they already know the outcome. That's like watching Titanic and really hoping they drift past that infamous iceberg. Apparently the folks at Forge Hub are so enthralled with historic battles that they're willing to throw one lucky winner 1600 MS Points in their Shell Shocked Contest. The contest is open to anyone who can create the most accurate portrayal of a historic battle using the Forge mode in Halo 3, but keep in mind D-Day submissions aren't allowed. Why? We think it's because in a world of Civil War reenactments everyone is pretty bored of playing through World War II.

[Thanks, Killer678]

Bungie's homegrown Forge tips

Bungie's Brian "Ske7ch" Jarrard has posted some Halo 3 maps he created before the holidays over at As is all the rage these days, Ske7ch made his creations on Foundry, the map specifically designed for the Forge map editor. In addition to explaining each map in detail and the inspirations behind them, Ske7ch also gives a few modest tips to would be Forgers. First and foremost, those wishing to design a map should think about exactly what kind of map is being made. Maps should be designed with certain game types in mind, like CTF, Slayer, or Assault. Another practical tip is using crates to help line up wall placements. Other things to keep in mind: Forging in multiplayer may not be the best idea, give players landmarks (signs, set pieces, etc.) to help them navigate the map, and remember to just keep at it. Head over to to read his tips in detail and don't forget to queue up Ske7ch's creations in Halo 3 so you can try them out yourself.

Halo 3 video: more Forge suicide antics

Of all the things we figured people would do with the Halo 3 Forge tool, spectacular suicide failed to make the list. We're not sure why, especially considering the mass devotion to blowing up warthogs in the first Halo. However, it seems that the goal now is not only to create dramatic and difficult self-termination scenarios, but to outdo the others before it. Case in point, a video found on showcasing a very elaborate plasma grenade suicide. You may recall the rather complicated Rube Goldberg kick-the-bucket setup we posted last week, but this one endeavors to take things a little further, even incorporating a mongoose. Check it out after the break.

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Halo 3 Forge video: Super Halo Brothers

The introduction of the Forge to Halo 3 has set the stage for some very interesting game types and play variations, but there is one aspect of the level editor that we haven't seen much of yet: film making. Sure, anyone can stack some fusion coils and record some epic Mongoose launches (we did), but making something truly creative takes some effort. Case in point, this video of Super Mario Bros. done Halo style. Add some sound effects, graphics, and the oh-so-recognizable soundtrack, and you've got a decent video. Check it out above.

Now, before you leave, we like to issue a call for more interesting Halo 3 clips. Sure, we like awesome grenade sticks, but we'd really like to see some creative utilizations of Forge. Rube Goldberg machines, dominos, whack-a-Spartan: that's what we want to see. Get crackin' fanboys.


Download pre-cleared Halo 3 maps for Forge

If you've dabbled in the Halo 3 Forge a bit, moved things around and explored you've probably wanted to clear the map and add your own objects free of the default object offerings. But before you go searching for a "clear all objects" option in Forge you should know that there sadly isn't one. Bummer huh? Well, thanks to super helpful Bungie forum member Chevmeister, he painstakingly deleted every single item in each multiplayer map and posted the new cleared maps for everyone to download via his file share. Each map variant can be downloaded via the links over on the Bungie forums, so queue up some maps and Forge away on a blank canvas. Thanks Chevmeister, you kind hearted soul you.

[Thanks, el moco]

A look into how Halo 3's Forge works

Over on our second cousin thrice removed lukems posted an introductory and advanced set of how-to articles on Halo 3's Forge map editor. And, from the looks of things, the Forge seems to be an easy beast to tame and should allow anyone to pick it up and futz around with ease. Of course, there are the controls which may take a little getting used to (as with anything) and a few advanced options, but it looks intuitive enough and should allow anyone to become the map editing God they strive to be. The two articles are an informative look into the world of Halo 3 Forge fun, so get on over to that there and get your read on. Yah hear?

[Thanks, Stubby Boardman and DjDATZ]

Read - Basic Forge stuff
Read - Advanced Forge stuff

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