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Far Cry 2 and Web of Shadows achievements

Achievement lovers gather 'round, we have some freshly new achievements to share that are solely related to Far Cry 2 and Spider-man: Web of Shadows. Intrigued? If so, you can click your way to the complete list of achievements via the links below, but be warned. The Spider-man achievements are yawn inducing and Far Cry 2's are, well, aren't all that bad. The Mapper achievement and its mention of "validation" makes us raise an eyebrow or two.

Source - Far Cry 2 achievements
Source - Spider-man: Web of Shadows achievements

Far Cry 2 dev diary goes to Africa

Okay, forget the Halo 3 ViDocs. Forget the Too Human Goblin Man of Norway. We're prepared to call the first installment of the Far Cry 2 developer diary the best developer diary ever. It's not every day that a development team -- in this case Ubisoft Montreal -- travels to Kenya for research. The first in a series of developer diaries about the trip, this video covers the events leading up to departure. Even preparing for the trip sounds like it was quite an ordeal. In addition to briefings about what to expect (wild animals, corruption, etc.), each member was given over a dozen shots to prepare them for the possibility of disease. Risking malaria to make sure you get those tree bark textures just right? That's dedication.

Far Cry 2 and its map editor release Oct. 23rd

Recently, over on the official Far Cry 2 blog, Ubisoft made the announcement that Far Cry 2 (and it's jaw dropping map editor) will release to stores on October 23rd. In the same post, Ubisoft answers a few questions regarding the map editor including a description of the map sharing system and how the map rating system will work. And, because we want to, we embedded the latest Ubisoft supplied Far Cry 2 PAX trailer for your viewing enjoyment. No need to thank us ...

Far Cry 2 trailer talks player immersion

The for Far Cry 2 has us wondering just how immersive we want our games to be. In the video above, Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking explains that the player avatar in Far Cry 2 does everything. In other words, the player avatar physically performs every action in the game. There is no magic healing when you pass over a med kit. The camera doesn't simply teleport into a car when you enter it. Every action is accompanied by an animation, whether it be fixing a jammed weapon or (sickeningly) fixing a dislocated joint (seriously, it's gross). Speaking of jammed weapons, Hocking notes that all of the game's weapons and vehicles degrade over time. As guns are used they begin to accumulate dirt and rust and eventually they will simply break in a player's hands. Likewise, vehicles will break down, requiring players to hop out and work on the engine before continuing.

The only question we have now is whether or not players will have to hunt down an in-game Porta-Potty every few hours.

Far Cry 2's map editor is flipping amazing

Here's your jaw dropping amazing video of the day. After the break (or jump, if you're all about BIG videos) you can view a demo of Far Cry 2's map editor in action with commentary by a seductive narrator (not that we're complaining or anything). And it's a guarantee that you'll be impressed. Seriously, we had no clue Far Cry 2's map editor would be so vast, so customizable and so epic in scale. There are over 1000 objects, you can change the weather, the landscape AND even alter the environment's textures. It's hard to admit, but Far Cry 2's map editor puts Halo 3's Forge to shame. Hell, there is no comparison. We're flipping impressed with what the Far Cry 2 dev team has accomplished. A big round of applause to them.

Continue reading Far Cry 2's map editor is flipping amazing

Far Cry 2 tech video is a pyro's dream

More from the Ubidays event, as Ubisoft has released a tech demo video of Far Cry 2 and, more specifically, the Dunia engine on which it runs. The video shows off lots of nifty aspects of the engine, such as dynamic weather, dynamic light and shadow, day and night cycles, and (beautiful) procedural sky. Oh, and did we mention that it's frickin' gorgeous? Well, it totally is. Lest we forget, the video also shows off the engine's fire propagation. In other words, if you set something on fire, it will, in turn, set other things on fire. Sounds like a great way to surprise a hut full of guerillas.

Video: Ubisoft welcomes you to Far Cry 2

Always better than boring old screenshots is full motion video, so that's why we bring you this latest video gem courtesy of the folks over at Ubisoft's Far Cry 2 team. In this introductory video, you'll be treated to visual bliss as the dev team showcases Far Cry 2's Dunia engine, how combat will take place and where the story is headed this time around. Fun fact: the dev team actually took a trip out to Africa to gather some 7GB of pictures and video to aid in developing Fary Cry 2's look. Fun fact number two: We love producer LP Pharand's accent. Watch and enjoy.

Far Cry 2 shows us the light

Over on the Far Cry 2 developer blog, the crew posted a couple new in-game shots showcasing Far Cry 2's wondrously illuminate lighting system after the team claims they've made "leaps and bounds" on the engine. We placed both new screenshots in the gallery below and our first take on them and the lighting is something along the lines of "wow" and "amazing". Who knew an old tabletop fan and piles of rubble could look so darn good?

Gallery: Far Cry 2 (PC)

Far Cry 2 release date narrowed down to Fall 08'

Earlier today, Ubisoft confirmed with the folks over at Eurogamer that Far Cry 2's release is currently planned for sometime later this autumn, thus putting to rest any speculation that the title was slipping into 2009. Previously, Ubisoft gave us a general release window from April '08 to March '09, so it's comforting to know that we'll see the visually impressive Far Cry 2 before year's end. Ubi also told Eurogamer that they have plans to release a demo, but specifics regarding it have yet to be released.

Far Cry 2 announced for 360

Well we never saw this coming. Oh, no, not by a long shot. Never in a million years did we think that ... oh, forget it. Of course, we all pretty much figured Far Cry 2 would be releasing on the Xbox 360. Considering a full three iterations of the franchise have appeared on one Xbox platform or another, it was pretty much a certainty. We do have an official announcement of the game from Ubisoft now, though, and that always makes us feel warm and fuzzy. It is interesting to hear that it is in fact just Far Cry 2 and not Far Cry 2: Bestial Rage or something, so we're assuming this is the same game that will appear on PC in Ubisoft's fiscal 08-09 (sometime between April 2008 and March 2009). Peep a gallery of screenshots from the PC version below.

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: Far Cry 2 (PC)

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