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Disney announces off-road racer Pure

Racing games are broken up into various sub-genres to help differentiate the appeal they'll have to different demographics of gamers. Simulation, arcade, kart, destruction, clown-car and off-road are all standard in the racing world and Disney has just announced plans to jump into the fray. Introducing Pure, an off-road experience that's promised to "redefine" the off-road sub-genre. However, with the recent releases of Dirt and the PS3 exclusive Motorstorm off-road racing has been getting a strong push for quality releases.

While the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC title isn't slated to hit shelves until late 2008 it's unclear how Disney's Brighton, England studio Black Rock, formerly known as Climax Racing, is going to wow audiences. While we're sure the studio is passionate about the possibilities new hardware offers, the buzz-word promises they threw at of "breakneck racing" and "jaw-dropping aerial tricks," just invoke memories of Black Rock's previous franchise ATV Off-Road Fury. But hey, here's hoping they'll prove us wrong.

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: Pure

Disney Channel brings its goods to the XBLM

Just can't get enough Hannah Montana? Feelin' the need to watch hours upon hours of Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Well, you're in luck fellow fanboys, because yesterday the Disney Channel lovingly placed some of their television and movie content onto the U.S. Video Marketplace. Announced this past December during CES, Disney and Microsoft's XBVM deal has come to fruition as brand new Disney content makes its way to the Marketplace including the oh so popular tweeny bop musical shenanigans of High School Musical. Admit it, you have a weak spot for the happy-happy Disney Channel content they're serving up. Don't deny your urge.

[Via Gamerscore Blog]

Shipping this week: manly edition [update]

You know, when you think about it, Turok is a manly game. In fact, it's just about the manliest game it could possibly be. Let's take a look at the facts. One, you play Joseph Turok, a burly, burly man with a jaw hewn from marble and cheekbones to die for. Two, he kills gun toting soldiers using a bow that fires exploding arrows. Three, he hunts dinosaurs with a knife. Finally, don't tell anyone, but we have it on good authority that he goes bear wrestling with Chuck Norris every other Saturday. So yeah, Turok looks to be a game you can show off to impress menfolk without fear of reprisal. Oh, and it's the only new game on 360 this week, so here's hoping it's actually good.

Update: While GameStop notes that the game launches this week, many readers have pointed out that the official Turok site still maintains the February 5 release date. In other words, it looks like gamers will be waiting another week before controlling Turok and his manly shoulders.

Continue reading Shipping this week: manly edition [update]

CES: ABC, Disney and MGM bring content to XBLM

Today, as part of their CES announcements, Microsoft revealed that ABC, Disney and MGM have signed up to offer new content via Xbox Live and the Xbox Live Marketplace. The new content will rollout later this month to the US video marketplace from television channels including ABC, ABC News, ABC Family, Disney Channel and Toon Disney as well as movies from MGM's massive library. Standard and high-definition content from television shows like Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and movies including Terminator, Silence of the Lambs, Legally Blonde, Barbershop and Rain Man. New video content that'll be sure to empty your Microsoft points account.

Side note: The Microsoft CES keynote is still chugging along, but it is looking like they've announced all their Xbox 360 news already. This is it. So, no HD DVD equipped Xbox 360, but we did get more XBLM content ... that's good, right?

Eek! It's a Ratatouille demo on the XBLM!

If you've wiped your hands clean and are over the BioShock, Beautiful Katamari or Stranglehold demos that were recently released to the XBLM, then we've got some Disney not so fun for you. Available now on the XBLM is a new Ratatouille demo for you to suffer through enjoy. The demo clocks in at a middle-weight size of 708MB and is ready for download by anyone (except Japan), so please don't go give it a whirl and see what comic mischief awaits. Okay, okay, we'll quit* with the childish evil we're projecting towards Ratatouille's general direction. It simply can't could be a good game (though highly doubtful), so go ahead and give the demo a try and garner a reason for hating the game an opinion for yourself. And don't forget to have fun!

*Childish evil be damned, we just can't quit!

Pirates of the Carribean demo hits shores

The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End demo has arrived on Marketplace, which is a good thing. The weird thing is the regions that it is available in, or more specifically, not available in. It's listed as available in all Xbox regions except the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Asia. So no go for North America, which is a little odd, considering the movie and its game are being made by American companies. So, Europe and other regions that don't fall into that category, can you play that first tutorial level and tell us how the game looks and feels?

Two Tron titles confirmed for XBLA

It wasn't long ago that Discs of Tron was leaked as an Xbox Live Arcade title on the ESRB website. Disney has now stepped up to the plate and confirmed that Discs of Tron, along with Tron itself, is heading to Microsoft's download service. Both games will feature enhanced graphics and online multiplayer. The game is being developed by Backbone Entertainment, more commonly known on XBLA under the Digital Eclipse label. Given the age of these games, we hope that Backbone goes the extra mile and really enhances the gameplay rather than merely slapping on a fresh coat of pixels. Either way, we're looking forward to some serious light cycle matches on Xbox Live.

Yarr! Pirates sails to 360

No, we're not referring to the elusive Pimps At Sea Alpha. Disney Interactive Studios announced that they will be releasing Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End for new generation consoles, including Xbox 360. Players will have their chance at the life of a pirate as Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and of course, Captain Jack Sparrow. Looking to coincide with the film's release, the game is slated for May 22nd, 2007. DIS' President of Marketing, Craig Relyea, promises that the game will feature environments above and beyond those featured in the films as well as multiple endings. So, does this make you want to search for that bottle of rum, or are you going to get a case of scurvy?

Ratatoille (rat•a•too•ee) Gameplay Footage

The first gameplay video of the film to game adaption of Ratatouille is available over at GameTrailers. Unfortunately, the aspect ratio is a little wonky on the embedded video above, but the SD and HD versions at GameTrailers are correct. Still, we can get a good look at how the game feels and some of the misadventures you'll partake in as Rémy. Fortunately, the game seems to retain the atmosphere that Pixar puts forth in the film. So, after having played Cars on Xbox 360, how do you think this game will fare as a kids game. More importantly (to some), do you think the achievement difficulty will fall somewhere between Cars and Open Season?

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