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360 Deals: 1600 MS points for $15 and more

It's the week Xbox Live Arcade purchasers have been looking forward to, because Target stores are selling 1600 Microsoft points cards for the oh so nice price of $15. But that's not all, they also have CoD4, Battlefield: Bad Company or Army of Two for $50 and are also giving away $40 gift cards with the purchase of any Xbox 360 console and Madden 09. Best Buy has a similar deal, where if you buy an Xbox 360 console and Madden 09 they'll throw in a free wireless controller. Other than that and Turok for $30, Best Buy's 360 deals are kind of lacking this week. Over at Circuit City, they're selling CoD4 for $40, Gears of War for $30, Juiced for $15, and giving away a free mini football with Madden 09 or a free $5 gift card if you purchase Madden 09 online. Finally, Circuit City is handing out free $30 gift card with the purchase of any Xbox 360 console.

Happy shopping and be sure to stock up on those cheap Microsoft points, because as you're well aware, Castle Crashers is releasing soon!

Dell selling Xbox 360 Elite bundle for $299 [update]

Update: The Elite deal has since expired. Pricing for the bundle is back up to $449. Sad ...

Here's an Xbox 360 deal for you. In an offer that ends sometime this evening, (The U.S. website) is selling brand new Xbox 360 Elite bundles which include both Forza 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance as well as both Carbon and Hotrod faceplates all for (get this) $299! That's a $150 savings off the retail price! We aren't sure exactly why these Elite bundles are so darn cheap, but if we had to guess, it'd be because of a little price cutting event that'll be happening next month. Hurry! Go grab a $299 Xbox 360 Elite bundle over at before they're gone!

[Thanks, Voltron]

Save $10 on any 360 game at Target stores

Taking a breather from all the Gears of War 2 and general Spring Showcase news that has been taking over X3F, we bring you a money saving deal from the fine folks at Target.

Posted over on Oxidative's Picasa album is a printable $10 off ANY Xbox 360 game coupon for Target stores, with an expiration date of June 9th. And it doesn't restrict the savings to only regular priced items! The only wrinkle to this $10 savings is that the coupon specifically states that it's "Void if copied", but we've been informed that Target is really good about accepting most any printed coupons. That said, in our interest of not be blamed for anything, we're slapping a fat YMMV tag on this offer. It's worth a shot though, so print, shop and possibly save $10 on your next game purchase.

[Thanks, Nick O.]

Wal-mart offering 360 pre-orders for the cheap! [update 2]

Update 2: Most games are gone, except for: Smash Court Tennis 3 ($39).

Seems like Wal-mart has either caught on to the pricing problem or games are selling out, because certain pre-orders are coming up as "Product Not Found!" errors. Though, some games are still available. Pre-order what you can, it's an online shopping frenzy!

Hurry fanboys! is either starting a new video game pre-order pricing policy or is having some serious pricing issues. Either way, everyone wins! Make like an antelope in heat (whatever that means?) over to's upcoming 360 games list. Once there, you can pre-order most upcoming 360 games for $20-$40 off of retail! We're for serious! Deals like getting Condemned 2 and Dark Sector for $19.82, Frontlines Fuel of War, Turok and LOST for $29.82 or The Club, Army of Two, Burnout Paradise and Devil May Cry 4 for $39.82. Again, these are pre-orders for the games and we have no idea why these are so cheap or if Wal-mart will even honor the prices. So, there's a metaphorical shake of the dice with these offers, but the savings alone may be worth a shot. Pre-order with reckless caution.

[Thanks, Chris Csanyi]

Holiday deals: $10 APF 2K8, $8 Monster Madness

This week we're going about things a bit differently with our Sunday ad deals. Instead of rattling off numerous games, deals and links in the main blog post (this section), we've posted them in a handy list after the break. Each offer broken down by store (Best Buy, Circuit City and Target) and in alphabetical order. Convenient, ain't it? So, since we're listing all the deals after the break we'll simply highlight the best offers right here. And this week we've got a few oldies being offered dirt cheap including Call of Juarez for $8 at CC, Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia for $8 at CC and All-Pro Football 2K8 for $10 at BB. Also, HD DVD fanboys will enjoy Best Buy's HD DVD BOGO offer that is running this week on select new'ish release movies. Each title is around $30, so it's like getting each for $15. Not too shab.

Take a look at all of this week's retail offers, browse a bit, share your own and tell us what you think about the new information layout we're trying. Happy holidays, there's only one shopping weekend left until X-mas arrives.

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Add to your HD DVD library with BOGO offer

The holidays are upon us and that means you need new HD entertainment for you, your friends and family. And what better way to add to your ever expanding HD DVD collection then with a buy one get one free offer? Right now, is offering an HD DVD offer where you can select two movies for the price of one. And with free shipping on orders over $25 too! The offer is limited to a select 52 HD DVD titles, but we're sure you can find two good ones out of the mix. Oh happy HD DVD purchasing day!

[Thanks, Bubs]

Sunday deals: 3200 MSFT points for $20 and more!

We're happy to announce that the Sunday deal rumor was true! This week at Circuit City when you buy two Xbox Live accessories, you get $20 off instantly. This offer includes headsets, Xbox Live subscriptions and of course Microsoft points. So fanboys, it's like getting 3200 Microsoft points for $20, buying 1600 points and getting 1600 for free or simply half off ... however you want to look at it. We also noticed that this week at Circuit City Project Sylpheed is available for the low, low price of $39.99. Check that out if it tickles your fancy.

That's about it for great Xbox 360 deals this week and be sure to pick up some (technically) half off Microsoft points. Spontaneous Marketplace purchases await!

Time is ticking, get Halo 3 for $49 Canadian

We've got a one day deal for our Canadian X3F gamers who want Halo 3, but for the cheap. Today, and today only, Dell Canada is offering the Halo 3 Standard Edition for $49 and includes ground shipping for free. So, running the numbers through our official X3F calculator, we reckon it's a savings of $20 if you don't mind getting the game a few days after release. Make your decision quickly, because this offer expires tonight.

[Thanks, Vik]

Canadians get 4 games free with 360 purchase

Canadian gamers are in for a treat this week, because Future Shop has an Xbox 360 deal you can't refuse. This week Future Shop is offering the Premium Xbox 360 Forza 2 bundle for $499, but they are also throwing in three free games to boot! The three free games included are Crackdown, World Series of Poker: Tournament Of Champions, and Hitman: Blood Money plus Forza 2 equals four free games with a 360 purchase. Now that's what we call gaming in a box. Though, we recommend holding out until tomorrow night to see if the rumored 360 price drop happens. If not, go get yourself a 360 ... you deserve it.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

$20 discounts on R6 Vegas, GRAW 2 and more

Looking for some great video game deals? Well, look no further than Circuit City and the Sunday newspaper ads. This week, Circuit City is slashing $20 off select games including titles like TMNT ($29.99), GRAW 2 ($39.99), Spider-Man 3 ($39.99) and Call of Duty 3 ($39.99). Also, since both the Red and Black Edition Player Packs will be free downloads, why not pick up Rainbow Six Vegas for the low, low price of $39.99 too? You can't pass that up. Maybe new releases are more up your alley, then we advise picking up a free $10 gift card with a Transformers: The Game purchase. And if you're in the market for Shadowrun, purchase it for $37.99 on Windows Vista and Circuit City will throw in a wireless receiver for free!

All deals are available online or in-store, so save a few bucks and pick up some new games to add to your video game library this week.

Circuit City offers up all kinds of deals

This week Circuit City is offering all kinds of deals, some we've seen before while others are new. But be sure to note that most (if not all) are in-store only deals, so let's get to it. This week they brought back two deals including the two free HD DVD offer with the purchase of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player and the 4' tall Master Chief wall graphic with a Halo 3 preorder. For new deals we have a free tshirt with the purchase of Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia and an offer for our PC fanboys. This week you can get Halo 2 Vista for $39.99 and with the purchase you'll get Shadowrun Vista for free! Two PC games for $40, not too shabby at all. So, that's it and be sure to remember that most of these deals aren't available online. Happy spending!

Free movies with 360 HD DVD player purchase

If you're in the market for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player and want to jump start your movie library, then this week may be the time to make the purchase. At both Best Buy and Circuit City you'll get two HD DVDs for free with a 360 HD DVD player purchase. Which leaves you with a total of three free movies, because the King Kong HD DVD is included with the player. Now only if they offered a free 50" 1080p HD television as part of the deal, then we'd probably pick up two.

Read - Best Buy offer
Read - Circuit City offer

Call of Duty 3 GE gets the discount fever

After finally getting around to reading this Sunday's fifteen pound paper we've stumbled upon a pretty good deal for Call of Duty fans. This week at Circuit City you can get the newer 360 version of Call of Duty 3 Gold Edition for only $39.99. Though, it looks like it is sold out online, so you may have to stop by your local store to get this deal. The difference between the original COD 3 and the gold edition is that the gold edition comes with a bonus disc of additional content and a key code to download the Valor Map Pack off of the XBLM for free. That's a $10 savings my friends. See, reading the newspaper can be fun, that is when you find good deals on video games.

$2 Xbox 360 games today at Best Buy

Today, and today only, Best Buy stores in the United States are running a video game clearance to get rid of some old video game stock. According to a post on IGN's forums, select games from numerous consoles including the Xbox 360 are clearance priced and ripe for the picking. We noticed that Full Auto, King Kong, and Ridge Racer 6 are all listed for the rock bottom price of $1.99! Of course, the games are pretty crappy, but you can get some easy achievements or sell them on eBay. Other Xbox 360 titles are clearance priced at either $4.99 or $9.99 including Oblivion CE which is only $9.99. But be sure to note that this is a clearance and the available games will vary dramatically from store to store. And for your convenience, the full list of Xbox 360 clearance games and their prices are listed after the break.

[Via Digg]

Continue reading $2 Xbox 360 games today at Best Buy

Sweetness! Gears of War for only $39

Those smart fellas over at Joystiq picked up their Sunday paper this week (we forgot, because we were busy eating our Christmas meals) and found a great deal at Target. Starting today at 7:00AM rush to your local Target and get Gears of War for the low day after Christmas price of $39! For the 12 people who haven't picked up Gears yet, sorry but you no longer have any excuse not to get it. Gears of War is $39 guys, let's go riot in the streets!

[Via Joystiq]

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